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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 16, 2012

Keeps us from REAL and Deeper stories of terror

While America is sitting at the edge of their seats, spilling popcorn and gawking at the latest front page story, the more deadly and deeper stories are unfolding literal nightmares. Pass me another drink. So what do we have on our distraction screen now? Petraeus resigns and admits a big affair with his pretty and determined biographer. Another chick emerges who starts flirting with General Allan, the guy who replaced General Petraeus in Afghanistan. Talks, flirting, involvements, even a custody battle with the second chick’s twin unfold. So, we have two Generals, 3 bimbos, classified documents, adultery and connections between them all. Now, Petraeus has changed his mind and says he will testify on Benghazi before Congress. Don’t forget in the early stages of Benghazi, he followed the Obama company line of this attack happening due to the crowds marching in the streets in protest due to the now famous, ‘Muslim video.’ What will he say now before Congress? Will it be the old war hero Petraeus who lead the successful surge in Iraq or the new Petraeus, who is a self admitted adulterer and kiss up to Obama regarding the Benghazi event? The story unfolds, the popcorn is getting stale and people’s eyes are glued.

What is REALLY happening all around us?

War is building against Israel and escalating

Gaza Islamic radicals are aiming and have been shooting Missiles at Israel. Israel finally responded back and killed a high up HAMAS leader in an air strike. Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that their attack was in response to the escalating attacks from Gaza militants and it is the worst they have seen in four years. The headline today is that a missile strike hit a suburb of Tel Aviv. As usual, the UN, surrounding Muslim countries and no doubt the Obama regime blame Israel and probably want to pass out cookies and milk to all the poor victims continuously lobbing missiles into Israel, now a major city area.

Think of it people! Attacking a suburb of Tel Aviv is like Mexico or Cuba taking out a chunk of Miami or L.A. Should we have a potluck and Bible study after bodies are lying all over and homes are blown to bits? If we had a real leader in the White House, we would target who did it and blow them into kingdom come! If it was I in control in Israel, after receiving the endless missile attacks and recent murders of Israelis (yet again) I would do far more than kill one HAMAS leader in an air strike. I would target their entire Government structure of HAMAS and destroy them all – Kill the cancer, not one tumor. The absurdity in all this is that peace will NEVER exist with Palestine and Israel. It will NEVER exist because HAMAS is Muslim and they teach, preach and believe the Jews are infidels and must be killed. Their own Governmental charter states that Israel does not have the right to exist as a state and must be destroyed. How do you negotiate with that? They are nothing but an Islamic terrorist group….and the Obama regime has given HAMS over 900 million dollars and brought many to the U.S.

While millions of Americas are looking at the ‘sexy shiny thing,’ attacks are building against Israel and the ‘mother load’ of wars is on its way. Syrian rebels continue their murders, using guns we have smuggled in from Libya, while all of the Middle East is resetting the cards in their Governmental decks. The Middle East is all moving radical, controlled by either Al Kaeda as in much of Libya or the Muslim Brotherhood. As this cancer of murder builds, the battle of the century will organize and unfold against Israel and the West.

Other headlines that will grow to the size of King Kong in our lives
Obama care is unfolding, killing business, jobs and freedoms

ObamaCare that was forced on us in 2010 and is fighting with the states now. Grace-Marie Turner of Forbes writes that with all else taken away the battle will be with the States. Numerous states have opted out of forcing Government approved mandates on their people. 35 lawsuits are in play against Obamacare and they are being battled in the courts now.

In the hours and days after Obama was re elected, thousands of people were immediately layed off as business owners threw up with the taste of extreme regulation, increased taxation and the burdensome health mandates in their faces. Many feel now that States must take their stand and the conservative 30 Governors must fight against the U.S. Government intrusion on the people.

For starters, the IRS controlled Obamacare fine will be at $95 per year if you don’t submit and pay for Government approved health insurance. Some of you have health insurance and some of you don’t because you cannot afford $300-$800 a month when you have lost your job, are barely employed and don’t have your home anymore!!! It will be cheaper for millions to pay the $95 fine and pay for care when they need it than try to find money to pay yet another bill. My belief and REAL concern is that we cannot forget this is the IRS, Obama’s SS. It will START at $95, then grow to a monster size as people can’t help but rebel. It will contort to larger fines, then seized bank accounts and assets. Remember, Obama views anyone who is against him and his ideas as the enemy. We are to obey him or be severally punished.

Test run for Marshall law with Hurricane Sandy

Darren Weeks wrote a chilling article that built on the premise that Hurricane Sandy was manipulated and essentially created by HAARP (Active Auroral Research Program. This program has been researched and controlled for decades by our Government. Is a way of altering earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. So far it has been used to block and interfere with Missiles but many experts also point out it can be used with weather manipulation as well. Weeks points that it seemed odd that the storm took a hard left-hand turn toward the northwest. Forecasters said that most storms like this turn out into the Atlantic. Something was very weird about this storm regardless of what you may think of its origin.

Then came the much-unreported chaos dealing with the suffering people

FEMA camps were set up and thousands were sent there who were homeless. Darren Weeks points out in his research that people were describing the environment in these camps as prison like, horrible, unsanitary AND NO MEDIA WAS ALLOWED INSIDE THE FENCED COMPLEX.

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Marshall law was declared in various places. According to the New York Post; the state is looking at using the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility on Staten Island as a ‘temporary’ home for people displaced. This could sleep an estimated 900 people. There were wide spread reports of authorities transferring all kinds of people, taking guns out of their homes and Black Hawk helicopters buzzing overhead. During it all, there was never enough water, food or security provided. People reported in all the shelter areas, freezing cold and substandard care on all levels.

Was this a manipulated storm and event designed to test Marshall law and the response of the people? Is this a horrifying sign of what is coming?

Now, back to our movie…sex, scandals, Generals and chicks.

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For starters, the IRS controlled Obamacare fine will be at $95 per year if you don’t submit and pay for Government approved health insurance.