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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 21, 2011

The concerns, fears and conspiracies about the 2012 election are exploding far and wide. I hear about it everyday from my listeners on my radio show and readers. Sadly, with the Obama regime we have in the White House, most of our fears all have the possibility of coming true. These days there is no ‘tin helmet’ conspiracy but the horrifying truth we already know about this President.

I believe it clear that Obama is ineligible to be in the office of President. Otherwise, why would he have shown the media and country a forgery of a long form birth certificate on April 27th? Even though this was verified by Doug Vogt, veteran document examiner and many others as a total forgery and fraud, the media and Republican establishment were silent. This is beyond shameful and absolutely treacherous.

We also know Obama is a total narcissist and attention seeking hound who has sought from day one to build his tentacles of power outside of our Constitution, House and Senate. Thus, the historical amount of Czars appointed to high level, controlling positions that only answer to Obama and completely bypass congress.

We also find ourselves in an illegal war in Libya, which completely bypassed congress. We saw Obama get his marching orders from the UN, then when confronted by some in the House and receiving a confrontational letter by Speaker Boehner, he had the audacity to say that our congress and country must submit first to the UN. They were allegedly above our sovereign authority as a country. This was a total breach of the 1973 war powers act.

Recently, I have heard from some who believe ‘Occupy Wall street’ will be used by Obama to institute Martial law and stop the next election. You certainly don’t have to dig far to see the wink and the nod from Obama to this emerging mob and the organized and huge money funding these groups from George Soros to Van Jones. Remember that all crises can and must be used, per the Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, play book.

Also, one of the Constitutional and American walls thrown in Obama’s face has been the emergence and growth of Tea Party groups all across the country. I have spoken for several of these groups and write for the largest on line Tea Party group in America. The Tea Party, unlike the endless sea of names they have been called by Obama and his minions, are focused, patriotic, love our Constitution and fiscal accountability. They are not Republican, Democrat, black or white, but solidly American. This is a card that Obama didn’t expect America to play so well when 100 million of us focused ‘American power’ during the last Mid Term elections. We saw a stunning defeat for Obama and the progressive left, taking back the House and almost the Senate.

Isn’t it interesting now that media and Obama dare to compare the Occupy Wall Street group to the Tea Party. The real Tea party is passé and yesterday’s news we are told. Naturally, you realize that has to be the spin, since the Tea Party groups have steadily grown in power, funding and are not controlled by Political parties. They are the groups who meet and don’t litter, rape people, rob stores and destroy their environment.

The dangers and conspiracies are real but how do we respond so that America will win? Resist the temptation to look at common sense, what could happen, what Obama might try and pull, the feared manipulation or canceling of the next election. Yes, we all know corruption is everywhere. Voter fraud will be at its highest and global elitism and progressive evil is everywhere. We all know we are in a constitutional and American emergency. This next election is critical for our very nations survival and future.

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What do we know down to our very nation’s bone marrow, that we can and must do to actually save our country? WE MUST PRAY TO THE LIVING GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE FOR DIVINE HELP. We must pray that God will raise up leaders who love Him and the Constitution and will serve both. We must also pray that God will destroy and judge the enemies of our country and deliver us from evil. God will listen to those who are humble before Him and truly pray for His guidance and help. This is our real, historical footprint, Constitutional footprint and Biblical footprint that made our country the most powerful nation on earth. Don’t you dare forget that because times are hard.

We must resist the seduction of worry, fear and hopelessness. The Truth is with God and all things are possible, even the saving of our country and appointing of a real patriot in the White House.

Pray, believe and act. Confront fear and unbelief, then pray some more.

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We also know Obama is a total narcissist and attention seeking hound who has sought from day one to build his tentacles of power outside of our Constitution, House and Senate.