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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 12, 2013

Long before Obama’s manipulation and lies surrounding the Connecticut shooting and his drooling about gun control…the plans were afoot.

Enemies must be defined and elevated in danger status

To this day Obama has been campaigning and flooding schools with the propaganda that our 2nd amendment is dangerous and taken out of context. Obama is yapping everywhere that gun owners are dangerous and controls are necessary. Gun control bills will support kiddies and schools, not evil gun owners. They seem to like violence and don’t see the bigger picture. Bla bla and bla.

From Connecticut on, Obama and his progressive whores saw the opportunity to hide behind the kiddies, manipulate and ‘shame attack’ the Representatives and Senators into 2nd amendment – crushing legislation. We saw Feinstein rise up from her cauldron and demand hundreds of gun types to be banned along with assault weapons and large magazines.

Endless controlling legislation has been thrown around, debated and threatened. All, with Obama’s lead hiding behind the shirttails of the kiddies and few ‘acting’ parents who stand with Obama. All who stand against Obama and dare a filibuster don’t want child safety you know.

Now we see Harry Reid ready to throw another nightmare bill out for a vote (we shall see), which promises a 5-year prison sentence if your gun is lost or stolen and you don’t report it within 24 hours to the police or Holder. My question: What about the gun that is stolen by the cleaning person, visiting nephew or Grandson who grabs a gun out of Grandpa or Dad’s long held collection. If you are like me, most of us don’t stare at our gun collections or hand me downs everyday. You may not even know if a gun is missing for 6 months or a year. My guess is that would describe MOST the people who had a gun missing.

What kind of idiot and treacherous mind would even think up a bill like this? Oh hark, what was I smoking? I’m talking about Harry Reid.

Guns must be connected to Obama themes

Lies from Obama and the progressive gun haters that the sold out media is happy to promote.

Gun ownership and freedom stands against our children and promotes danger to society and kids.
Gun ownership must be regulated, registered, minimized, tracked, then apprehended
Make gun ownership comparable to being a criminal.
Make ammo expensive, taxed and difficult to get. Do this by buying billions of rounds of ammo for Homeland Security. Create endless back orders and manipulate the price upward.
Make students afraid of ‘evil’ gun owners and the ‘evil’ second amendment. Do this by Obama and his handlers standing behind children and visiting schools – then massively publicizing these visits.
Create spies through out the medical and mental health field designed to find out who owns guns.
Invent new classifications of ‘mental illness’ and danger, which is to be, reported through the mental and physical health spies to Obama. Returning vets, those reporting any depression, loss or any mental challenge over the last 10 or 15 years. All will be viewed as too dangerous to own a gun.
Attack Constitutionalists, Christians and gun owners. Put them all in the same, anti American soup. They must be demonized, regulated and stopped.

Turn the U.S. military and national defense into a pro gay, anti Christian, pro Sharia and defunded shrine for Obama.

For several years now, Obama has been defunding our military to the tune of several hundred billion. Just last week I talked several times with Former Secretary of the Army, Van Hipp who reminded me of how much Obama had cut our military, well before sequestration. Obama had practically shut down all our missile defense shields in San Diego, Alaska, Guam and left us almost 100% open to any nuclear or other major strike. Now, Commander and Chief, Obama is playing 52 card pick up and rapidly putting back up our missile defense shield systems since Kim Jong – “Uncola’ threatens a nuclear attack on America. The danger is real. North Korea is nuclear and has boldly threatened us. What will Obama do – go golfing again?

Obama reversed Bill Clinton’s policy of ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ so gay military could have a huge coming out party and further destroy military focus, mission and safety. Now, Obama has perversion and distraction roaming around the halls of the military everywhere and declining funds hurting soldiers even more.

The slaughter of soldiers at Fort Hood by a known Muslim radical was classified and minimized to ‘workplace violence.’ The reversing of ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’, pull back of billions and idiot rules of engagement are compromising our troops safety and missions. Obama has been making sure Islamics maneuver all over the military. Political correctness must rule. Never mind that several Islamic soldiers in our military over the years have attacked other US soldiers in many cases killing them.

Now the Christians

This week I heard from several sources that a U.S. army officer identified through an email sent to his subordinates that the American Family Association and Family Research Council were ‘domestic hate groups.’ Why, because they opposed homosexuality. Officers were warned to watch soldiers who are supporters of any of these groups.

So, now in the military if you stand for what the Holy Bible says, perhaps agree with ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’, instead of the open push of homosexuality you are dangerous. You are an extremist and hater who must be watched. Perhaps you shouldn’t even be allowed in the military.

Tony Perkins told Fox News:

“It’s very disturbing to see where the Obama Administration is taking the military and using it as a laboratory for social experimentation – and also as an instrument to fundamentally change the culture. He continued: “The message is very clear – if you are a Christian who believes in the Bible, who believes in transcendent truth, there is no place for you in the military.”

The military response was to strongly deny that there is any attack on Christians or religious beliefs. What is it then when a soldier is to be watched and monitored if he is against the push of homosexuality or believes in the Holy Bible? It is not open mindedness.

It is simply more of Obama’s evil and organized agenda to turn our military into an unfunded Obama shrine where he inserts homosexual, Islamic, liberal and experimental tentacles all through it.

Guns and Christians

Expect for gun owners and Christians now to be identified more as dangerous, mentally ill, needing of more regulation and controls. They are the growing and evolving enemy in America just like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Prepare to draw more lines in the stand. Stay out of the Obama water because he is turning up the heat.

Never turn over and agree to register your guns
Never tell your mental or physical health provider anything about your guns or gun ownership
Never back up on your 1st amendment right as a person of faith and a gun owner.
Demand from your Representative and Senator aggressive filibusters and stands against gun controls. No negotiations with thieves.
Make sure you are the kind of Christian who will stand for the truth, Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible no matter what Obama and the laws do. Make sure your Pastor will also stand up for the truth or find another church.
Political correctness is code for lies and evil. There is no 50-yard line. It is right or wrong good or evil. There is no ‘Chrislam’ combo plate of Christianity and Islam. They are opposite, have entirely different Gods and history – AND Christianity is good and righteous -- Islam is evil and a lie.

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Americans, Christians and gun owners don’t negotiate with evil and those who flip off God and our freedoms.

I’m a retired Pastors daughter and Radio talk show host of 13 years. My response to Obama and all those who threaten my 1st, 2nd amendment and Constitutional rights is “stand in line and kiss my American lovin and Bible believing grits.”

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� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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To this day Obama has been campaigning and flooding schools with the propaganda that our 2nd amendment is dangerous and taken out of context.