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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 4, 2012

Your swimming pool doesn’t work well without water. Your car doesn’t run without a motor. Your body doesn’t get up and walk without a skeleton. Your soul and life doesn’t work well without your Bible…AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DOESN’T WORK WITHOUT HER CONSTITUTION.

We have an Obama, progressive and radical regime in the White House that is systematically destroying and transforming everything American into everything ‘Obama’. Obama is inspired by big Government controls and ‘international rules.’ He thinks our Constitution is simply in the way or he wouldn’t have bypassed it and put us in an illegal war in Libya, breaching the 1973 War Powers act. Nor, would Obama have bypassed congress with 45 Czars only answering to him.

Heir Obama has trashed our freedoms, our Constitution and best health care system in the world by signing Obama care into law. Thank God over half our states stood on 10th amendment rights against it, backed by several Federal Judges verifying it as Unconstitutional. Now we await the ruling from the Supreme Court.

Obama has signed the NDAA Bill into law, once again violating our Constitutional rights, Miranda Rights, Posse Cometatus and endangering all American citizens with arrest and apprehension by our military. We can be held indefinitely without trial if Obama decides we are a terrorist threat of some kind.

We have 72 FEMA camps that have been activated, Pelosi and the Progressive Democrats are attacking 1st amendment rights and peaceful assemblies against the President are being crushed and stopped.

We know the problem – Obama and his socialist/fascist agenda – BUT – what is the answer? How do we fix our country before it is too late? I hear from many of you as I walk forward in my outside the box Presidential candidacy. “We must get Obama out so we HAVE to vote for Romney” “You don’t have a chance to get elected as an independent. Do you want to be a spoiler?”

To save America and our freedoms now it will take a miracle – God’s miracle. We are in luck though because God is the ‘planet breather’ He is our creator and put together and inspired this country. He promises to heal our land in Chronicles 7:14 if we seek HIM and humble ourselves. Our first step is repentance and prayer to God.

Our second step is for citizens to be reminded of and take back their power. Reject being a trained surf! Reject that your only option is Republican and Democrat just because they say so! Remember, millions of you got behind conservatives in state after state and brought back the House, nearly the Senate. This was a historical shift in the election and done by the Tea Party, the people who had had enough. Don’t forget your power now!

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I am the only Constitutional, Christian, conservative and visionary running for President. As an Independent who believes God did call me for a time such as this, we can work together to get this done. It is far from impossible. I need leaders in each state to email me and volunteer to get signatures to get me on the ballot in their state. This will take old fashioned discipline and follow through but we can do this together and get our country back. Romney is not better. He is even potentially worse than Obama because he pretends to be conservative but his record and support of the NDAA Bill prove him otherwise. Don’t be fooled. Volunteer and find out more here.

Forget lesser of two evils. How about more of excellence, our Constitution, our Freedoms and morals??? Is it just Coke and Diet Coke? RC cola is coming.

� 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Heir Obama has trashed our freedoms, our Constitution and best health care system in the world by signing Obama care into law.