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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 5, 2013

In America, threatening to kill someone is a crime and so is yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre. Regardless of your motives, rage, bluster, showing off to a friend or old-fashioned revenge, both behaviors will get you arrested and put away if not beaten to a pulp.

Under the latest crazed dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea, threats and bluster are going to a new level. Kim Jong-un is the 29-year-old son of Kim Jong-il, the last tyrant of North Korea known for his bad hair days and largest porno collection in the world. I said more than once on my show that I could see why with ‘stand straight up’ hair like he had and the personality from hell, why he needed a porno collection. What woman in their right mind would go near him other than at gunpoint?

This week Fox news revealed the statement from a high ranking military officer from North Korea, that their military was now cleared to wage a nuclear attack against the US.
It was also reported that North Korea had moved a ‘considerable range’ missile to their east coast that could travel at the very least to South Korea and Japan. It was estimated to have a range of 1,800 miles.

I have been screaming for years about the growing danger and threats from North Korea.

This emerging nightmare with North Korea goes back to the United Nations dividing Korea after WW11, calling it the 38th parallel. At the same time U.S. and Russia were not getting along so what was meant as a temporary separation never was able to get back together. Communism inspired and grew the North, while the desire for freedom and independence inspired the South.

Rhetoric and anger against America grew and the rest is history – the vicious Korean War exploded in 1950.

Bringing this current, the U.S. has put nuclear weapons in South Korea to protect against an attack from North Korea. There are 950 warheads from 1967.

North Korea has always demanded its right to take back South Korea and go nuclear to defend against attack from the U.S. and South Korea. This agenda mostly pushed privately has been marching in lock step for decades now.

What appears to have been useful ‘sound bite’ theatre for North Korea was the ‘six-party’ talks meant to find a peaceful way to deal with the international concerns about the development of a North Korean nuclear weapons program? North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, the U.S. and Russia were all apart of these talks.

2003, 2007, 2009 on and on the talks went. They covered the construction of light water reactors, using and verifying nuclear energy for civilian needs instead of weapons, financial restrictions and disarmament plans.

The whole time, North Korea has been working the back door and sharing nuclear weapons information and development with Iran. I heard this first, several years ago from the former Deputy Secretary of the Army, Van Hipp on my national radio show. I pointed out many times, clear back to 2006 about the dangerous and growing alliance with North Korea and Iran regarding exchanges of nuclear weapons plans.

All these years, during the Bush days and now Obama, North Korea has secretly been building their nuclear weapons capability and intent to destroy the west and regain South Korea. They have gotten used to sanctions, ‘should’ statements from the six-party talks over the years and the ‘bad egg’ reputation and threats. They could care less. They now have nuclear missiles, a great friendship with Iran and the fourth largest military in the world, 1.1 million members. Sources say South Korea has 690,000.

Now we have the next radical dictator Kim Jong-un who has just let the world know through an unnamed, high up military spokesman for the North Korean army that they have now been cleared to wage a nuclear attack against the US.

A few months back, more scolding came to North Korea by the U.N. Security Council condemning there latest nuclear tests. The council told Pyongyang that they would now consider ‘appropriate measures.’

Apparently, more ‘big dog’ threats and official statements didn’t have much affect on Kim Jong-un because not only did North Korea follow through with their next nuclear test but now they have cleared a nuclear attack against the US.

Recent war exercises with us and South Korea, flying fighter planes over and back further infuriated Kim Jong-un.

Last week Van Hipp was on my show again talking about the escalating threat and how under Obama, well before sequestration military cuts (which were obscene and stupid in themselves) Obama had cut hundreds of billions more from the military and cut our missile defense shield system 90% on the west coast. He has only left 10% of what Bush put in place to protect the west coast and America from a nuclear missile attack. As it is now, we stand here with our emotional pants down, exposed to the potential hit from Kim Jong-un, who is now threatening a nuclear attack.

What should be done now?

We need to put continued pressure on China to put pressure on North Korea to stop the saber rattling.

As Van Hipp said, we need to immediately put back all our missile defense shield systems around the world.

We have sent an aircraft carrier over to the region and more engagement is unfolding. I pray, not too late.

Whatever reason Kim Jong-un has for threatening a nuclear attack on the US we had better take him seriously, and now.

It is time to demand ALL nuclear sites in North Korea, locations and related arms be verifiably destroyed or else we need to implement pre-emptive strikes against their nuclear and military sites using weapons of mass destruction. This needs to be done swiftly, with huge power and force. There is no reason for another drawn out blood bath with 1.1 million of his troops and masses of our own.

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Give Kim Jong-un 72 hours to verifiably destroy all nuclear and related military sites or else I say we nuke him. We don’t pause—call Mommy – call the UN for another security comment – nor settle for the remote hope, he doesn’t nuke S. Korea, Japan or our West Coast – De fang him or we will de fang the US.

Whether it is ‘bluster’ or not, Kim Jong-un has essentially declared war on America and unlike his Dad, he has the nuclear weapons, friends and missiles to do major damage.

You don’t threaten to destroy America with a nuke and stay around. Join me on my radio show each day from 7-10pm PAC at:

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Under the latest crazed dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea, threats and bluster are going to a new level. Kim Jong-un is the 29-year-old son of Kim Jong-il, the last tyrant of North Korea known for his bad hair days and largest porno collection in the world.