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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 21, 2012

Islamic radicals are doing what they usually do; target Infidels and people of difference for threats and murder. After they torture and murder ‘Infidels’ they, the progressive left and Obama minions blame us for the attacks. We exercise too many 1st amendment rights. We notice and comment on the body parts flying by and little things like our Ambassadors being analy raped, tortured and murdered.

We cannot possibly have anyone daring to point out the real teachings of Islam per the Koran and murderous behavior all around the world. Shut up and take it America. Walk politely to your Infidel grave. Unless of course, you will submit to the Muslim tax or forcibly convert to Islam. Chapter 9 in the Koran at least gives us 3 options…convert to Islam, submit to their tax or die.

We are to blame again and again because our ambassador was raped and murdered in Libya, while two of our Marines were murdered in a surprise attack by the Taliban. Don’t forget the attack in Tunisia where they replaced our flag with the black flag of Islam. Islamic radicals are pouncing all over the world. Iraq harshly condemns the YOU TUBE video, while people in Iran are chanting “Death to France and death to the US.” Anti American chants and crowds are building up in Indonesia, Afghanistan and the US embassy in Pakistan is under siege.

Attacks and threats are everywhere and the danger is growing out of control in US Embassies around the Middle East and world. Obama is not standing against radical Islam. He continues to apologize for America and attack, insignificant little videos on Islam. Only in the thinnest and shortest of sound bites, do we hear any ‘dogbone’ of concern about the danger and murders, and then quickly back to telling us to shut up about Islam.

In response to the growing danger by Islamics against our Embassies, Obama is cutting $129 million for the Embassy Security budget. According to the Weekly Standard, Obama’s plan will cut $1,084 Billion from the State Department’s Diplomatic and Consular Program. Specifically this includes $2 Million less for the protection of foreign Missions and officials and $129 million less for Embassy Security and maintenance. Doesn’t Obama sound concerned about all this violence and danger though?

We saw, after Hillary and the Obama spent most of their harsh rebuke vapors on the 15 minute, anti Islam, YOU Tube video, they finally were forced to admit the attack and murders were Muslim Terrorism, linked to Al Kaeda. We all know by now that Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three American members of his staff were viciously gunned down. Stevens was only killed after he was savagely raped and beaten. This was all blamed on that ‘nasty’ anti-Islam 15 minute film all over Utube. The facts show, from even a little digging, that this attack had nothing at all to do with a small film saying “challenging” things about Islam. There had been no marching in the streets or protests, but rather a premeditated attack where gunmen rushed onto the ‘unprotected’ scene of the embassy and started killing people.

Islam has layers and layers of radicalism because it is ALL peppered by Sharia Law, which condones and calls for honor killings, stonings, crucifixion of gays, beating and raping of wives and other rights abuses. Honor killings are becoming commonplace news in America and around the world. How many times in America in the last few years has a Muslim Dad murdered his daughters, or a Muslim Husband beheaded his own wife because they wore the wrong outfit, dated the wrong guy or went to the wrong movie? -- Too many times. Just this week in Pakistan Alla Ditta, confessed to the killing of his 32 –year-old daughter. He tied her to a tree, then cut her to bits with an Axe. How did she ‘cause’ such a thing? She worked in a Beauty Salon. Do not forget just a few months ago a young couple was sentenced to death because they danced and sang at a wedding. Sharia Law…doesn’t it just warm your heart?

Honor killings, murders, beatings, beheadings, rapes and oppression ARE the core of expressed Islam in the US and around the world. I do not want to hear one more lecture about how we are to not speak the truth about Islam and its violent tendencies. Hillary and Obama would love to see a contrived international treaty make it a crime to criticize Islam. They have been pushing this atrocity for some time. They hide behind criticizing ‘any religion’ but it essentially protects only Islam and crushes other Religion’s rights and safety. Remember, the UN is dominated by Islam and its money these days.

Islam is pushing a worldwide Caliphate and has been pushing this since the Muslim Brotherhood first declared their focus back in the 1920s. Are we to run and hide? Are we to stop freedom of speech because they want to attack more embassies, malls and airplanes?

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Instead of back up and shutting up, we MUST come forward and tell Islam and her leaders how it is going to be. We MUST tell them that 1) Sharia law, its teaching and practice will never be allowed anywhere in the U.S. 2) We must stop all building of Mosques in the US and only allow the building of any more Mosques when Muslim countries allow building of Christian churches in their main cities, with protection; 3) We must triple security around all US embassies and promise swift and harsh justice to all attackers and backers of attackers. 4) In remembrance of our recent 9/11 anniversary, we should tell the leaders of all Muslim countries that if we every receive another attack like 9/11 on our shores and trace it back to Islam, it will mean the immediate glassification of Mecca and Medina. 5) We must vote Obama out of office and get a real leader who loves America, our Judeo-Christian values and our Constitution…not Islam and the Koran.

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Islam is pushing a worldwide Caliphate and has been pushing this since the Muslim Brotherhood first declared their focus back in the 1920s. Are we to run and hide? Are we to stop freedom of speech because they want to attack more embassies, malls and airplanes?