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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
September 29, 2006

What a shock for us all! Ahmadinejad has said a big NO to halting enrichment. It's his right! He just wants it for energy. Please disregard the man behind the curtain!!! Please ignore my terrorist past and murderous statements! Then there is the Al Qaida leader calling for Holy War in Iraq. Yet another shock!!! Bob Woodward even comes out and says thing are much worse than our President says in Iraq. Watch out for 2007!

So, we look at the deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, the threats and arrogance of Ahmadinejad, Clerics and leaders throughout the Middle East and wonder, "are we creating these terrorists?" "Are we pushing the Islamic world to desperate fighting mode?" I would LOVE to think these weren't the questions being asked by many in our congress, leaders and liberals but they are! This is shameful!!!

Several things come to mind! First of all, we hear the endless speeches from Islamic groups here and abroad that we are persecuting Muslims. What a bunch of bull rot and sewage!!! We have only spent billions rescuing Muslims world wide who aren't the killers, Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq etc��We haven't strolled on in fighting, trying to get the bad guys and ripping cultures to shreds while setting up Baptist churches! Instead we have injected a framework of freedom into several cultures, totally respecting the Muslim influence and way!!! Do we get thanked? No!! Our liberal morons here and many Muslims kick us in the teeth calling us conquering crusaders and directors of a Holy war against them. Gee! With this being the new logic, I suppose if I send someone a dozen red roses who was just pulled out of an acid bath torture chamber, they would accuse me of attempted murder!

We are not crusaders but liberators!!! Here is some more hate speech for you! We are Americans who live in a largely Christian nation reflecting values of freedom! What is the idiot assumption in doing nothing and bringing all our troops home? Let me guess�..terrorism will magically stop and the Muslim extremists will go back to their peaceful selves! WRONG! They have been attacking us since 1979. Most of that time we kissed up and looked the other way. THAT STILL GOT US ATTACKED!!! Live and learn folks. It is not us who promotes and builds the jihad behavior and mind set. It is their evil and racist worldview that is completely fascist!!! There is no negotiation with these people. It is either convert to their twisted view of faith or be killed.

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It might be smart if we FOR ONCE stop beating our leaders, CIA and military up and realize they are trying to face the worst kind of music!!!! Oh yeah��they are also trying to save our ungrateful lives and keep a future in tact for America. I know it is a total shock for some of you but just like WWII, evil is out there and it wants our blood.

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

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We are not crusaders but liberators!!! Here is some more hate speech for you! We are Americans who live in a largely Christian nation reflecting values of freedom!