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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 20, 2011

The shame, betrayal and void of leadership continues with Obama endorsing the Palestinian state with borders brought back to 1967. President Obama said in his recent Middle East and North African speech that we have to think differently regarding our dealings with the Muslims, thus Obama standing solidly for the Palestinian’s demands to have the 1967 borders observed.

Fatah and Hamas, two radical Muslim terrorist organizations have now merged, turning the constant shotgun of threats against Israel into a pointed double barrel shotgun aimed at their heads. Obama and the UN might as well be loading the shells.

So, what is the big deal about 1967 and why does Israel have to give the land back before that war? It is most clear and plain to see. Israel saw aggressive changes in behavior, by Egypt and Syria signaling that war was immanent. First they saw on May 16, 1967, Nasser removed the international buffer that had exsisted between Israel and Egypt since 1957, the UNEF – United Nations Emergency Forces. Then Egypt blockaded all goods coming into Israel through the Tiran Straits. Syria joined the party by creating all kinds of clashes at the border along the Golan Heights. They put their troops on ready as well.

President Johnson at the time played the political game hoping Israel would not attack and waterways and shipping could be re opened through diplomatic means. Egypt and Syria were obviously organizing and positioning for attack, pulling troops out, and stopping goods from being shipped. What was Israel supposed to do ask them if they wanted to have a Bible Study?

It was against this obvious set up for war against Israel that Israel attacked. They captured the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights from Syria. Everything was finished in less then a month. Nassar called for the total destruction of Israel, spewing ‘slaughter Israel’ rhetoric everywhere in the Middle East and media.

To the Islamic world who had attacked Israel many times before 1967, this war was just another bold shame against Islam that must be avenged. After all, Israel had stolen Islamic land. Since this war, which Israel had really no choice but to start and finish, Israel has received non stop attacks from all kinds of Islamic groups surrounding them.

Now you know as the great Paul Harvey would have said, ‘The rest of the story.’

What other wars should be undone because group A doesn’t like the land group B got during a conflict? Is Texas and Southern California going back to Mexico even though we paid for it and won the war? For that matter, it was most rude and treasonous to the British to make this country the US and separate from British rule. Shall we be British subjects again?

It is beyond dangerous, shameful and almost unforgivable that America would stand with Palestine, Hamas and Fatah against our best alley in the Middle East who simply wants to live in peace. It is already wrong that Israel has allowed any territories or land to be manipulated back into the hands of the Palestinians and Hamas.

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Now the UN vote is coming in just a few months to vote Palestine in as a state, that Obama formally backs. Israel must stand her ground and not give away so much as a simple glass of water or, not even to President Obama or any other pressure group.

This choice by Obama to back Palestine and the UN push against Israel is stupid, evil, Un American, traitorous, disloyal, two faced, cowardly and WRONG.

It is time to run Obama out of the White House in 2012. Maybe I will be the one to do it.


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Fatah and Hamas, two radical Muslim terrorist organizations have now merged, turning the constant shotgun of threats against Israel into a pointed double barrel shotgun aimed at their heads.