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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 28, 2011

I have been building a national talk radio show for 10 years now, syndicated with Information Radio Network and for the last 5 years, building back my career, show and life from my near fatal motorcycle accident in 2005. Many of you have known about this and followed me since my accident. Various journals and folks have written about my wreck and return, including Judi McLeod, the award winning, editor of Canada free press, an amazing woman and friend.

Peppered through all this has been the simple desire to listen to and obey the leading of God, make a difference however I could with my radio show, articles and stand, while exploring ways to be more loving to my Husband and kids. Doing my show, building back my life, trying to pay the bills and writing my articles has been my simple focus, certainly not pretending to be big and fancy.

Things feel a little more complicated and weird for me lately

For the last few months I have been feeling more and more pressure from some of you to run for President of the US in the 2012 election cycle. This is where you laugh out loud. Notice, the request isn’t to run for President of the Soccer Mom club, PTA, a Radio association, local or state political office. Instead, some of you have gone straight past GO to collect $200.00 to the Mother load ‘absurd’ question of the century. “Laurie will you run for President?” Some of you have shared with me quietly with a pondering heart and some of you are making more noise. Thursday January 20th, first hour 3-4pm Michael Carlin, publisher and editor of Century City News, a major L.A. Newspaper, one I send some of my articles to, asked me to run for President.

Naturally, as my eyes have stopped rolling back in my head, shock has mellowed a moment and I have gotten off the ‘stuck’ position of how small and poor I am and how absurd this question sounds, I have started to imagine and think about if it were somehow possible for a ‘real’ and basic person like me to actually get voted into the office of the President and what I would actually want to do other than fumigate the place. Outside the realm of the ‘global elites’ ‘lawyers’ ‘politicians’ and ‘millionaires’ could it ever be possible for a basic, independent patriot to get elected?

As I think and ponder whether I would actually run may I ask what you think? Can I get a response from my listeners and readers at Are we at a stage in our country where a normal person who loves their country more than popularity, fame or power can actually get elected? Please let me know your thoughts at the special email above. I am praying about this and want to hear from you.


Allow me to introduce myself as potentially, ‘The People’s President.’ You already know me as the Annie Oakley of the Airwaves and a survivor. What issues would you and I want to tackle?

These issues are pulled from my heart and what I have screamed about on air and in my articles for years. What do you think?

The Economy

First of all, whoever gets voted in next time, lets find the leader who will give us REAL help with the economy. Let us talk vivid tax reform not just keeping the Bush tax cuts in place. That was nice, but just touches the ‘edge’ and is not enough. Fair and sane tax ball tells me we should eliminate ALL taxes except for a 2% national sales tax on everything at point of purchase. No more payroll tax, no income tax, no hidden taxes anywhere. Can you imagine what that would do to stimulate the economy and business in America when folks can start paying more bills, trying new ideas and buying more things?

If you were wondering if this would be enough money to dramatically pay down our debt, which is spiraling out of control and run the entire US Government, just look at these numbers given to me by a REAL CPA, Duard Lawley, 45 years experience, author and Tea Party Patriot. Make up your own mind and vote accordingly in the 2012 election.

* The US has at any given time about 847 trillion in transactions going on
* 423 trillion involve Government transactions

Think about even a 1% sales tax bringing in at least 4 trillion a year. Now, imagine doubling our sales tax to 2% and bringing in 8 trillion a year to pay down our debt and run things. Maybe we take 4 trillion a year to pay off our debt, and put a ceiling on our Government budget of 4 trillion or less and pay our streamlined bills. If we couldn’t do that, we are all morons I reckon. We don’t need any more taxes.

We should take a magnifying glass to Government spending priorities and put them through the uncompromising sifter of the constitution, common sense and affordability.

Borders, illegal immigration, national security

Everywhere on the news you hear about the importance of this next election, taking on Obama and the influence of the Hispanic vote. I heard on Fox news just yesterday a panel talking about the Hispanic vote being the deciding factor, since many of the Independents have now tilted away from Obama toward the Tea Party groups and agenda.

How does Obama, manipulate the voting landscape to draw in the Hispanic vote? Perhaps he will try to cram through amnesty as he and his progressive left would define it, continue the law suits against great Governors, like Jan Brewer of Arizona and siding with his radical regime and other countries against his own. Obama is a ‘Rules for Radical’ strategist. He will try to push anything pro Hispanic and amnesty he can, knowing this kind of legislation will be blocked by most Republicans in the House. The objective will be to make the Republicans look uncompassionate and racist to the Hispanics, thus manipulating their vote that he would need in 2012. Even idiots can see and expect this strategy and no…..he doesn’t care about poor people and Hispanics. He simply wants one thing…..power, re election and their vote.

The Obama administration has spent hundreds of billions, now trillions on over reach bills and total waste. Now Nepolitano comes out recently and says the 1 billion dollar, virtual, border fence will not happen, hiding behind technical issues and difficulty of the feat. Most Americans know that is the biggest lot of bull rot they have ever heard!

