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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 25, 2011

No one wants a bull in a China closet for a President who breaths ‘emotional’ fire out their nose and creates wars everywhere while pushing their agenda. However, we desperately need real inspiration and vision, with a passion for keeping our freedoms and American traditions whole and safe. That means drawing lines in the sand and sticking to them, whether the pollsters and political class like those lines or not. That means old fashioned, America courage.

A few weeks ago I declared my intention to run for the office of the President of the US. I sent out press releases. Some of you saw the headline article posted by and other sites. I knew I was starting in as a total outsider, non lawyer, non politician and non millionaire. However, I knew I was a patriot, a visionary, veteran Talk show host who had always represented the cutting edge issues of the American people, and most importantly I was called to do this by God. Some of you immediately think ‘religious cook’ or ‘fringe’ at the notion of me even saying that.

The truth is, I have never fantasized or imagined being President of the United States. This hasn’t been a career move or positioning for my ego. Instead, God asked me to run, a commoner, a survivor, Mom and patriot with REAL ideas of service for a time such as this. I said yes, knowing how it would sound. He has asked me to simply trust Him through the long process, running as an Independent conservative, not Republican or Democrat.

As shared before, my strategy: 1) be in prayer 2) continue to speak my mind in my published articles and do my radio talk show every day 3) contact various, independent political parties to see if some will align with me and get me on the ballot in their region or states represented. The American Independent party of California has said they would put me on the ballot in that state. 4) pull together volunteers to obtain the signatures needed to get me on the ballot in other states. 5) post several 3-5 minute videos, being made as we speak. They will soon be seen here on YouTube.

Some lines in the sand that must be drawn

Get America out of the UN and stop all funding to it

The UN has long ago morphed into and Anti Semitic, anti American, money sucking machine. Dictatorship and Islamic nations usually vote us down and continue to assault our best alley in the Middle East, Israel. They have sought to get international taxes from us for mythological environmental disasters of warming, push ‘Rights for the Child’ Treaties, taking away parents rights, tried to get an international court system we all bow down to and sought to have a one world currency. Former ambassador to the UN, and former candidate for President, Alan Keys has also demanded we get out of the UN. Why have we given them 7.7 billion in tax payer dollars?


It is time America says no to all this and starts a new international association of countries who promote human rights and freedom. Perhaps our real friends and freedom loving countries could get some important things done without controlling and stealing from the people, or trying to destroy Israel.

Demand an outside audit for the Federal Reserve and honest accountability.

The Federal Reserve has never had an outside audit since 1913 yet controls our entire economy and all our money. How is it remotely possible that anyone, especially Herman Cain doesn’t want an outside audit for the FED, unless of course you are protecting thieves and money crooks. It is more then a little concerning to me that he was a high up FED official. House cleaning and an outside audit of the FED is only common sense and I think a national security issue. Waste must stop and audits must happen with all Government departments.

Stop all federal abortion money supporting any abortions, starting with Planned Parenthood.

Let me be plain. Abortion is murder and the complete violation of an American Citizen’s first right according to our ‘Declaration of Independence….’The Right to life’ Get it? It is the President’s job to defend the right to life for all citizens, young and old, imperfect and needy. Life is precious and unique, end of story.

Secure our borders and stop all illegal aliens from coming across. Also stop the 200 billion a year in drug trade.

I would do this by putting 20-50,000 national guard troops on the border, tripling border patrol, using virtual and real fences, have surveillance fly overs and use satellite technology. Only then, when the ‘mystery’ people have stopped coming over our borders and drugs stopped, would I offer an approach for illegal aliens already here. It would have accountability, common sense and compassion. It is completely pointless to discuss any intervention with illegals already here when we do not have a secured border. Administration after administration has not had the will to do so. I will!

I will take all steps to gut and destroy the completely unconstitutional health care bill, now being reviewed by the Supreme Court.

I will take all steps possible to undo the Start treaty with Russia and put our Nuclear program back where it should be, number 1 in the world.

We will be the leading exporter of energy in the world within 4 years and disconnect from OPEC.

It is completely absurd that with all our oil, nuclear ability and having the largest natural gas reserves in the world that we still import energy. How dumb is that? We have had no oil or nuclear facilities built since the 1070s. All types of energy will bolt forward under my watch, and quickly. I will close down the incompetent Dept. of energy. If they had been doing their job we should have been energy independent decades ago. Bye Bye energy dept.

My final passion and plan if you elect me is my 2% point of purchase tax. I’m so excited about this because it is simple. I’m not a mathematician but a common sense chick. If you include taxing all Government transactions that is nearly 900 trillion a year, yes trillion. That would give America 10-20 trillion a year for her bills and plans. Think of it. No more income tax, payroll tax, excise tax, gas tax, capital gains tax…..any Federal tax! They would all stop. Instead, you would pay 2% when you buy a watermelon, 2% when you buy a car or 2% if you by a stock package. That is it and most simple… sneaky or layered taxes anymore.

This would bring in enough money to immediately deliver individuals and businesses from Tax hell and oppression, get us out of our 15 trillion in debt in less then 4 years, build up Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and chips, develop energy and infrastructure projects, while enhancing our military and funding what needs to be funded.

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No more ‘mice in the bay area studies’ ‘studying prostitutes using condoms in China’ and ‘underground turtle tunnels’. Those were all great talk show material but beyond corrupt and idiotic.

A quick review of the cards in my deck and they are not ‘trick’ cards 2% point of purchase tax overhaul and stoppage of all other federal tax; leading exporter of energy in the world; real border security and stopping of drug trade; creation of 20 million jobs in energy infrastructure projects, new businesses due to huge tax relief; courting back of manufacturing by cutting intrusive and controlling regulations, taxation and litigation; stopping of all abortion funding of any kind, and the cherry on the cake. Restore our Judeo Christian values and Constitutional core without apology.

Find out more at:,,,

Spread the word, sign up as a volunteer and pray that God’s will shine on our country again.

� 2011 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The UN has long ago morphed into and Anti Semitic, anti American, money sucking machine. Dictatorship and Islamic nations usually vote us down and continue to assault our best alley in the Middle East, Israel.