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By Dr. Laurie Roth
February 10, 2012

Drones coming to watch you.

The latest ship of horrors designed to seize control of the people is the FAA Reauthorization Act. Obama will sign this one and it will allow all kinds of drones to fly all over the US, utilized by Police Departments all across the country. Some are small and some are big, some hold weapons and some are just used for surveillance. If this legislation passes, by the end of this year drones will be used in our country by local, state and federal police and related agencies.

Smart Grid watching you in your home.

Just when you run to the safety of your home, tired of looking at the Drones in the sky, you find they are in your home. We have the already popular and used ‘smart grid’ tracking our energy, utilities and power all through our homes. Smart Grid software is going in just about every electronic thing we buy, from washing machines to stoves to Air conditioners, heaters and computers. Our Government will know every little thing you do, how much you cook, wash and use your computer while being cooled by your air conditioner.

As Smart Grid, establishes its national foothold, eventually, a carbon credit system and energy exchange system will be introduced. Money will disappear as energy and carbon credits will be exchanged and controlled. People will simply have their electricity turned off if they go above a contrived level of use that the radical leftist Government decides is ok.

Controlling your accounts and health care through Obamacare – Killing those pesky babies and killing the waste of time seniors

If our Supreme Court doesn’t destroy Obama care and it is allowed to take hold on all its levels, all hell will break lose. Remember, this monstrosity is controlled by the IRS and we are forced to have Government approved Health insurance or else get growing fines or worse. No doubt, the IRS will seize accounts and freeze things, per their unique talent, if we don’t pay a health insurance premium or Government fee on time.

Expect Obama and the IRS controllers to use what was private health information between you and your Physician and make it public. They will never admit that but they will use it, organize it and sell it. Your health profile will soon become a deadly weapon, for sale to the highest bidder who may want to use it against you. Stop a person from winning an election. Stop a person’s influence in media. Crush a business. You get the idea.

Even worse than threats, forced health insurance and lack of privacy is the lack of excellent and timely care provided to the nation. Obama is destroying the best health care system in the world. Care for the elderly and most needy will not come quickly enough to actually matter. The older you are the less will be paid for and approved of. You will just have to fade away into the night and hopefully utilize the paid for ‘empathetic’ tool of assisted suicide. It sounds like a sick joke but it isn’t. That is exactly where this evil and unconstitutional Health care bill will take us if we let it.

Obama has already signed the NDAA bill into law and activated at least 72 FEMA camps. Now he can utilize any part of our military to arrest any of us on trumped up suspicions of terror, whisk us off in the night and throw away the key. The FEMA camp is ready. The toilet works and the Drone will find you if you run too far. Don’t expect much in health care at the camps. Try and bring your 1st Aid kit.

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We have a President who is no mystery and from the beginning has been systematically, quickly and effectively setting up his Dictatorship. Where are impeachment proceedings and the harsh rebukes from the House and the Senate regarding so much? Libya, NDAA, Health care bill, Drones, attacks on energy, oil, coal, and lack of elegability??

The way things are going our country would improve if just about everyone was fired in the House and Senate and they were replaced by Dogs. At least Dogs could mark their corners, bite the gad guys, unclog the courts and leave our country alone.

Battle and pray with me to get our country back. Join me each day at: For more info go to:

� 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Obama has already signed the NDAA bill into law and activated at least 72 FEMA camps.