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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 19, 2011

We are seeing the classic battle for control and power by the Obama regime and international forces behind him. It is the same evil force that inspired the legendary, Roman Empire that emerged as a super power, thousands of years ago. We all remember Ben Hur and the famous Gladiators. They almost seem now days like a fable or movie script in history. Instead, the Romans were wealthy, dominating and vicious. They were known for attacking and destroying any independent voices who rose up. Thousands of Christians were tortured, burned, hung on crosses and fed to the Lions. Belief in Jesus meant that the Romans as the ultimate power source were threatened.

Regimes of control, power and death always start out the same. The dictators ride in on the ‘savior’ horse. They are Father Christmas and the deliverer, providing food, health care, provisions and pleasures that all others cannot deliver.

Dictators rarely establish control through war, although some do. Most, however promise, lie and seduce the masses to believe in them and follow them. Dictators hand out enough dog bones to the people and present enough confusion and diversion, that they are caught. Once the needy people have taken the hook, the other shoe starts to drop. The diversions, entertainment and dog bones continue to flow as all wealth, freedom, food and property are stolen and redistributed. Meanwhile, the ‘Stepford Wives’ and ‘Surf Clones’ feel most patriotic, loyal and called to serve their country and Dictator. They don’t know for a long time that they are being gang raped.

Historically, the price for disobedience against the Dictator is name calling, attack and death.

Just a few in history that come to mind:

Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia – Led a communist militia and led 1.5 million to their deaths.
Kim Il Sung of North Korea – Brought 1.6 million to their deaths
Pol Pot of Cambodia – In his desire to cleanse the country he murdered 1.7 million people.
Adolf Hitler, the Nazi party dictator of Germany – Was responsible for 17 million deaths.
Joezef Stalin, first Secretary of the Communist Party – Wiped out 23-50 million people.
Mao Zedong – Communist leader of China who murdered 49-78 million people.

The horrifying fact about all of these dictators was that they appeared at first like the savior of hope for the poor and middle class. They were bringing jobs, food, security and health care. Lies, lies and more lies.

What about today? Surely, that kind of murderous horror is gone. Haven’t we learned from history and the nightmare of Hitler? No, we haven’t learned a thing.

Attempts at Dictatorships are all over the world. We saw Manuel Zelaya in 2009 booted out of leadership in Honduras. Interestingly, Obama and Hillary supported Zelaya, instead of the rule of law, Honduras Constitution and peaceful intervention by the Military to oust him. Zeyala was a verified crook and Obama supported him. Soon after that we saw Obama supporting Chavez, also a dictator and crook.

Islamic Dictatorships

We see all 57 Islamic countries controlled by Dictatorship models reflecting Sharia law. The Clerics control these countries along with Government leaders, mixing up Government controls with Religious teachings and demands.

We see the manipulated, funded and controlled ‘Arab Spring’ setting the stage for stronger Muslim dictatorships. Muslim Brotherhood is none other than a murderous, Islamic terrorist group simply pushing a Caliphate of world wide control. They are inspired to control and murder.

Since our long time alley, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has been thrown out and is fighting for his life in court, Coptic Christians are being murdered everywhere while Christian Cathedrals are being burned to the ground.

Chapter nine of the Koran gives us Infidels only 3 options. 1) forcibly convert to Islam 2) submit to Islam’s draconian tax…..or…..3) be killed. I personally like the 4th option that comes to mind. “You can all line up and kiss my Infidel grits.” There,….I knew we’d come together with some sort of understanding.

Remember, Obama has said in his own words and in his own book, Audacity of Hope, that he would stand with the Muslims if things got difficult. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” Apparently the wind shifting in an ugly direction has long ago happened. Some of us conservatives, Christians and Jews have been in the way. We are entirely Islamaphobic since we don’t want Sharia law in our country, the take over of Israel and slaughter of Christians through out Arab Spring.

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From the endless assaults by Obama against our energy, food and Health care businesses and infrastructure, we can see the ‘winds’ of Obama involve the total destruction of America. Like Dictators of old and the current Islamic Dictatorships through out the Muslim world we have a President competing for position. His intention is to continue his Father’s redistribution of wealth scheme, punish America for her Judeo Christian values and achievements, and make us his surfs, serving global Governance and Islam.

As I said earlier, regarding the chapter 9 options given to us Infidels in the Koran, I like option (4) for Obama as well. “He can line up and kiss my Infidel Grits.” Speak your mind, blog and chat at and join me each day on my show

� 2011 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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We see the manipulated, funded and controlled ‘Arab Spring’ setting the stage for stronger Muslim dictatorships. Muslim Brotherhood is none other than a murderous, Islamic terrorist group simply pushing a Caliphate of world wide control.