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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 3, 2013

The problem

We have a problem Houston. We have a President who long before he was elected declared his plans to transform America and change us. Over 50% of us were stuck on ‘hypnotized stupid’ -- ‘the first black President’ -- ‘the next Martin Luther King or Kennedy’ -- ‘sick of Bush and the Iraq war’ -- ‘bored and just wanted entertainment.’ Over half the country entered the ‘Obama holodeck’ and when the door slammed behind them they found it was hell and very hot.

Before Obama was elected

Obama warned that he would attack the energy industry – oil and coal for starters. He said he dreamed of $4.00 a gallon gas. At the time we were floating between $1 and $2 for gas. Going up to $4 or $5 seemed absurd, let alone a President wanting us to pay that! Well, he did want that and we do pay that and more now. Obama must be drooling with excitement.

Obama started bypassing Congress immediately with endless executive orders. He hired the most controversial and questionable czars he could find, running endless Government departments answering only to Obama. Through his czars he has placed endless controls, regulations and tax tentacles everywhere.

Obama’s transformation plans attacked the greatest health care system on earth, turning it into an imploding, taxed and putrid nightmare for all. Lines, taxes, threats…those are just 3 descriptions of our health care meal in front of us now.

He lead in passing the NDAA bill, turning US troops on Americas and whisking us off to an undisclosed detainment camp with out being read Miranda rights. The list of violations on the people is endless. Drones flying overhead in the U.S., Attacks on the 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, 10th amendment…spirit and core of ALL AMENDMENTS TO OUR CONSTITUTION.

Who is Obama -- what do we know

Obama says he is a Christian, progressive Democrat who was born in Hawaii.
All three are false fronts and all three are lies. He is truthfully, a Muslim, most likely Muslim Brotherhood in orientation, posing as a Christian only to manipulate votes. He masks himself as a Democrat but is really by his endless associations, actions and big Government over reach a bold socialist-Communist.

There is bold evidence that he is gay or bi-sexual. Endless witnesses from Chicago clubs and news sources, even some who say they had sex with Obama, verified this lifestyle when Obama was a Senator. He was part of the ‘down low’ club for gay guys in Rev. Right’s church. The gay community there called him ‘Bath House’ Barry. He was a regular in gay clubs in Chicago but media and politicians are supposed to pretend this ain’t so.

There is zero evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii or anyplace else in this country. The birth certificate he finally showed to media was proven a forgery within 24 hours, but no one in media cared. We were ‘tin helmet’ ‘racist’ morons for noticing that fact…no that crime.

Who is the real Obama running our country? I and millions believe that his own behavior reveals the tail. He is Muslim, not eligible to be President because he wasn’t born in the U.S; he is a Communist and an internationalist, where the ends always justify the means.

Obama is just another boring, dictator and tyrant stealing from the playbooks of all the others. I’m practically asleep I am so bored with his plagiarized and evil plans.

We must have revolution if we are to survive

Prayer Revolution

Our power of survival means first to snap out of our stereotypes, fear and doubt about prayer. We must have a bold and daily prayer revolution. I don’t mean prayer to ‘tree bark,’ ‘the goddess’ ‘Mohamed’ or Buddha. I mean to the only real God, the God of the Holy Bible, who loves us, answers prayers, judges, leads and forgives. He is the only one with the power to fix a nation that is so sick and threatened like America.

If you have ever read the Holy Bible than you may have heard of one of the more famous prophets, Elijah. In 1 Kings 18: 41-45 it talks about Elijah getting on his knees, putting his head between his legs and praying for rain. You may recall earlier that Elijah had called fire down from heaven. This time he was praying to end a 3 ½ year long drought.

The story says that while kneeling, Elijah told his servant to go look out over the sea for any sign of rain. He came back and said there was ‘nothing.’ Elijah kept praying, and then told his servant to go look again. He came back and said ‘nothing.’ Elijah didn’t move or get up but kept praying. After 7 times of the servant going off and looking over the horizon, he came back and said there was a small cloud rising up from the sea. Elijah then stopped praying and got up. The Bible says they were all soon drenched with a downpour.

This is just one story in the Holy Bible showing the importance and reward of faith and persistence in prayer. If we want to see personal and national healing with real power and miracles we have to pray to the real God, with a cleansed, believing and humble heart. You want results and a REAL revolution? Put the bullets and bloodletting ideas away and get down to real business.

Deuteronomy 7:14 offers us just one of God’s many promises for the healing and health of our nation but with a condition attached.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We need a prayer revolution - won’t you join me

“Dear God, you created and built up our country and made us the most powerful country on earth. We have experienced good times, bad times and achieved much, however, we have taken you off the thrown and put ourselves up there many times. We repent for drifting away, living in rebellion and not honoring you and The Holy Bible. We repent for voting someone ungodly into the White House like Obama.

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Now, he is destroying our health care, our freedoms, our dreams, our safety, our schools, our reputation, our religious liberties and hopes. Lord God, we need you and we are sorry for our evil and sin. Bring back our freedom, safety, achievement, morals and faith in you. Bring America back to health and judge those who are against you and attacking your people and ways. We cannot survive with out you and having faith in you. We will not stop praying for national and personal healing until we see your hand all over this land.

Thank you Lord Jesus. Bring on the rain.”

When more of us pray persistently and with the right attitude, we WILL hear from God and He will raise up a remnant and leaders who will get it right. Obama will be judged. Let us pray a violent revolution does not have to occur. I believe that is what Obama is planning for. The REAL power and force, far beyond bullets is calling on the Lord Jesus Christ and not letting go. He will direct, lead, heal and protect us.

Join me each night from 7-10pm Pacific at as we explore these and other issues.

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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When more of us pray persistently and with the right attitude, we WILL hear from God and He will raise up a remnant and leaders who will get it right. Obama will be judged. Let us pray a violent revolution does not have to occur. I believe that is what Obama is planning for.