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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 21, 2012

Christmas time has morphed into the politically correct playground and misguided bag of tricks we throw all our important national discussions into -- Islamic intentions for the world, Sex and women’s rights, illegal aliens and the real agenda of Obama and the progressive left. There is no good and evil, only misguided intentions.

There is also no Jesus Christ -- the Son of God. We in our good heartedness and wisdom have figured it all out. There was only a good man – if we even acknowledge that Jesus Christ existed. He is now transformed into a symbol in a Wal-Mart manger scene and figure in old Christmas songs kids sing about.

Many will throw Jesus a snowball, go to a ritualistic church service on Christmas Eve and go encourage some old folks at a nursing home. There now…lets get back to food, wine and presents. We feel very religious and special now. Jesus doesn’t mind that we mock him, minimize and betray him, especially at Christmas because he was just a weird figure in history who thought He was deity…weird.

In my lifetime I have seen our country systematically turning away from God, especially over the last few decades. Those in the world who demand worship, devotion and obedience include the U.N., Obama and the progressive left. Add to this list the new world order, a bedfellow with the Islamic agenda. Worshipping that pesky Jesus and God of the Holy Bible is simply in the way. To Obama and the left, big Government that he controls IS God, not Jesus.

Real Christians, who represent the vast majority of Americans, are simply in the way. They are on the top of the emerging ‘domestic terrorist’ list because they won’t give worship to the small and poser messiah – Obama. Instead, they worship the King of kings and real God – Jesus Christ.

Real Americans and Christians are growing in power and might – spiritual power. Obama should be frightened. Not because of ‘the people of God’, but because they have the real ear of God and GOD IS NOT HAPPY WITH OBAMA WORSHIP THIS CHRISTMAS.

We all know the battles ahead for our country to keep her freedom, reputation and future in tact. Obama’s full on intention is to knock America off her high horse of achievement and leadership, turning us into an obedient, redistribution of wealth surf. No….a ‘redistribution of wealth Islamic – Sharia law compliant…surf.’

Obama knows we are mostly a Christian country, unique in the entire world. Most of us worship the God of the Holy Bible and know Jesus Christ died and rose again for our sins. His miracles, death and resurrection were recorded and witnessed by thousands of people and recorded in history sources other than the Holy Bible. In addition, Jesus Christ said and modeled that He was the son of the living God described in the Bible, not anything to do with Muhammad, Islam or any other cult fantasy.

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Jesus Christ of Christmas presents a challenge and problem for Obama and the anti American crowd. He stands in the way of worship and submission that Obama and other dictators crave and demand.

Remember this Christmas season who the REAL Lord and savior is -- Jesus Christ who came to earth, was born of the virgin Mary, was crucified, dead and buried and rose on the 3rd day. Prayer and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ IS the only key for our country to recover from and endure the nightmare agenda of Obama.

Merry Christmas everyone. Join me each day for my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at

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In my lifetime I have seen our country systematically turning away from God, especially over the last few decades.