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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 13, 2011

Such much to undo – so little time

Our very country and freedom has been at stake since the Obama regime took over, backed by progressive leftists transforming us into a Marxist Dictatorship 5 steps at a time. Was this the ‘change’ some of you signed up for? For starters, we have seen Obama shred the greatest health care system on earth, insert hidden and draconian taxes, forced Government approved health insurance, controls, fines, forced salaries on Doctors, death panels on our seniors, and is making us all pay for abortions and the care of illegal aliens. Those are just some of the cancers inserted all through Obamacare.

We have watched Obama fulfill another threat to destroy one of America’s historical backbones of energy, coal. Now he and his minions announce Coal plant closures all over the country in the next 18 months, while hurling draconian regulations at power plants. As planned, thousands more will be out of work, utility rates will go even higher and we will become more dependent on Government and international energy sources.

We are now, eleven months before the Nov, 2012 election of all elections, surrounded by Mountain high lists of impeachable offenses all aimed at Obama. From illegal wars in Libya, to hiring members of the Muslim Brotherhood who work closely with him and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to suing and threatening his own Governors for protecting the safety of their citizens…..on we go. I’m dizzy even trying to sort them all out.

Then there is that teensy weensy problem which causes most ‘Republicans’ ‘sound bite conservatives’ ‘most media’ and ‘the House and the Senate’ to run for cover at Olympic level speed. This is quite a dazzling feat to watch since while running they are also hurling endless insults and slander against anyone or any group daring to point out Obama’s ineligibility.

Obama is ineligible to be our President. It is most clear to me and a growing host of others all across the country. He has spent over 2 million dollars to hide every record he has, and what about the ‘mystery’ social security numbers he has used over many years. This is also proven and known now.

Then there was his arrogant, bravado moment showing American and the world his middle finger of a long form birth certificate- forgery and total fraud. This was proven by several examiners and experts within hours of the big press revelation to be a total forgery. This was far from ‘tin helmet’ and racism but out and out crime and fraud.

Where were all the conservatives? Where was the House? Where was the Senate? Where were big time conservative voices? Where was a single comment from the many competing in the primaries and running for President? There was no one patriotic, honest or brave enough to shine the light of truth on this Constitutional and legal emergency, except the brave and gutsy, voices in talk radio and on line media journals such as the one you are reading now.

To bring this never ending saga to the present

The ‘seizing of America’ plan moves boldly forward. We saw the Senate betray America and vote to have our military able to arrest and detain Americans without charge, indefinitely. Then we saw, per the revelation of a document revealed to the masses by Alex Jones and noted in my last article, the activation of FEMA camps all over the country. Why? I think we are starting to know why folks.

Now, thanks to ‘say it like it is’ commentator Sher Zieve who forwarded me the latest, we find that a National Guard Soldier was arrested for not wanting to fire on US citizens and according to the Business Insider, our military is already offering free military equipment to all police departments in the country. Why? I’ll tell you why, to be used against US citizens. You had better be angry now or you must be the walking dead.

We must and will throw out Obama, the progressive left and all in the House and Senate, who voted for the unconstitutional Health care bill, bill to have the military apprehend Americans and detain them without charges.

The danger level is dramatically increasing in our country

It is time to align with your local Sheriff and remind him or her of their authority over their area even above the Feds and Police……and military.

Though I am not recommending violence of any kind, since that is no doubt what Obama wants to manipulate into place, it is time to make sure you talk with your Sheriff and local Police department. Respectfully ask them and any military in your area if they plan to turn on their own and arrest civilians on vague terrorist language and no charges? Will they assist in not only apprehending civilians but sending them to camps indefinitely? Or, will they stand with our Constitution, Sheriff’s authority and rights of Citizens? Respectfully and clearly let them know you have the lights pointed on them and expect the best from them.

It is also time to raise the level on Tea Parties and gatherings. Only, make sure there is plenty of security and cell phone cameras everywhere. Know there will be plants and attempts at sabotage for any freedom loving groups who share their Constitutional concern.

Before Obama was even elected, he mocked those who read their Bible and had guns. Well, we can see why he would go after The Bible and guns. Those two things are the great enforcers in our country. There really is power in focused and believing prayer. Do it. There is also much power in a nation owning guns and ammo. Do it.

Get behind real conservatives with guts, not just political sound bite machines who sound good on the surface. If there is no one who will make clear lines in the sand on the issues run for local, county, state or federal office yourself. You make the difference.

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When God called me to run for President last January, I knew I would be a total outsider, viewed by some as fringe and not taken seriously by many since I didn’t have money and wasn’t a Politician. God’s ways are not man’s ways however. I am walking forward in faith and trusting God and ‘the people’ for the details. I have now posted my first videos of what I believe, am passionate about and what I will do if elected. No notes, imperfect me with my bad eye, speaking my mind.

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Get behind real conservatives with guts, not just political sound bite machines who sound good on the surface. If there is no one who will make clear lines in the sand on the issues run for local, county, state or federal office yourself. You make the difference.