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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 8, 2013

Praise comes BEFORE the American victory not after

To conquer an enemy everyone knows you need planning, organization, courage and weapons. The more prepared you are for battle, the more likely you are to win. Isn’t that the way it works? Work your plan, load your weapons and kick some butt.

Well-meaning patriot groups are everywhere, organizing their members and working with Sheriffs and Governors. The 10th amendment foundation and other state’s rights groups are pushing nullification against forced health care and any violation by the NDAA Bill against the people.

Tea Party groups continue to grow and organize across the country. The people are waking up. Even many progressives, Democrats and black folks are snapping out of their well-meaning stupor as they see one freedom crushed after another by this regime. Increased taxes, unemployment and compromised health care are hitting the left also. That simply wasn’t the deal offered by Obama. Liberal and conservative seniors are suffering.

The best-laid defensive plans laid out by our politicians fall short as the progressive army backed by the passionate and compromised Obama rushes forward to destroy and transform. Drones flying overhead and growing military/police drills confirm that.

In response, I hear people giving in and saying to me regularly on my national radio show “America is no more.” I see the masses preparing for complete economic and societal meltdown as they run to the hills or dive under their beds in fear and depression.

Others I hear from want to fight and expect a coming civil war. No matter how you look at Obama and the organized leftists behind him we face the biggest foe and threat that America has ever seen.

What can we really do given the growing power of Obama and his handlers?

When you all get tired of looking everywhere for the answer, the guns, the organizations, the politicians, the therapists, the GOP -- try the only one who really is in control and who really does have the power to crush evil and heal our land. What does our Lord Jesus Christ have to say about how to win battles? Shouldn’t He be the first one we go to instead of the last one?

We are told in Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven – then, will I forgive their sins and then will I heal their land.”

That tells me that the first step of accessing the heart and intervention of God himself for our country is to humble ourselves and repent. Then what?

When our heart is right, then we are told to ‘believe’ and ‘praise God’ in advance for the victory, not after. Show some faith. What does verified history and The Holy Bible tell us about horrific danger and battle? In 2 Chronicles 20: 1-22 it tells us of Israel having to face an enormous amount of well armed forces that were marching against Israel to destroy them. Israel was facing 1000 to 1 odds and they were horrified. They were in America’s position now, so what did they do? They fasted and prayed and asked for God’s help.

The Bible says that God told Israel not to be afraid and that the battle wasn’t theirs -- but God’s. Israel didn’t always obey and believe God, but this time they did. Their response was to get together a praise choir and start praising God. The story tells of them marching their puny size army forward with the praise choir in front of the army singing. Fancy the sight of the Boy Scout sized Israeli army marching up to face their enemies behind their singers. Generals of today wouldn’t exactly be impressed with their strategy. The boy scouts with their praise singers against the Nazi Army – good.

What does the Bible say happened next with this insane picture of trust and praise with Israel facing the multitude of the enemy? It says that God himself with his ‘mysterious’ forces ambushed the enemy and destroyed every one of them. By the time Israel walked up to them, they were all dead. Not one Israeli soldier was killed and it took them 3 days just to gather all the spoils and wealth of the enemy.

Was this practical? - NO Was this a good military plan? – NO Was this something God wants us to do today? – YES Is our God capable of getting stuff done HIS WAY – YES. Does He require we humble ourselves, ask for help, then praise and trust Him – YES and YES.

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Obama and the UN American schemers who want to destroy and control us are nothing but Nats under the feet of the living God of the Holy Bible. God is not waiting on Obama and the progressives anymore. He already knows their hearts and what they will do. He is waiting on the American people who are real Christians to humble themselves, seek HIS face, believe His promises again and start a praise choir marching out in front.

The battle for America IS God’s and we need to start – NOW - praising Him for his forgivingness and victory against the evil we are facing.

God will slaughter the enemy in His way. You believe and start praising our Lord Jesus Christ for the victory each day and watch Him bring it. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing it on and for healing our hearts and country!!! AMEN.

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Tea Party groups continue to grow and organize across the country. The people are waking up. Even many progressives, Democrats and black folks are snapping out of their well-meaning stupor...