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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 21, 2013

Genocide is here

This week I gasped in horror when I learned that Obama care had ordered Medicare to cut reimbursement for 4 million diabetic seniors by 66%. It also reduced all the companies that were supplying blood sugar monitoring supplies from 1000 to 15. I also learned via the research of Elizabeth Vliet M.D. that one of her 80 year old patients was told he was not covered anymore by Medicare when he went to the pharmacy so couldn’t get his medication. His choice was to pay cash or die.

Pause for a second and snap out of being mildly annoyed and grow a backbone and a few fangs over this. Just with Diabetic and Heart patients alone you are talking many millions of people, mostly seniors with coverage simply cut off or largely cut back -- setting them up to die. That is unless they are millionaires and can afford expensive medication out of pocket. This is called as in the days of Nazi Germany, targeting a group of people for extermination and murdering them.

Millions will suffer and many will die just representing the pull back of coverage with Diabetic and Heart disease patients. Think about all the other diseases and seniors represented with dramatic or total cut backs by Medicare. Just as in Britain’s socialized medicine now, state-of-the-art drugs will be denied for all kinds of common cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and others.

Obama care is nothing more than a padded door to the ovens for the most needy and for our seniors. Obama plays all kinds of games and has lied from the very beginning about this health care assault weapon. He said over and over that people would still have freedom to choose their doctor – that health care freedom and options would continue and there was no such thing as death panels. Liar – liar and liar! IPAB – Independent Payment Advisory Board is nothing but UN elected bureaucrats Obama has put in place to control all health care and order all cuts and limits on people and groups. As with the IRS, the IPAB is Obama’s SS and true Death squad.

Where is our leadership in the House and Senate? Were are our Generals, Governors and Judiciary? This health care bill, along with being brazenly UN Constitutional and forcing masses to have Government approved and manipulated Health care is designed to control and kill the masses – end of story. It is just starting to roll out and along with all our insurance rates going up and care lessoning, people are already dying and being denied much needed care.

Elected officials everywhere…don’t be annoyed and concerned. SCREAM, SWEAR AND SHOUT AS YOU IMPEACH OBAMA OR TRY HIM FOR TREASON. GENERALS, WALK INTO HIS OVAL OFFICE AND ARREST HIM AS THE GENERALS DID TO MANUAL ZELAYA IN HONDURAS. Is everyone in leadership wearing ballerina costumes and sipping tea? Most of our alleged ‘leadership’ sure aren’t leading and demonstrating courage and integrity.

The attack on our gun and 2nd amendment rights is impeachable in itself.
Signing an executive order saying Obama has the right to execute an American citizen
30,000 drones flying overhead to target U.S. citizens
The lies and murders tracked back to our poser commander and Chief regarding Benghazi.
The unfolding health care bill denying millions of our seniors care and starting a national genocide. It is called murder! Does anyone care?
The NDAA Bill allowing the President to turn the U.S. military on Americans, arrest them for a contrived terrorist charge and deny their Miranda rights.

Our health care system is now a killing machine for seniors and control cartel to track and control the masses health records and money flow. It will also be used now to track gun ownership with the intrusive gun questions by Doctors and Mental health professionals. It is not safe and private in health care land anymore.

Health survival strategies:

Think of every possible way you can to do preventative medicine and guard your medical privacy. Refuse to answer intrusive questions about gun use and ownership. Do everything you can to naturally deal with your health challenges. We all have them.

I am working on my cholesterol rate and Hypothyroid using all the natural means I can find to keep away from seeing a Medical Doctor. In November I had a high glucose rating that was considered pre diabetic. I consulted with Dr. Ruiz a revolutionary expert in diabetes and how to treat it naturally. By cutting down on sugar (not all but 50% less) and taking the natural Herbal Tea, MDS 40, I brought my glucose number down from 104 (too high) to 91 (normal) in 3 months. That was staying away from expensive Doctors and taking affordable tea 3 times a day. I even put sweetener in the tea because I have a sweet tooth. Millions of people are diabetic or pre diabetic and millions more are also seniors with health care cuts happening everywhere they look. I knew of Dr. Ruiz and his Guatemalan wonder tea MDS 40 having read about his patient results and interviewing him on my show but now it is my own story. This tea has been transforming the blood sugar and lives of millions of diabetics just by drinking 3 cups of natural, herbal and affordable tea a day. Seniors dial in on this. Don’t let Obamacare deny you care and hurt you.

Now, I am working on bringing my cholesterol rating down by cutting back on calories, losing a little weight, exercising, taking apple cider vinegar, fish oil and niacin each day. In another 3 months my numbers will be normal here as well.

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I am researching how to naturally get my thyroid working better as well. Approach yourself as the most important experiment you work on and research your health concerns and issues until you figure it out in an affordable way.

These are times when young and old have to think outside the box on your health. Preventative health care and prayer is a must and will keep millions of people alive.

Obamacare is genocide against seniors and the most needy in America. We cannot let this happen. Leadership in the House, Senate, Judiciary, Governors and Generals wake up now and do something within your power to stop this bold crime (hiding behind a law) against the people. Join me for my show each day at:

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This week I gasped in horror when I learned that Obama care had ordered Medicare to cut reimbursement for 4 million diabetic seniors by 66%.