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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 18, 2012

We have allowed our election and political world to turn into a twisted side show at the circus. We pay big money, dirty millions and soon billions to entertain and indoctrinate ourselves. The big parties have acted for some time like out of control drunks, dictating to the masses who to hate, who to love and what is conservative and liberal. They now hallucinate with power and appear as two wings of the same controlling, ANTI AMERICAN bird.

How about voting the lesser of two evils we hear again and again. We MUST ‘hold our nose’ and vote for Romney – the only objective is getting Obama out of office. Is that how God works folks? Is that all God and we can do for our country and freedom – ‘the lesser of two evils’? With that mind set in this election, shall we make the norm half an abortion or half an affair? How about…I robbed the store for the right reasons?

The battle for our country is becoming massively distorted and compromised, not so much because of Obama and his schemes, or Romney and his obsession for power, but because ‘we the people’ ‘most Christians’ and most ‘conservatives’ let the enemies of our country define us and the issues. We seem to be getting used to the little boxes they continue to put us in. We are a sea of ‘stooped shouldered’ tired patriots who have almost handed over all the keys to our kingdom and homes to the enemy.

Nothing new or revolutionary can ever be done, nor real freedom achieved if you won’t dare to have the vision and faith to act. The U.S. A. is a miraculous Republic based on Judeo Christian values and has been the leader in the world for some time. Do you people get yet who our enemies are and how they define themselves these days?

The threat of Communism and fascism has transformed itself into more palatable names such as progressivism which is the love child of Hillary and Obama. Conservatism and frankly much of the GOP has shifted so far to the 50 yard line to gain more votes, they have nearly gutted all of their principles of real leadership. They too appear as progressives.

It is now practically shameful to act ‘really’ as a Christian and be ‘really’ pro life. Now days, the GOP has chosen the most liberal nominee they could. Mitt Romney was the father of gay marriage in Massachusetts, ran as the pro choice Republican most of his political career and offered $50 dollar co-pays for abortion in Romney care. His health care bill was the inspiration for Obama care and he said he was for the NDAA Bill during a national debate. The only thing different about Romney and Obama is the color of their skin, type of hair spray and Romney is a bit more capitalistic. They are both power whores and don’t care about real American values, needs and priorities.

This citizen, Dr. Laurie Roth, believes in miracles, the people, our Constitution and the Lord Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for a miracle in 2005 when I was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident, when hit by a Deer while riding. Dr. James Manning from New York and the Manning Report is currently producing a Documentary on my accident, comeback and unusual candidacy. It will be released this summer. I will keep you posted.

Our country also looks like road kill these days much like I did 6 years ago. Our sovereignty is under attack as Obama signs executive orders making us submit to International regulations. Our President has also sued 4 states since their Governors and people dared to protect themselves against the crimes, break INS and danger of illegal aliens. We now know there are Government PDFs, which I have read talking about Government re-education camps. Notice, 72 FEMA camps were activated months ago…no comment from anyone in Congress or mainstream media.

The Russian military, estimated 30-100,000 troops have been invited in a few short weeks over to Colorado (God knows where else) for military exercises. Troop movement have been building in city after city and 450 million hollow point bullets purchased by our Government. Why? Doug Hagmann pointed out in one of his recent articles that a DHS informant stated that the Government fears a civil war or uprising and is preparing for it.

We need bold courage, vision, prayer and focus right now to save our country. Start with prayer that God’s will can be done in the 2012 election. Also, consider getting behind an imperfect, outside the box visionary, Dr. Laurie Roth who was called to run for President this time, not for fame, power or money but to obey God and work to get our country back.

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I can’t do this without God and without you. My strategy to obtain ballot access is to get patriots in the key Electoral College states to lead in getting the signatures signed and turned into the prospective Secretary of State in each state. I need thousands of volunteers and I need them now in the following states:

New York

Please sign up as a volunteer at We only have 90 days to get the signatures signed and turned in. Then, I will continue to pray in national media exposure to win the election against Romney and Obama.

Let’s get our Constitution, sovereignty, freedom and Judeo/Christian values back. Find out more at and listen in to my show 7-10pm PAC each day at

� 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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How about voting the lesser of two evils we hear again and again. We MUST ‘hold our nose’ and vote for Romney – the only objective is getting Obama out of office.