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By Dr. Laurie Roth
July13, 2012

The REAL use of Obama care

In a few short years now if we do not repeal and destroy Obamacare we will all be in the organized clutches of a complete tyranny designed to control, redistribute wealth and destroy people – young and old.

Shamefully, Obamacare was enacted into law a few years ago as one of the many impeachable assaults against the people and our Constitution. In the early versions of Obamacare there was to be much more enforcement authority given to the IRS. This was to include the ability to enact criminal charges, issue huge penalties and seize accounts. Thankfully, a few Democrats pulled back some of the enforcement power from the IRS. As it is now, at least at the starting gate of this Obamacare horror show, the IRS cannot arrest you, even though they have been given police powers by Obama and have a history of abusing power.

Judge Napolitano weighed in on the limitations of the IRS. What would happen if you refused to pay for Obamacare? “The IRS cannot seize bank accounts or dock wages. The IRS cannot add penalties for your failure to pay, the only thing that keeps adding is interest, and the interest if established by the statute.”

So, at the starting gate, we have 16,000 new IRS agents all funded by Obama for the first four years who will harass, intimidate and raise ‘interest’ rates on the people if they don’t comply.

Already, the Congressional Budget Office is estimating at least 4 million will not comply and be hit with fines by 2016. According to William Douglass MD 3 million of them will be middle class. He reminds us that a family of 4 making under $120,000 will all be forced to pay a fine of $1,000 each – 2.5% of income, $695 minimum if they refuse to pay. Douglass supports the option of old fashioned civil disobedience since there is nothing the IRS can do to make you pay the Obama care fee.

Concerns and Danger in the wind

Be afraid and do not believe for a minute that the implementation of Obamacare will be benign. There is no way in hell or heaven that Obama and the IRS will settle for just raising interest rates on the people for non compliance. If left in power or re elected, Obama will ignore the limitations of power written into the law and grow in vicious attacks, direct and indirect on those who do not pay. Why else would Obama have given ‘police’ powers to the IRS, provided for 16,000 new agents and funded these for the next 4 years?

Expect and fight

The IRS, Obama and Obamacare will gather, use, and sell lists of non-compliant people. Obama will make sure there is a costly price for non-compliance. This will be on and off the radar screen.

Obama ignores rules, laws, our Constitution and ethics now. Do you think he cares even a tinge what the Obama care bill states as limits to the IRS enforcement? No and No. Obama will build an enforcement and threatening nightmare for America with his new ‘bed buddy’ – the IRS. He will do this while real health care issues and needs continue to be ignored. The IRS is being trained and equipped to be Obama’s SS. Expect it and fight with everything you have against it.

Obamacare is nothing but a Marxist-Communist weapon and tool designed to crush real health care, competition and freedom. Obamacare is a control over reach that will steal and redistribute our money via, fines and interest increases. Obama and his IRS plans on the seizing of assets and accounts for those who are non compliant. It is part of the original plan and is boldly on its way. So are arrests and re education camps.

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Remember the 72 FEMA camps that have been activated, leaked documents from Homeland Security spelling out in detail ‘re education’ camps, thanks to private investigator and head of North East Intelligence Doug Hagmann’s work and sources Obama is not building a regime to just allow the masses to experience a few interest rate increases for non-compliance.

If Obama is re – elected and allowed to continue and grow his agenda and power, we will see a repeat of history as in the days of Mussolini and Hitler. I predict Obama will treat his enemies the same way. There is nothing Constitutional, Christian or American about Obama. Join me and help me take Obama on: Speak your mind, meet others and blogg:

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Obamacare is nothing but a Marxist-Communist weapon and tool designed to crush real health care, competition and freedom. Obamacare is a control over reach that will steal and redistribute our money via, fines and interest increases.