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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 27, 2012

We are all barely surviving as we tread water in the United States of Obama. Obama Sharks continue charging and biting at our feet. These Obama attack pets include, 45 various Czars, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Progressive Democrats in Congress, Islamic leaders and Islamist conferences. Their cherry on top is the sold - out liberal and traitorous media.

Thousands of victims are floating dead around me and countless others are bleeding out with the onslaught of continuous attacks. In the large and growing sea of red blinding me, I wonder will there be any humans left? Are there any who will fight…ney… Demand to live? I am fighting for my country and I do demand to live. I also demand my country back! I could care less what the money people, politicians and power mongers say. WE THE PEOPLE AND GOD DO HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND GET BACK OUR FREEDOMS. LET’S DO IT.

Christians, Tea Party Patriots and Citizens who love God and country WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! I need you, your power, and your willingness to volunteer and get signatures in your respective states. I must have our bold prayers and donations to win against the literal forces of Hell…the Obama and Romney machine. Remember, George Soros, the most dangerous man in America says there is zero difference between the two. [Link]

Don’t just let the enemy of our country enclose you in any more shark pens. Get out! It is no longer just Republican and Democrat, Coke and Diet Coke. It is RC cola…survivor, Mom, Patriot, talk show host and visionary Dr. Laurie Roth. I AM ALSO a real option. I am only an option though if YOU wake up to your power and focus your energy and help and support me. With your help I intend to crush the massive sharks attacking us…the NDAA Bill, the Obama mandated health care, abortion and stop the attacks on our 1st amendment rights and Constitution. I will also stop the endless attacks on our Judeo - Christian values, energy and borders.

I am running on something no one else has ever run on -- 2% transaction tax and eradication of all other Federal taxes. No more income tax, capital gains, payroll, excise or gas tax. I propose total tax liberation and with this alone we would bring in $10-20 trillion a year. Do you get it, yet? THIS IS THE TAX REVOLUTION THAT AMERICA DESPERATELY NEEDS RIGHT NOW. With the Roth 2% tax program in place, for the first time ever, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid would be stabilized. We would be able to fund energy infrastructure projects in all 50 states, creating millions of jobs.

We would get completely out of our nearly $16 trillion in debt within my first 4 years of service. This is revolutionary, totally liberating and gets me VERY excited for America and our future.


“Anything but Obama. We have to vote for Romney.” Really? If Romney wins, though the suit will be different, the hair spay he uses is more expensive and his skin color is lighter, he is just as addicted to power, compromise and control as is Obama. Remember, one of the most traitorous and violating bills ever voted into law was the NDAA Bill. All who signed this into law should be impeached! Romney boldly said he was for the NDAA Bill in a national debate. Remember what this is. It will turn our own military on the American people for the first time, violating Posse Cometatus and our Miranda rights. It will hold us on potentially trumped up terrorist charges indefinitely, anywhere in the world without representation or trial. Obama quickly signed this into law and Romney, the GOP savior said he was for it.

We also know that Romney inspired Obamacare by authoring Romneycare with $50 abortion co-pays in his state. He backed gay marriage and ran as the pro choice Republican most of his career until magically he became pro life in 2010 when it became more politically expedient. Romney is a political, totally compromised, power machine.

Do we have the vision and power to get something else done, such as our agenda for the nation instead of theirs? I pray that we do. I AM walking forward in faith and I am one of you. Along with my communication skills and leadership ability from hosting a national radio show for 12 years, publishing 1000s of articles and breaking stories, I am a visionary and normal chick who has struggled and suffered as many of you have.

In August 2005 I was nearly killed and ended up in a coma for 2 weeks, in the hospital for 2 months when a deer jumped on me when I was riding a motorcycle. It devastated me and my family, ended my national radio show, my looks, our finances (since we didn’t have health insurance) and practically every dimension of my life. I had to learn and struggle to talk again, walk and jog again, see again without extreme double vision and basically function again. I wanted my life and show back. I rejected ‘victim’ as my new normal.

I remember the humbling lesson that exposed my own hypocrisy of spirit when we applied to Medicaid to help pay my nearly $500,000 in hospital and treatment bills. My husband Rich was told by Medicaid that in order for them to pay the horrifying bills he had to work a minimum wage job. So, Rich got a job immediately building houses with a Construction company working for minimum wage and dealing with a 2 and a 9 year old. His wife was in the hospital barely out of a coma and drooling as she staggered down the hospital hallways.

After nearly 2 months in the hospital I came home to continue my recovery. We were on food stamps for about a year. I remember how embarrassed I was when showing my food stamp card at the grocery store. I was Dr. Laurie Roth, national radio host and hard worker. I had never had a Government hand - out in my life. Then it hit me that this was exactly the reason that the food stamp program and part of Medicaid was established. It was to help people in REAL struggles and emergencies that threaten a person or family’s most basic needs.

I, also, shamefully realized how many times I had secretly judged a person showing their food stamp card at the grocery store. I just assumed they were trying to take from the system and were most likely lazy. Now, I was in the same place as the Ph.D. showed her food stamp card to get desperately needed groceries for her family.

Our country needs a warrior, survivor and real visionary to lead us back. I have worked my way through a Ph.D. I am not from a rich family and have struggled to pay my bills to this day. I was called by God to run for President. This was not because I had money or powerful groups behind me.

I decided to be obedient and run because God asked me to do so. The vision of what to do for the country unfolded from there.

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The shark attacks continue and must be stopped everywhere. We see 1st amendment attacks by Pelosi and the Democrats and the Secret Service forbidding peaceful assemblies within miles of Obama appearances. Our President and Congress have allowed for the first time a Spanish company from Spain to potentially count our Presidential votes in November.

The sharks are still attacking the blood in the water. But, with all of us working together we can stop them. If you will get behind me and embrace the Tea Party Candidate and RC cola instead of Coke and Diet coke we will defeat them. Please sign up, volunteer and – or donate. Then tell your friends and social networks to contact If we don’t work together to defeat the Marxists our country is lost …

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The shark attacks continue and must be stopped everywhere. We see 1st amendment attacks by Pelosi and the Democrats and the Secret Service forbidding peaceful assemblies within miles of Obama appearances.