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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 24, 2013

We must first allow the investigation fruit to ripen, then Congress and the ‘raise from the dead’ media must expose, confront, shame and destroy Obama, his crimes and cover ups. Congress must soon impeach, arrest and follow through with real justice, not politics as usual.

There is NO trust left for Obama or his administration. Obama has played the ‘plausible deniability’ game for the last time and everyone has left the building – even his prize possession, the media. Forget Obama’s obsession with Rules for Radicals – Saul Alinsky, he now has morphed his persona into Sgt. Schultz from the vintage Hogan’s Heroes show – “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

Obama and his entourage of criminals and America haters all think they can get by and continue their assault against the Tea Party, conservatives and endless Obama enemy list.

In their ‘criminal’ minds, the Obama controlled and directed DOJ and IRS can continue to threaten, stall, marginalize, slander and black ball as many as they want to. They will just continue to pull ‘Sgt. Schultz’ as top IRS official; Miss Lerner did by pleading the 5th in response to the investigation of Congress.

Obama has overplayed his hand of evil and power this time. Benghazi Whistle blowers continue to come forward and are revealing even more damning evidence, cover-ups and connections. These all are tracking back closer and closer to Obama, Hillary Clinton and other high ups.

As the IRS scandal unfolds, it is as if we are on the holodeck of an old Star Trek flick, morphed into Nazi Germany. This scandal alone, threatens the enforcement and management of Obama care, our very economy and tax system in general. This is revealing itself as a criminal cartel, controlling, threatening and destroying those against Obama. The IRS MUST be shut down and arrests MUST be made even up to ‘Sgt. Schultz’ in the Oval office.

With the DOJ scandal, attack dog Eric Holder, also plays Sgt. Schultz and knows nothing…massive media outlets and personality’s phone records have been illegally and unconstitutionally apprehended and used. He went after endless AP phone records, James Rosen of Fox and countless others…yet unfolding. This is huge folks.

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All the Obama scandals are notorious, but this last one, taking on Obama’s own media and violating their sources and phone records, even liberals, was too far for the Narcissist and Chief. We shall see how long this soured love affair with Obama and the media stays sour. When you have liberal Chris Matthews and late night comedians like Jon Stewart attacking Obama, you know Sgt. Schultz has shot himself in the leg.

America has something to say to Obama and his thugs. “WE SEE SOMETHING – WE KNOW SOMETHING AND WE HEAR SOMETHING”

I predict the IRS, Obama and his senior staff, present and past, have just entered the ‘fossil machine of fallen and disgraced Presidents.’

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I predict the IRS, Obama and his senior staff, present and past, have just entered the ‘fossil machine of fallen and disgraced Presidents.’