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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 18, 2011

A recent study by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy revealed that between January 2009 and April 2011 60% of those arrested for terrorist events in America were American citizens. Islamic jihad is growing in America.

American converts to Islam are everywhere, especially in our prisons. Doug Hagmann exposed that 1 in 3 African Americans in prison have converted to Islam. They are converting to the Wahhabi and Salafi sect, imported from Saudi Arabia. Hillel Fendel in Israel national news states that in 2003 12-20% were Muslim in prison, now 80% of prisoners who ‘find faith’ convert to Islam. Hillel and Hagmann both point out that long ago this focus on converts was planned out and pushed hard by radical Muslim groups.

The indoctrination of the prison population to radical Islam is well documented in Al Kae Da training manuals. This growth and focus is by design. Disenfranchisement in prison is prime pickings for radical Islam to grow their Jihad population. Fendel documents the dramatic increase in Islamic, Wahhabi chaplains and growth in un reviewed Islamic reading materials. The way thing are going, the least we will have to worry about when prisoners finally are out of prison is another bank robbery or rape. Instead, we will have to worry about airplanes being shot out of the skies, Malls being blown up and schools being attacked.

Honor killings are also growing. One Muslim Father who murdered his 3 daughters, 13-17 and 19, said in the London Daily Mail, that he would do it again. He described his girls as whores and treacherous. It was an honor killing you know. He had to do it and Sharia law approved.

In America, according to Atlas Shruggs, many authorities count these honor killings as ‘suicides’ so they won’t insult Islamics. Murdering your daughter or son is a suicide? Murder is murder and suicide is suicide, regardless of who is involved.

One miraculous encounter was with Fatima Abdallah who police said was accidentally killed when she threw herself again and again against the edge of a coffee table, giving herself a fatal brain hemorrhage. The only witness there at the scene waited 2 ½ hours to call 911. He has since gone back to Pakistan. Can you say honor murder?

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Jihad Watch highlighted another Father who slit the throats of his 3 daughters and raped his wife, then hit her with a hammer. This also had something to do with ‘honor’ in his Islamic world.

Islam and Sharia law have major issues. Honor killings and Wahhabi Islam is growing in Prisons. Just as planned, the cultivation of Jihad is exploding.

PC bull rot has got to stop. Islamic chaplains and materials in prisons should be closely monitored and all reading materials reviewed closely. All ‘honor’ killings should simply be called ‘cold blooded murders’ and be a capital offense. Who cares what Islamic groups think. It is what it is. I have always said this…..I would rather be rude and alive then polite and dead. Speak your mind at and join me on my show

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Islam and Sharia law have major issues. Honor killings and Wahhabi Islam is growing in Prisons. Just as planned, the cultivation of Jihad is exploding.