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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 26, 2013

This week I faced the fear that had kept me from covering the growing and endless questions surrounding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting December 15th, 2012. Like so many, I wouldn’t dream of hurting the grieving parents and family members of all the murdered children by asking what would be perceived and seen as ‘tin helmet’ questions. To openly declare my suspicions would be over the line…or would it?

Sandy Hook appears to be a false flag event

Even big dog, Glenn Beck and the Blaze, took on the Sandy Hook shooting back in January 2013. In his article, Beck attempted to refute every question rolling around on the Internet. He didn’t answer my questions, nor has any other media. With all due respect for Glenn Beck who has shown great courage at times, he was wrong on calling those who question Obama’s missing birth certificate and lack of Constitutional status to be President as ‘birthers’. He was just as wrong in calling those who notice the endless discrepancies with the “Sandy Hook event” as ‘truthers’. Shame on you Beck. You know better.

On 4-22-2013, investigative Journalist and regular on my national radio show, Sher Zieve, did a 2-hour special on this subject and looked at real questions that Glenn Beck and the media have simply not answered. If you want to listen to the special, go to, and click on archives, hour 1 and 2 -- 4-22-2013. You look at the facts and make up your own mind. If there is a real problem with this event however, also have the courage to ask “what does this mean and who could be behind this and why?”

Just a few verified facts you might not have known

CNN claimed in their coverage that 20 year old Adam Lanza marched into the Sandy Hook elementary school, December 15th, 2012 and in only 5 minutes, shot and murdered 26 people…20 children and 6 adults, then shot himself.

He swiped legally owned guns from his Mom, Nancy Lanza who Adam lived with. She was found in her bed dead from a gunshot wound to her head. The rifle was found on the floor close to her. We have assumed Adam murdered her.

The Daily Mail stated the police found at the school the following guns Adam Lanza possessed.

1 Bushmaster .223 caliber model XM15 rifle with a 30-round magazine
1 Glock 10 mm handgun
1 9mSig Sauer P226 handgun
1 Saiga 12 shotgun with two magazines containing 70 rounds
6 30-round magazines, three of them emptied

Questions that don’t add up

Adam Lanza was a 120 pound punk. To carry in long guns, pistols and 6 30-round magazines would be massively awkward and heavy for anyone. Then to murder 26 people in just 5 minutes with only 2 injured doesn’t pass the laugh test with me and other criminologists and military sources I talked with. A criminologist did a statistical analysis based on 30 years of mass shootings and concluded that there would be a 1 in 2000 chance for this shooting to have occurred like it did.

Was it even possible? Military trained specialists would have trouble carrying all this stuff. Then, like timed magic Adam pulled off a shot every 2 seconds without a jam. People drop things and guns jam. Instead, Adam’s performance was like a high-level military expert and trained assassin with no delays or mistakes. Hmmmm

Gun control agenda in play

In the days that followed Obama and the leftist media were all over the alleged assault weapon, which supposedly mowed down everyone at the school. Obama, Feinstein and the progressive media wasted no time in attacking the assault weapons. The message was that anyone who had or wanted an assault weapon didn’t want school safety and apparently didn’t love kids. There was only one teensy weensy problem with the endless and swift attacks on the assault weapon. The assault weapon never left Adam Lanza’s car trunk. Video evidence, viewed the next day shows what looks like a shotgun, not the assault weapon in the school. Never mind about the facts though, Obama is on a hurried mission to take assault weapons from the people.

The idiot lectures and distortion grew from Biden, Obama and his whores. You must remember the absurd comments about women avoiding a rape by just crying. “They don’t need a gun….cry and apparently the rapist will just run away.” Maybe the rapest would run to the church and repent.

Another Obama operative stated that women don’t need guns to stop rape. They just need to tell men to stop raping women. What a relief! Let’s quickly tell the millions of Islamic radicals to stop attacking and killing anyone who is considered an infidel. I’m sure we can reason with them and have a coffee.

