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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 16, 2011

'It is as if a 'plague of fear, intimidation and cowardice,' has swept over the hearts and mouths of our Political leaders and most media. As a Mom, I know kids love to play games but those currently running for President are the biggest gamers ever! Our current political crop and most media are stuck on 'hide and go seek.' Desperate for votes and power they run for cover at the mere notion they might be called a racist or have that other dreaded disease 'birtherythmia'

Donkeys are running around whinnying, while Elephants are stampeding, all the while an ineligible President sits in our White House and we aren't supposed to notice. 'Politically expedient' 'bigger fish to fry' birthers are annoying' 'Obama showed his birth certificate, that is good enough for me.'

What about Forgery, lies, cover ups and Constitutional crisis do they not understand? Maybe they are the ones with the brain injuries. They sure act like it. One thing I know for sure, my injured eye can get better with treatment, Obama, his lies and secrets cannot.

It’s just a…

It’s just a ‘marriage certificate’, our lives and hearts have changed with the times. “No hard feelings but I just don’t feel the same way anymore. “What is the big deal if for varieties sake I have a fling once in awhile. I still love you for you.”

A big concrete foundation is just too costly and in the way. Your home doesn’t really need one to stand up straight and weather stress and age.

It’s just a business contract between friends. 50/50. ‘You get the sled up the hill. I get the sled down the hill. We will split all the back end profits but I will keep the books and records.

It’s just our Constitution. It is old and really a historical fossil, not the life blood and unique power of our country. We have to flow with the times and with whatever ‘the people’ want. Why do we always have to go back to that ancient document? Natural born this, natural born that, does it really matter where Obama was born?

The Holy Bible isn’t really the word of God and the bed rock of our foundation and founding fathers. It is just one of many religious books around the world and no better.

The truth will prevail

The truth is, that if you don’t take your marriage vows seriously, whether you feel like it or not, and abuse your spouse or sleep around, you will lose your marriage.

The truth is, if you try and build a big house without a proper foundation, walls will tilt, sink and crack. Your home will be slowly destroyed over time.

The truth is, if you aren’t a person of your word with business contracts and steal from people, you will eventually lose your business, reputation, company, friendships and freedom.

Our Constitution is our rock, skeletal core and reflector of American rights, power, way of operating Government, freedoms and unique spirit. To minimize, manipulate and ignore what it says is to literally attack the heart of America, freedom and her unique truth. It can never be viewed as ‘dynamic’ but constant, treasured and respected at all times by those in leadership!

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Finally, The Holy Bible is the inspiring backbone and spiritual power that has launched our country to the number one super power on earth and light on a hill for countless. We have a history of seeking God of the Holy Bible and defining worth for each person from there. The minute we walk away from our Christian roots, we walk away from our power and light as a people.

Does it matter if Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, born in this country, used other social security numbers, paid millions to hide his records while lying about his life to America???? You answer that.

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Our Constitution is our rock, skeletal core and reflector of American rights, power, way of operating Government, freedoms and unique spirit.