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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 26, 2010

Obama and his sea of anti Constitutional advisers are using numerous bills, conditions and events to do 4 things to Americans – Condition – train - punish and transform us into a Communist style Regime. We are to be brought down. THAT IS THE GOAL OF THIS ADMINISTRATION.

How do they do it?

1. They have to test us

How will the people respond to chaos, false accusations and insults while we watch the shredding of our constitution freedom?

We have seen the egregious assault and sell out orgy regarding the crammed Health Care bill against health and the American people. The lies, taxes and constitutional betrayals are too many to count. It is a full on assault against our rights to have choices in Health care, have insurance or not have insurance. This bill is filled with threats, fines, taxes, rationed controls and Government manipulation. It is not American at all but an Obama test and transformation!

As I have looked deeper into the vat of horror and insults in the Health Bill, I see a theme, reflecting the philosophy of Obama and his sold out minions. He has written about and spoken on his agenda to transform and change America over his radical and ‘volunteering’ career.

We know Obama is a fan and even taught from radical, Saul Alynsky’s book, Rules for Radicals and studied radicals like Clyde and Piven and his own ‘redistribution of wealth’ Father from Kenya. His belief system is vividly clear by now. It is evident he represents a bold challenge and assault to America. This is not another Democratic shift to the left but a dangerous, world view clash with America.

With the Health care bill Obama has been testing us to see how we would respond to extreme chaos, out of control costs, taxes, threats and fines. Would we take it or would we fight it and how would we fight it? Over 20 plus law suits from States later, the fight is on.

Obama is testing then hopefully training us, (while always punishing us), to slowly boil in water like the frog, and eventually take it. He sees us screaming and yelling but has planned all along to go to such an extreme with the intention of appearing like the problem solving savior and backing up a bit eventually. Obama and the progressive goal all along has been to dramatically push our Health care system into the toilet and back up 20-30% after all the law suits and insurance coverage failures.

Dr. Elaina George said on my radio show that all along Obama has intended for the Health care bill and system to fail by introducing such chaos and expense to Health care. This would finally get the American people to submit and come begging to the Government for its version of Health care.

Frank Salvato, editor of also stated on my show just this week that Obama has always intended with a variety of issues to go too far to test and train the American people to take it, while expecting to back peddle a small percentage, making the American people feel like they have won. Really he will have won since moving us 50-75% in the direction of total control was his goal all along, not 100%

What about the TSA and groping nightmare?

Our 4th amendment rights against Government search and seizure are totally being violated with the ‘theatre of the absurd’ TSA security procedures in Airports across the country. It is a known fact by now that the nudie security machines are radiation risks to all who walk through, especially pregnant women. Oh well, since abortion is so protected and loved by this administration, a few mutated babies here and there shouldn’t matter. The Mom’s can always abort them. In addition, we also know they don’t discard all the nude images of our bodies as they say. Some TSA workers have been caught making fun of body parts already. The workers are groping between your underpants, genitals and even requesting to have Prosthetic breasts taken out. Naturally, some of the photos, especially of big breasts, small penises, and recognized travelers will eventually end up on U Tube or somewhere else on the Internet.


Law suits are flying, airports are starting already to opt out, per the advice of Rep. John Mica of Florida who has contacted over 150 airports telling them of the 2001 law he helped write which allows them to do their own private security and opt out of TSA.

Obama has had a sea of advisers say that there is no other way to create enough security at Airports other than nudie scanner machines and extreme pat downs. That position is incompetent, a bold faced lie and increases the danger to the American people as they fly. The real security that would not violate our 4th amendment rights and actually protect us from radical Muslims would be El Al like profiling and questioning, along with metal dictators and further security, only as needed with suspicious individuals.

Since Obama is a total kiss up to Islam that won’t happen and Muslims will continue to have special treatment while we are violated, waiting in longer lines and risking Islamic terrorists actually getting on planes. I hardly believed my ears the last few days when I heard CAIR and Nepolitano exploring the idea now of Islamic women wearing the traditional Hijab garb, actually searching themselves and reporting to the TSA official if there was anything foreign or dangerous lurking within their robe.

For Nepolitano or CAIR to even be talking about a Muslim searching themselves is a bold and vivid invitation for female Muslim terrorists to suddenly where the hijab and magically avoid finding bombs strapped up there privates.

You can’t make this stuff up in a B horror movie.

It has never been one issue at a time with Obama. It is a shot gun type assault on America with the intention every time, regarding travel, Health care, Environmental manipulation/cap and trade, financial stimulus bills, taxation, kiss up to Islam, Airport security extremes and other national security failures. Obama has only 4 goals…..TEST, CONDITION, PUNISH AND TRANSFORM AMERICA AWAY FROM ANYTHING WE HAVE EVER KNOWN.

What must America do until Obama and the rest of the dangerous progressives are thrown out?

Be angry and be grumpy but do something

We are at a stage with Health care and now this TSA nightmare where we can’t back down. Call your local and regional airport and tell them to opt out and follow Rep. Mica’s proper suggestion, or else you and everyone you know won’t be traveling with them. You will choose other transportation until this is straightened out. We all must stand and not back up for Obama’s training and conditioning plan. He and Nepolitano are already talking about the Nudie scanners being used for metro travel and trains. Doug Hagmann called it on my radio show weeks ago and said this horror of security will soon be everywhere, including schools and malls. Take your stand and don’t back down at all on this one!

Elections will be coming up again in the next few years

Organize behind conservatives state and federal who will go against Obama in 2012. We need the voter turn out of the century because as you know the left will lie, cheat and steal whatever elections they can. The conservatives need everyone to vote!

Protest on all attack fronts by being in regular touch with your Mayor, Governor, Representative and Senator. Keep them on track.

The new congress will start to clean this all up but they can’t do it without a lively, angry and focused American people the next few years. Obama will continue to play with executive orders, his czars from hell and treaties.

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Expect in the days and months ahead, Obama will submit to some reinstated tax cuts, some compromise with health care and some compromise with TSA. Remember, where he plans and wants to compromise to will be his intended plan all along.

Hope for America

Obama did not count on the Tea Party movement turning into a well funded, angry bunch of Americans 100 million plus strong. We all gave him a gift at the Mid terms. His Communist training plans have been a little thwarted. Let us turn his thwarted and stalled plans into flattened pavement. We will.



We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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How will the people respond to chaos, false accusations and insults while we watch the shredding of our constitution freedom?