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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 21, 2011

Many have welcomed folks all across the country protesting in the streets. It’s about time! Finally, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack will get it between the eyes, along with all their other corporate, Wall Street friends. Is this the real target and enemy though? We absolutely are growing in rage and pain in this country but who is causing this endless trail of losses? Homes are being stolen from Banks in historical foreclosure scams, we have 1930s size unemployment, more regulations, taxes and controls are being levied at us.

Back in September, Communist, radical Van Jones and former Jobs czar for Obama, said an Arab spring was coming to America in October. He and his Marxist group, and other leftists were planning to lead and control the Wall Street marches well before they started in. As usual, these Big Government communists have hidden behind the skirts of ‘fairness’ ‘equality’ ‘oneness’ and ‘victims wanting justness’. They grabbed up the press and well meaning masses who gladly have also marched reflecting their real losses and sea of betrayals. The suffering folks have had no idea that they were being used yet again and being prepared for additional assaults, then the trash crusher machine. Interesting that radical George Soros is financially behind these protests.

Just what is this Arab Spring and how is it being used?

As with the March on Wall Street manipulation by Jones, Obama, Soros and other progressives, Arab Spring was represented by many Islamics who wanted reforms and more freedom. They were finally coming out of their shells, bold and courageous. What is happening with this Arab Spring in the Middle East now? The freedom message has been hijacked. Islamic radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood have laid in wait for such a movement so they could swoop in like Islamic Father Christmas. As with all tyrants and dictators, they talk of equality, fairness and rights while they thread the madness of Sharia through the crowds.

With the manipulation, take over and push of ‘Arab Spring’ we have seen Egypt turn from a moderate Muslim nation lead by Hosni Mubarak, our 30 year alley, to an out of control nightmare zone of violence and murder. Mubarak wasn’t a perfect leader but he was no tyrant and was one of the few in the Middle East who had a long standing treaty with Israel. Now he is pleading for his life from a courtroom cage and is being tried like a common criminal. The Muslim Brotherhood is controlling Egypt and is now threatening Israel and planning for attacks. Inspired by ‘Arab Spring’ radical Muslims have been burning Christian churches to the ground in Egypt. Just last week 26 Christians were murdered and the largest Christian cathedral burned to the ground.


Marches all over the Middle East have lead to shootings, beatings and burnings. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the big ‘bad boys of terror). It is financed, committed and organized all over the world. They are using the ‘Arab Spring’ as simply a tool to attack infidels, assert more Islamic controls and Sharia law. As Van Jones, Obama and progressives are distorting and using the Wall Street protests, Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamics are using Arab Spring. Van Jones is an apparent fan of both which only means to me he is twice as radical and anti American. The final cherry on the cake is that Obama has 3 members in top level positions working for him who are current members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, we have Wall Street marches and Arab Spring marches. What else is going on?

This week on my radio show I talked with Steve Eichler, Americas legal analyst, regular guest on my radio show and the Executive Director of We talked about what he felt was really going with the Wall Street protests. He said that much like a blurred frequency on an old phonograph radio, important and sincere messages are being compromised by bold efforts of the radical Van Jones group, Code Pink and Union members also have flooded the streets. Much violence and theft has been recorded in the New York protest. When you look closely at the plants and influence of Van Jones on these marches, you can’t help but notice the tragic thing with all these marches across the country. It is the planned delusion and actual hijacking of the real message of loss by tons of Americans. The goal, neutralize the power and focus of the tea party and as usual, minimize and insult the real protestor's pain, message and frequency.

Some of the placards and messaging that has been planted, especially in New York, are 'down with capitalism' and a ton of manipulative signs and pushes preaching big Government and its controls. They hide behind 'equality' 'fairness' 'unity'. They hide behind health care - 'We want Health care - stop the madness' Put aside all the Susan Lomas type patriots protesting, with pure spirits and real stories of loss, there are also other pushes with the bold intent to confuse, distract and neutralize the power away from the Tea Party which is a major threat to Obama. He knows it and he has plans.

What are we to conclude with all this?

We need marching in the streets all over the country. We have plenty to be angry about and yell about without breaking laws. However, remember as we raise our voices there are movements, groups and people all around looking for opportunities to manipulate and shut down any push for independence and freedom. Beware of any group that pushes the age old mantras of ‘fairness’ and equality. Any group that pushes for higher taxes, regulations and controls is simply wrong for America and wanting big Government controls. That is not constitutional.

We need to march all right but not against Wall Street and not in the hands of Van Jones and his ilk. Would you join me in a protest movement, led by the Roth Revolution and Tea Party? Let’s call this one Vacate Washington? Radical Muslims, Communists, America haters and those who hate the constitution, tea party and freedom ain’t invited.

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The real target of betrayal is Obama and the progressive leftists in control. Obama could have stopped the mortgage theft and betrayal of millions in its tracks. He has always had the use of the Presidential microphone, executive orders, House,Senate and more. He could have led and protected America but the truth is he didn’t give a damn. He has done nothing but watch and plan for the demolition of America. He must be booted out November 2012. More on ‘Vacate Washington’ soon. Join up with the Roth Revolution at It costs you nothing, blog and speak your mind. I will keep you posted on the Vacate Washington march.


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2011 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The real target of betrayal is Obama and the progressive leftists in control. Obama could have stopped the mortgage theft and betrayal of millions in its tracks.