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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 15, 2013

Yesterday I talked with two experts regarding the many faces of passion. Criminologist - Dr. Scott Bonn is doing a weekly series on my show. You can hear him live every Wednesday from 8-9pm PAC at He is an expert on serial killers, mass murderers and how criminals think.

This week we explored ‘crimes of passion’ and reviewed the infamous Scott Peterson case, OJ Simpson and the current trial of alleged killer Jodi Arias. It was clear in each case, that deep feelings morphed into expressions of control, jealousy and deceit. This lead to pre meditated ‘crimes of passion.’

What is passion and what is behind it – good – bad and ugly?

Passion is that spiritual, emotional and powerful force that draws someone to achieve, push onward against all odds, invent something and write a symphony. Passion is the energy pulsating like a laser and cutting through endless obstacles and struggles to meet the mark – the mark that the passionate person must meet.

Passion doesn’t fit in the box or rulebook of ‘common sense’ ‘great timing’ or ‘step-by-step instructions. It is inspired, unique and courageous and supernatural at its core.

Think back a minute. Christopher Columbus left his home, fortune, safety, ignoring all the warnings from friends and society about the danger. He rolled out to sea to find another land. He was lead by passion and a spiritual calling he wrote and talked about.

Passion for freedom fueled enormous courage and perseverance by our first settlers and founding fathers. There was no common sense, no organizational and financial plan; there was passion, again fueled by love for freedom and a strong faith in God.

We see bold passion causing women to stand up and be counted with the Women’s suffrage movement; Martin Luther King passionately drew blacks and whites together, paving the way for racial healing. He was arrested again and again, then murdered.

Passion through out America’s history and through out Biblical times shines with courageous displays where people became much bigger than themselves by following God’s leading and trusting Him for the details.

Passion fueled by the Living God made this country the number one country on earth in influence and power. We have been a real leader and light on a hill until the passion in America’s leadership turned away from our Lord and has become fueled by the other source of passion, Satan and evil.

Each day under the leadership of the very passionate Barack Obama we see the unraveling of America, our Constitution, freedoms, reputation and rights. His passion looks more and more like a ‘crime of passion’ as he acts out against those who oppose him. It is all there and unfolding – drones flying overhead, the NDAA Bill in place and ready to turn the military on Americans – Attacks and threats against the media – IRS controlling and threatening Americans with forced and Government controlled health care and insurance – Assaults on gun rights -- tax increases -- Czars and Executive orders bypassing Congress and our Constitution -- Endless military exercises in America’s cities, training for Martial law and police take over of the people.

Just like with the many famous ‘crimes of passion’ we see a President who will try and use anyone to achieve his agenda and transform America into a controlled and fascist regime.

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Wake up your passion America. It is only fueled by two sources, good and evil -- God and Satan. Who fuels your passion? We have a poser President who pretends to be good, giving and caring, while destroying everything in sight. He is the boring and doomed caricature of all Tyrants and dictators.

Passion fueled by Satan and evil will be crushed by passion fueled by the Lord Jesus Christ and good. Use your passion wisely, America.

I would love to talk with any of you further about this on my show. Join me each day on my national radio show as we tackle these and other issues. You can listen on line live from 7-10pm PAC at You can also listen to archives for free.

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Just like with the many famous ‘crimes of passion’ we see a President who will try and use anyone to achieve his agenda and transform America into a controlled and fascist regime.