Very few Presidents, the last few decades, Representatives or Senators have promoted and introduced bills to actually deal with our perilous border issue and out of control, illegal alien problem. Rep. Duncan Hunter tried by putting forth the ‘Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, but the Senate blocked it. Instead we get stuck on stupid, analyzing what is appropriate to call the mystery people who have come across the border…..illegal aliens, undocumented workers, people observing ‘family values’ as Bush referred to them. The net affect over the years has been by all sides the securing of a slave labor force and manipulation of a voting block….end of story.

Here is an idea I think would work if tried. The Why Not Plan, introduced by Editor and Publisher of Century City News in LA, Michael Carlin.


Michael and I have talked every Thursday for many weeks outlining the need for and thoughts behind this plan. You can read all about it at and hear some of our visits on air.

The basics I support of this plan include:

1st – Close and secure the border. Put our National Guard on the border. Stop the hemorrhaging and illegal traffic, mystery people, terrorists, drugs and all others from sneaking, walking, riding or hopping across. Control our border like any other civilized country does.

2nd – Only AFTER the borders are finally secured and the drug traffic is stopped, put together an, entrepreneurial idea, ‘Honor Zone’ across 60-100 miles on the Mexican border side, protected by Mexican troops. This zone would legally allow US businesses to work and develop all kinds of business, employ Mexican workers at the lower labor salaries they want. US business wins, Mexicans win and national security wins.

3rd – 10-40 million mystery illegal aliens who live in America, what to do?? Only after the border is finally secured, honor zone of workers and businesses set up, we offer legal incentives to come forward out of the illegal alien shadows to potentially get on a path to a new and not contorted definition of amnesty. First, we would require real evidence and verification as to who they are, no false ID rubbish. There are no doubt tons of dangerous Islamic sleeper cells, drug dealers and other folks with ill in mind who would also love to just stay here or get amnesty. We must weed them out, identify them and arrest them and/or deport them. The dangers to our country are most real and have been for some time. We are vulnerable and exposed by NOT knowing who is hiding here and by NOT knowing who is continuing to come over our borders. Any compassion showed must by tempered by and guided by national security concerns, law and economic realities, not manipulation of a voting block!!!

Eventually, the hope is that if the borders were finally secured and protected, businesses and Mexican workers could finally build businesses and find jobs in the Honor Zone that it would draw many of the illegal aliens to that zone to work and come out of the shadows. Others could respond to a long process of identifying themselves and following a slow plan of accountability and hope.

I have never been for ‘amnesty’ as defined by Bush, liberals or Obama. It has always been contorted to be a co-dependent scheme to obtain Hispanic votes, screw the American people, law and national security concerns. Real reform and a solution to this problem simply involves these steps in order 1)stop the flow and hemorrhage at the border 2)Establish a place on the Mexican side where business can thrive and Mexicans work 3) Then show compassion and an identified path for those still here who come forward. First, proving who they are, requiring accountability and putting them on our required path.

Just a start of the many issues we need to address

Other issues of concern we must see from our next President and leadership is the complete destruction of the immoral, unaffordable and UN American Health care bill. Let us explore REAL reform of Health care, starting with torte reform, portability and incentives to help, friends, family and relatives pay health care bills. Reward competition and reinstate Health care freedom and capitalism again.

We also need to Reinstate the ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ bill. It was working just fine for many years and the vast majority of our military wanted to keep it. It was ridiculous to change this for gays and straights, especially in a time of war! It wasn’t persecuting anyone but rather protecting all and allowing the mission and purpose of the military to be front and center, not a political agenda.

We also need to put the FCC in its place and make it back off controls on the Internet. Common decency laws are appropriate and control of Porn, especially for the protection of children. However, defining speech in more draconian ways, assigning more regulations and shredding the unique freedom of the Internet is stupid and foolish for all. It is just one of many controls that has to be reversed.

Then there is the perversion and distortion led by the TSA at our Airports. We need to provide real security reflecting real success in this area. Let’s follow the example and protocol of El Al in Israel, not the radiation/nudie machines, groping of people’s private parts and constitutional assaults.

There are so many areas that need to be fixed and addressed. These include restoring our strong military and nuclear arsenal, not signing ridiculous and compromising treaties. We also need to support the right to life for all….starting with infants in the womb. If that position was good enough for Ronald Reagan, it is good enough for me.

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Our country has much healing to do but there really are simple, moral and constitutional ways to do this with the right vision and leadership. Pray for our country and that God will raise up the right person, submitted to him who will really serve and lead.

Let me know what you think about a total ‘dark horse’ ‘unpolitical’ normal chick like me running for President. I am not saying I am ‘the person’ but I have been asked numerous times to consider it so I have gone to prayer and am thinking. Send your thoughts to Thank you. May God bless and restore our country.


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2011 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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For the last few months I have been feeling more and more pressure from some of you to run for President of the US in the 2012 election cycle.