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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 10, 2012

Look in all Obama’s pockets and check the floorboards

Since Obama is a practiced illusionist, he hides and stuffs his lies everywhere, building his tyrannical rule on deception. We must learn sooner then later this election cycle that everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth and those sell out robots surrounding him is deception and lies. Our country is doomed if liberals and conservatives don’t face the Marxist music now.

Obama believes we are all stupid surfs to be positioned where he wants us. We are to be trained to obey or be destroyed. There is no middle ground anymore. The plot is thickening and the poison spikes are poking through the fabric. Soon, resisters will be destroyed or taken to re education camps for in your face instruction and discipline.

This week, private investigator and head of North East Intelligence Network, Doug Hagmann exposed info from his DHS informant. This was highlighted in Sher Zieves interview with him. The Bottom line is DHS and Obama are expecting and planning for a violent revolution. When asked about all the military activity and armed vehicles being peppered everywhere, his informant said ‘expect more.’

Those of us who are awake have noticed the endless military drills in small and large cities and the militarization of local police. Remember the recent black helicopter fly overs, terrifying the citizens of Boston in the middle of the night? Does this sound like normal military exercises and protocol? -- low and loud fly overs in major cities terrifying the unsuspecting and confused citizens at 2:00 AM???

The ‘take over’ puzzle is taking shape. Numerous martial law executive orders allowing Obama to take over everything, including relocating towns and whole groups of people elsewhere; forcing and assigning work parties; putting many in re –education camps etc…Obama has addressed all of these tyrannical agendas in just a few of his hundreds of UN Constitutional executive orders.

Other pieces of the puzzle include fly over surveillance drones now in place and assisting in arrests as we speak. Obama has also been given full authority via the NDAA Bill to turn the U.S. military on American citizens. Now, Obama can say at anytime he suspects terrorism or a threat from an American citizen that they can be arrested by our military. Those arrested would not have their Miranda rights observed and could be held indefinitely at an undisclosed location.

Something ugly is coming if we don’t boot Obama out of office in November

Unconstitutional executive orders give Obama FULL take over power of everything; NDAA Bill makes the take over and military arrests legal; Fly over drones make sure Obama can control from the air, shoot and spy on people; Foreign troops doing alleged military practice through out our country gives Obama the international cover he will need when he starts boldly taking over and declaring martial law in city after city. I predict there will be curfews, control of the food supply, control of all media, an attempt to cease all guns, complete control and manipulation of medical care and total control of fuel and energy.

Is there a time that Obama has not lied to us? I am still looking for truth or Constitutional service ANYWHERE from him. It ain’t there. The landscape in front of me looks like the Saharah desert but with tanks and military marching through blowing up dust as they move into our neighborhoods and cities.

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We must protect and be willing to defend our country, Constitution and freedom with our lives. We must take the high road, do what is right and what reflects our laws and Constitution. We cannot let Obama rewrite our reality and make us obey literal betrayal! NO to any scheme, national or international to come for our guns; NO, to coming after our 1st amendment rights and freedom of speech; NO, to controlling our medical care and food supply; NO, to transforming our country into a Communist/Marxist Obama playground.

Vote Obama out of the White House in November and surround the next President with our agenda, with our Tea Party, with our demands. Join me on my show

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The Bottom line is DHS and Obama are expecting and planning for a violent revolution. When asked about all the military activity and armed vehicles being peppered everywhere, his informant said ‘expect more.’