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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 30, 2012

Not humor – Not honor – Not a joke

It is all over the Net U Tube and history books now. Comedian Jamie Foxx introduced Obama as “the Lord and Savior” thankfully, we heard the whole room shrink in horror with several hisses and boos – NO – We heard a few hisses and boos with 20% of the room – NO – WE HEARD NO HISSES AND BOOS. The whole room cheered with joy as if they were in a worship service honoring their lord – Barack Hussein Obama.

If this blasphemy had been done mocking Muhammad, buildings would have blown up and bloodied bodies would be flying by windows around the world. As it is now, we see a mild huff and puff among media anchors and big dogs in between spilling coffee on each other. Most Christians were annoyed but most said little. We have to be people of peace and love you know.

Then we see the blasphemy painting emerge, appearing all over the Net, much to the joy of Obama again. This time we see Obama with a crown of thorns on his head, with arms extended in a crucifixion pose. You can catch this painting from hell on Sher Zieves article on Again, no swift rebuke by Obama because he loves being worshipped and standing in for Christ Jesus.

Dig into history with me a bit when Van Jones was speaking to kids at a school. It has been expunged from U Tube, but thousands saw it before it was edited out of view. Van was asked about Obama’s plans after he was President. A sinister and worshipful smile came over his face and he said, “he will rule the world.”

Those who want to save our country and your soul from damnation must understand a few things. First of all, Jesus Christ IS the son of God, not Obama. Jesus Christ IS divinity and the corner stone of the only REAL religion on earth – not Obama. It has been verified by many historical sources other than Biblical sources that Jesus Christ lived, did many miracles and died on a cross for our sins – not Obama. 300 recorded witnesses then saw Jesus ascend into heaven – not Obama.

Obama has no achievements, no Christian experience and is committed and backed in an organized and REAL mission of evil. If he is not the Antichrist he is the precursor. He is like every other boring and now burning in hell dictator. Obama comes as Father Christmas, the savior to the people and the poor. He is the ‘illusionist n’chief’.

Obama manipulates followers based on a sea of sound bite lies. Reasonable size Government turns into King Kong size Government reflecting the sick core of the Dictator, not freedom, Constitution or laws. Enemies are defined as former patriots, citizens, Christians and Conservatives. They will be persecuted, re-educated or killed.

Our framers were inspired by Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible not Muhammad, Pee Wee Herman or Obama! Christian principles and faith BUILT this country and crushed slavery – not Obama.

I value peace, humility and kindness. However, I am beyond angry and ashamed at all those who sat in the Soul Train awards who looked the other way and laughed when Jamie Foxx blasphemed our Lord Jesus Christ. It was beyond treacherous and shameful!

The shame grew to the size of the former trade towers when Obama accepted this intro, laughed and loved it. There was no Presidential or Christian rebuke of obvious blasphemy. Any REAL Christian would have immediately rebuked this, let alone our President!

Christians in America had better learn to stand and access a little Holy Ghost anger or we will be crushed as we pray gently in our huddles.

Stand now! No matter what the cost. Don’t just quietly submit into nothingness when Obama is worshipped and Jesus Christ is mocked and spat on…..again! We are seeing the bold and arrogant establishment of an international religion under the leadership and domination of Barack Obama and the UN.

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This new and acceptable religion is Unitarian in scope and in its definition. Its spirit reflects the popular Japanese saying that is posted on most public schools in Japan “pound down the nail that stands up.” Don’t really believe the message of Jesus Christ. Don’t really be a real Christian and stand.

If we refuse to stand against blasphemy and evil now, Christianity and Judaism will be crushed. Islam and a bold and vicious New Age-International - Occult will dominate, rule over you and systematically destroy all who won’t submit.

Let’s try that introduction again shall we Jamie Foxx? “Here is the usurper, fake Christian and Anti Christ -- Barack Hussein Obama. Now stop the music because the celebration is over!

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If this blasphemy had been done mocking Muhammad, buildings would have blown up and bloodied bodies would be flying by windows around the world.