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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 9, 2011

Clarity, evidence and knowledge apparently mean nothing to most of our media, political leaders and elite. Most already know, from entry level to the big boys we all listen to and watch, that Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be President. Most also know by now that on April 27th, 2011, Obama presented a proven forgery of a long form birth certificate to the media and nation. Doug Vogt, a 29 year veteran, document examiner analyzed the presented document Obama showed thoroughly. He quickly signed an affidavit declaring it a total fraud and forgery and registered a 25 page complaint with the FBI. Last I checked showing a forgery to the public and using false documentation is a felony. Gee, does anyone see a little problem here???

Our President has spent nearly 2 million dollars hiding documents about his passport, College records and Birth certificate In a fabulous article on this critical violation, Lawrence Sellin reminds us also about other Obama breaches and controversies such as his Selective Service registration and using a Social Security Number not issued to him.

Most in our media and the wanna be GOP messiahs call the elegability folks names, “waste of time” “we have bigger fish to fry” and “we are annoying.” While the blood letting continues, we have a usurper in the White House who has committed a federal crime on April 27th by showing a forged birth certificate. Obama has revealed his original intent in his own books and well before he was elected President. He is a redistribution of wealth, Marxist/communist.

Obama’s intent is quite clear by his words, actions, history and associations. He wants two classes of people, the international ruling class, headed by him and the worker bee surfs who obey. To create a devoted sea of surfs, he must throw his followers enough bones that they think he is their savior and messiah. He must also seduce them into the fabricated ‘cause.’ This means giving up their money and assets to the Government so they can allegedly fix the desperate problems that Obama’s regime has created in the first place.

While the frustration and anger builds with ‘the people’ due to unemployment, financial ruin and endless foreclosures, rage is trained to focus on a new list of enemies, the Tea Party, congress and conservative groups. The goal is to create enough chaos, diversions and enemies that America crumbles economically, religiously, financially and politically.

Don’t you find it amazing how several Representatives, Vice President Biden and Obama have called the Tea Party every name in the book. You know, they want black people to hang from trees, are terrorists, racists, anti American and hostage takers. I guess these sorry freaks can ‘go straight to hell.’ That about covers it. The hope is that we all start viewing patriot groups and Tea Party folks as those wanting to create race wars and hurt our country. Evil, I tell you. The truth is exactly the opposite.

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They represent a broad tapestry of America, Black, White, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, Independent and represent many religions. They have never been about destroying our Government and country. Instead they are protective of freedom, our constitution, common sense values and accountability, all of which are the enemies to Obama and his minions.

The battle lines have been drawn and the revolution is on. Don’t back down. Don’t believe the lies and vote Obama out of the White House in 2012. Finally, listen in each day and join the Roth Revolution and make your voice heard.


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2011 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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The battle lines have been drawn and the revolution is on. Don’t back down. Don’t believe the lies and vote Obama out of the White House in 2012.