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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 25, 2013

Thank you for your responses, positive and negative to my last article which accused Obama of attacking the mental and physical health providers of America and essentially trying to deputize them as spies. Many of you wanted to clobber me. Some were horrified that I would dare call on people not to see counseling until this is resolved, even choosing not to be a guest on my show. I thank God for the freedom we still have to speak our minds, challenge and clarify in America. I pray it continues. We are under fire from this administration whether we like it, voted for Obama, think he is the friend of Americans or not.

Allow me to clarify the obvious, which I didn’t even think I should have to do regarding my last article. It is obvious in the world of mental health that you should ethically, morally and legally report a pedophile, sex abuser or person talking of committing suicide or murder. This is not about spying and has already been in place and expected from the beginning. This is not what Obama is talking about and building. It takes giant leaps further to literally train mental and physical health specialists of all kinds to ask propaganda-laden questions about guns, beliefs and usage in homes. It will not help but take over the medical and mental health industry, pushing dangerous people in need of help away. At the same time it will crush more freedoms and 2nd amendment rights.

My point according to real statistics and facts is that guns don’t kill people -- people do. Bad guys, sick and twisted people and all varieties of killers on a vendetta will get guns of any kind wherever they can. They could care less about gun law. So, to start putting a target on gun magazine size, assault weapons that according to FBI records make up less than 2.6% of all gun shootings, and push controls and spies through out the mental and physical health field is unethical, evil and plain wrong. It is not smart for any American -- Democrat or Republican.

Our 1st, 2nd and 10th amendment rights are to be rock solid, sacred, treasured and protected, not taken into Frankenstein’s laboratory and operated on. We have common sense gun laws in place now regarding background checks but that still doesn’t stop madness, drugs, the occult and illness from turning on the masses and killing. It never will.

In the past several shootings the killers made sure they went to gun free zones. Why would they go to a theatre, school or building that allowed guns for protection? Many of these shooters don’t have official backgrounds that are reported to check on. They got their guns from a friend, stole them or killed Mommy and took them.

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It is simply too easy to try and find a simple answer – ‘evil guns’ to blame. It is very hard to believe anyone would murder children and strangers, but they do. Notice in the endless speeches we endure, Obama had nothing to say about the heavily promoted violence in movies -- games and entertainment Hollywood pushes. Nor, the influence of drugs, alcohol and the occult on behavior. If you do your research you can traces hard-core influences of Satanism to most of the shootings in theatres, Malls and schools. It is just much easier for our weary and propaganda laden minds to attack ‘guns’ and now ‘2nd amendment’ rights.

Mental and Physical health profession protect confidentiality and ethics no matter who is in the White House and what they say, manipulate or push for their agenda. If a person comes in who is talking pedophile, suicide and murder, turn them in. That has always been protocol.

I love people, freedom and rights. I just believe in the right to protect myself.

I would love to talk with any of you further about this on my show. Join me each day on my national radio show as we tackle these and other issues. You can listen on line live from 7-10pm PAC at You can also listen to archives for free.

� 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Do not get help from any Mental Health provider ever again until your Confidentiality and safety is secure. It is not now. Go instead to a friend or Pastor for help -- someone you trust. Also, pray to the God of the Holy Bible for help and He will give it to you.