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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
October 27, 2006

This reality TV show sucks rotten eggs! Our Politicians for the most part seem to be in a contest to figure out how to destroy and put down their opponent. They think this is a football game or sick TV show. I have heard more than once from Politicians that negative campaigning is how you win. Folks don't want to hear positive stuff. They don't want the issues. What a lot of rubbish!!! The truth is I believe for most of us, we would tip over from shock and be thrilled to actually hear a Politician share about THEIR priorities and vision for the US!

In all fairness, many share on the surface what their position on various issues is but then quickly change focus when surrounded by opposition or endless fund raising needs. It becomes how to manipulate and compromise, not do what is right, serve and solve problems. Before long you have to hire the FBI to figure out where they REALLY stand on things.

There are outstanding issues that long ago should have and could have been solved if congress was paying attention. For one, I am sick of hearing the endless arguments and back and forth over our borders. They should have been closed on 9/12 2001 and a serious national inventory taken following the attack. Instead, 5 years later we see the endless arguing over what to do with our borders. We have seen our President sadly demonize the Minute Men trying to protect our border on their own dime. We hear the arguments over putting up barriers or walls. Politically correct insanity has so infected policy and procedure we now are sending border patrol agents to 12 years in prison because they stopped and shot at a supposedly armed illegal alien drug runner. Oh yeah, the drug thug got immunity and his hurt rump was treated at a Texas hospital, no doubt laughing all the way. How encouraging to other criminals and terrorists! Quick! Lets recruit and train more border patrol .

Long ago, our President and congress could and should have come together and secured the borders, allowed our Border Patrol REAL authority to clean house rather than look the other way and play footsies with the endless law breakers. It should have been a no brainer to tell President Fox to either stop shipping endless gangs and thugs over here or face sanctions and a big wall across the entire southern border. Everyone has known for ages that Fox isn't going to stop squat because he digs the billions coming back into his country from all the illegal aliens up here. He could care less that along with the poor people wanting to work there are terrorists, drug runners, pedophiles and killers marching over daily. Shame on our leaders for long ago not solving this problem and playing into the hand of everyone but the American people.

Other issues our Politicians should have wrestled to the ground ages ago was coming up with a fair program regarding national health care. There is something rotten when a working family has to pay a mortgage payment for health care!!! No wonder so many millions are uninsured. I'm not talking socialism or looking the other way while cons prevail. There are TOO many seniors; handicapped, poor folks, families and vets struggling to even buy medication to ignore this problem anymore!

As many of you may know if you listen to my radio show, I was nearly killed the summer of 2005 when a Deer jumped on me when I was riding my motorcycle. I crashed on my head on the road. The injuries and breaks were HUGE!! It is a miracle in many ways I'm even alive, let alone back to doing my radio show again. I never hid the fact that my husband and I didn't have health insurance. We couldn't afford it. Though I had a national radio show, the expenses to keep on the air were high and the left over ad revenue was too small to afford the coverage. Health care is a real issue for us all to debate, get creative about and SOLVE!

The other HUGE thing I would love to see our Politicians get together and clear on is how to fight and win a war against Islamo Fascists. For years now we have heard congress arguing about "the rights of the terrorists," "the shame of GITMO," "we persecute and don't understand the Muslim people," "we are killing civilians and stirring up more terrorists." I am sick of the endless sensitivity training and back peddling on even defining our enemy. Sensitivity is nice. Winning the war and keeping alive is nicer!!! Our troops need REAL authority to clean house without media and peace activists taking pictures then smearing them at home and with our enemy! Our leaders need to be less concerned about Muslim activist groups freaking out and more concerned about calling the enemy who they are Islamic Fascists!

Also, long ago we should have declared war and freed up the other acts and power the President needs to search out and carry on real investigations against sleeper cells here. Instead, all we here are the endless speeches from hurt Muslim leaders and our backing up and calling our Mommies. Shame on congress for taking a noble attribute of our sensitivity and giving that quality first to terrorists and their friends as opposed to the US. Also, shame on our leaders for not correcting and stopping the endless media betrayals that only help our enemies win in many ways. Long ago, our media went over the line of betrayal. SHAME!

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Elections are coming. Fights and slander is everywhere. Guilt for being American is as usual and many of our leaders care more about what's on TV Friday night and how to fix the page program. Wake up America and vote! Wake up congress or be voted out!

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

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There are outstanding issues that long ago should have and could have been solved if congress was paying attention. For one, I am sick of hearing the endless arguments and back and forth over our borders. They should have been closed...