Going up the totem pole of Obama absurdity is Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Colo.) He boldly stated that even women at risk for being raped, shouldn’t be able to own or have a gun. What they need is a ‘call box’ or ‘whistle’. Those are the protective choices that will save lives.

Wisdom I learned from Obama and his goons about avoiding rape

Run to the call box or blow your whistle. Cry and cry. If that doesn’t stop the rapist, just tell him not to rape you.

With a potential rapist, I prefer my plan. 18 years ago a rapist broke into a big home I was leasing with some other roommates. I had been following the news about a rapist lose in the section of Portland OR I lived in and what his MO was to get into houses. I was chilled to the bone watching this on the news day after day. Shockingly, one morning, I heard my roommate down stares at the back door with a strange guy asking for $5 to fix his flat tire…just like the news had said the rapist was saying. I ran up the stairs and got my 45 and slammed the clip into it. As I was coming back down the stairs there he was coming up the stairs. My naive and sweet roommate had run off to get him money. He froze in place about 20 feet down the sair case from me and I pointed my gun at him with a cold look from hell. Neither of us said anything. 60 seconds later he bolted and ran out of the house. The cops eventually caught this serial rapist and that day none of us were raped at my house. Why, because I blew a whistle? NO; Because I cried? NO; Because I told him not to rape me…NO; Because I had a Bible study with him…NO; Because I pointed a 45 pistol at his head and was prepared to shoot to kill if he took another step…YES.

The push for Obama gun control came as an organized and planned tsunami through the media and congress with barely a quick breath after the shooting. It was as if this event and the following attack on assault weapons, magazine size and other weapons was planned -- Bills slammed through congress, endless photo shoots with ‘grieving parents’ and children with Obama.

Photos of children with Obama and other mystery photos

How is it that a 6-year-old girl named Emilie was reportedly killed at Sandy Hook, and then two days later after she died she was seen in a photo with Obama and several other children? Perhaps she was a modern day ‘zombie’ that rises from the dead and haunts people.

Then there was the hideous photo of laid out bodies and ambulances, covered by ABC news and others. Just a small problem however. That photo was verified to be from a yacht explosion as Sher Zieve discovered and pointed out on my show. It has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook event. Check out photos and strange appearances back from the dead yourself.

Helpful and empathetic bystander, Jean Rosen was photographed in front of a mobile sign that stated: “Everyone must sign into movie set” Is it remotely possible that a movie was being shot at the precise location of the Sandy Hook elementary school and precise time of the shooting. Hmmmm Wow! Hollywood gets around these days.

Research for yourself the endless other discrepancies that defy common sense and truth.

Handling of the scene: Where were the EMT workers rushing into the building to save lives, finding kids and rushing them to hospitals? Instead, bodies remained in the building overnight. That was verified and is unprecedented.

People assumed too soon that Adam Lanza was the lone gunman…why?

Why were there crisis actors around and so much media footage that wasn’t real?

Families set up memorial donation pages immediately. Think of the odds of a grieving family setting up a Facebook page on the day of the shooting. It seems that the Parkers set up their page before the status was even known and understood at the school. I’m looking at an Emilie Parker Fund page that was immediately on line. This is the same Emilie, seen two days after her death photographed with Obama.

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No matter who was behind this ‘mystery’ event at Sandy Hook and no matter if kids were killed, one thing is for sure, there were endless lies in media about it and what gun was actually used. There were 2000 to 1 odds of Adam Lanza being able to pull off the physicality of the actual shootings within 5 minutes as reported.

Obama and his minions have long said “never let a crisis go to waste.” The question I have, is it enough for Obama’s gun control agenda to take and distort from crisis that comes along OR…is it now necessary to create them? You decide.

Join me each night from 7-10pm Pacific at as we explore these and other issues.

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Even big dog, Glenn Beck and the Blaze, took on the Sandy Hook shooting back in January 2013. In his article, Beck attempted to refute every question rolling around on the Internet.