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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 8, 2013

I am so glad ‘Islamophobia Today’ and other anti Semitic pro Islamic rags noticed my article on the reality of Muslim perversion, rapes and push to cover up little baby girls so Muslim Males won’t sexually molest them. As I pointed out in my last article, Sheikh Abdullah Daoud made a Fatwa on Islamic Al-Majd TV last year saying that baby girls should be covered from head to foot to prevent sexual molestation by Muslim males.

I also pointed out one of the unspoken and ongoing crimes of the century -- Muslim males being allowed to beat and rape their wives according to Sharia Law. Do the math. With a billion – and – a - half Muslims in the world it is pretty safe to say half are women and two thirds of those are married. Think of the international emergency and daily abuse represented (meaning beatings and rapes) among 300-600 million Muslim women -- this supported by Sharia Law, Clerics and Imams?

Hitler would be thrilled with a legal tradition backed by religious authorities that backed beatings and rapes of women -- if only they were Jews. “Just turn up the music louder so we don’t hear the people screaming on the trains or notice the rapes and black eyes of the Muslim women.”

Islam has NOTHING to say about peace until they stop promoting beatings, rapes and sexual perversion through out their religion. They should be shut down and outlawed on human rights violations alone against women and children. However, that won’t happen because the U.N. is controlled and sold out to radical Islamists long ago.

NOW, the ACLU and any other civil rights, human rights and women’s rights groups have NOTHING to say about freedom and personal rights until they cry from the rooftops about the sexual abuse and condoned rape throughout Islam against women and children. Hillary Clinton, NOW, ACLU and other crying and whining ‘rights sound bite queens’ are asleep at the wheel as usual. They could give a damn about standing up for real rights, real morals and real freedom for all. Just call people like me Islamaphobic, a hater and me mentally ill. Throw tantrums and ignore facts – the real legacy and horror show behind Islam and progressive leftists.

As Islamic radicals and progressives explore the layers of my Islamaphobia and mental illness for noticing this carnage, evil and hypocrisy in Islam, just think of it for a moment. The truth is as I said it before, women and children in Islam have zero rights and are game for sexual acting out, rape, molestation, beatings and murder. Sex is a tool to punish and control in Islam. If not, why would you need to cover up a Baby girl for fear of sexual molestation if Muslim males don’t have a big problem with their very little ‘thingies.’

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Sexual rape is being used as we speak in Egypt against female protestors against Morsi. Bands of Muslim Brotherhood males are being paid by Morsi to rape female protestors. Let us see how this works…Islam uses rape to police and act out with Muslim wives. Islamic males rape to control protestors and journalists. Just ask Lara Logan of “60 Minutes” who was savagely and repeatedly raped when covering the so-called Arab Spring in Tahrir Square last year. Islamic males apparently are even a sexual danger to their own female babies according to Sheikh Abdullah Daoud.

Islam needs a revolution in their own ranks AND I will continue to notice and comment on the truth. I stand for freedom, life and safety for all. Muslim males…keep your ‘little thingies’ in your pants.

I would love to talk with any of you further about this on my show. Join me each day on my national radio show as we tackle these and other issues. You can listen on line live from 7-10pm PAC at You can also listen to archives for free.

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Sexual rape is being used as we speak in Egypt against female protestors against Morsi. Bands of Muslim Brotherhood males are being paid by Morsi to rape female protestors.