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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 13, 2012

So many of you have bludgeoned me with the ‘only’ conservative plan -- vote Republican. Now with Santorum dropping out it is most clear that the establishment have picked Romney to run against Obama. Now the bird can fly. Look at him soar.

We now have two feathers of a compromised, liberal, big Government and anti American Bird, flying overhead like a clangy drone. Yet, people desperate to get rid of Obama scream Romney and GOP. Evil and light evil – Coke and Diet coke.

Anything is better than Obama so lets vote for Romney BUT, who is Romney and is he good for the country and will he fix our massive challenges or change his suit and be more of the same?

Romney is a political and wealthy power machine who is motivated by power. His choices and record reflect that ‘the ends justify the means.’ What else can you believe when you even glance at the sewage and endless compromises in his record. He ran for two terms as a pro - choice Republican. He and his wife gave $150 to Planned Parenthood because he really was ‘pro choice.’ Wanting the gay vote he told the gays in his state that he would look the other way on gay marriage if they would give him their vote. They did and he looked the other way. Romney put in Romney care, a nightmare of expense for his state including $50 abortion co-pays. It was the blue print and inspiration for Obama care.

In 2010 the political winds had changed and Romney decided it would be politically more expedient running for President as pro life. We are supposed to magically believe the metamorphosis and change as real. Then the unconstitutional cherry on the cake was when in one of the debates Romney said he supported the NDAA Bill. You know, that unconstitutional betrayal of a bill, now law that completely shreds and ignores posse cometatus, our Miranda rights and turns our U.S. military against American citizens. With trumped up terrorist charges the President can turn the military on U.S. citizens and wisk them away to GITMO or any other place in the world. They can be held without charges, without trial or representation for an undetermined amount of time, maybe years or decades. Romney said he was for this. Yes, make sure you vote Republican so America can be delivered from her oppression and betrayals. Anything is better than Obama -- Really?

So, we have the conservative poser, Romney who thinks the NDAA Bill is a good idea, is back on forth on abortion, gay marriage and loves big Government health care and controls. He authored it.

The other feather on the drone bird – Obama

Obama ran on transforming and changing America. He has done that alright. He has taken us into Frankenstein’s Islamic and International laboratory and has been slicing us to shreds from day one. Mandated health care or else – big fines (inspired from Romney care); NDAA Bill voted into law; Signed an aviation bill to have 30,000 drones flying overhead; Assigned himself more martial law power in peace time; Is systematically shutting down our coal and power industry; Stopping 1st amendment rights where ever Obama appears – no peaceful protests or you are arrested; He has pushed for amnesty as he has been manipulating the Hispanic vote; sued Governors in 4 states – AZ,WI, OH, IN; he is not a natural born citizen and has shown the nation a birth certificate forgery; He had a social security number from a state he never lived in; The first President to violate the 1973 war powers act…on and on.

Who is Outsider Laurie Roth and why do I care?

I am not just a 'well meaning, conservative woman running for President' but, have a very unique package that will receive massive and growing media attention and will also garner the support needed for a win. Having been in national media for 11 years, I know how short attention spans can be.

I offer a vision no other Candidate has, total tax liberation and reformation with my 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all other Federal taxes including income tax and any business tax. Yes, this IS Constitutional and far better than what we have had and what has been authored by others in debates. Other's authored suggestions would control and oppress the people. Mine will not. In fact, my 2% POP tax plan is the only one that will actually and truthfully get us completely out of debt, stabilize social security and Medicare/Medicaid. It also positively addresses our military and other fiscal needs, while giving people back their income,profits...and their lives. It will enable us to fund energy infrastructure projects in all 50 states, creating millions of jobs while providing grants for start up businesses. Facing the Governmental control machine of many decades will be a battle. But, it must be done. I have the courage and plan to get it done.

I am the only Candidate who understands how to bring America back from her 'road kill' condition since I am the comeback kid story of the century. I not only survived a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2005, surviving this with no health insurance, all income lost, a 2 and a 9 year old, losing my show and being in a coma for several weeks after crashing on my face with a deer on me. Out of this nightmare, which covered so many losses, I have systematically built back my show, life, health and career. I did this with daily work, prayer, guts, discipline and follow through vision to get back and achieve, I believe I epitomize the American dream. No one was applauding, watching and doing the hours of therapy work in my home each day for over a year except me. I am the one who can inspire and lead a nation back from the brink. I am neither a sound bite nor politician. But, I am a walking miracle and patriot with real and doable ideas.

I am the only Candidate who has boldly confronted the evil compromises of the current usurper president since day one. I have lead in exposing Obama's eligibility fraud and lies in countless published articles over the last 4 years, including weekly interviews on my show. I was even a key plaintiff in the Georgia lawsuit, represented by Attorney Orly Taitz, addressing Obama's lack of eligibility to be on any ballot. Sadly though, Judge Malihi was compromised and ruled against the truth and for Obama.

I still put my money where my mouth is. Only recently, Sheriff Joe, after a 6 month investigation of law enforcement officers confirmed that the presented long form birth certificate by Obama displayed at his famous press conference on April 27th, was a total forgery. He also confirmed the use of false social security numbers and more. A few days ago, Sheriff Joe boldly and publicly condemned the GOP Presidential Candidates lack of courage, honesty and attention in even addressing this national crisis. I have done this from the very beginning.

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I have been a popular syndicated national radio host for over 11 years and broken many stories while covering and researching the issues that matter to America. I was nominated for the Ronald Reagan award in 2010 by CPAC for breaking the Weather Underground leader William Ayers links to Obama. There is a documentary movie being made on my accident, comeback and presidential candidacy. It is due to be released this Summer. This will be media attention and coverage that no candidate could afford to buy. It is based on truth, not fiction or distortion.

As never before in our country's history I believe that the 2012 election is seeing the American people demanding that candidates stand on Constitutional principles. In order to win the Presidency of the United States of America I know that I must adhere to those principles as laid down by our founding fathers and mothers.

We have already seen what the politicians, lawyers, millionaires and billionaires can do. Isn't it almost past time to see what a true Constitutional Christian Conservative -- Dr. Laurie Roth -- can do?

I hope and pray I can count on your support and vote. -

� 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Anything is better than Obama so lets vote for Romney BUT, who is Romney and is he good for the country and will he fix our massive challenges or change his suit and be more of the same?