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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 10, 2010

Step by step, no leap by leap, we are being observed, watched, analyzed, sold out and tracked. We have Government, utilities, corporations and leaders pushing what they call the ‘Smart Grid’ so that computers and technology can track practically everything in our home….how much we do laundry, use our air conditioner, turn up the heat and play our stereo. The whole idea and push behind ‘Smart Grid’ is to not only reveal more information as to how much energy and electricity consumers are using, but having more power to use, manipulate and control its use.

The ‘green’ environmental, socialist spirit behind this push and control is all about what they call ‘sustainability’ where they slowly ‘pound down the nail that stands up.’ They plan to court us into….no manipulate us into….no intimidate and threaten us into….using less energy, gas and electricity. They would also like us to use less water, eat less food and grow what they say. They want to control land and its use.

Pushing the ‘Smart Grid’ is just one of a sea of controls the Socialist/Green authorities and wanna be messiahs have in mind. In the last few years, some have pushed for satellite controls tracking our cars so they could see where we drive, how far we drive and naturally, how much evil gas and carbon emissions we create.

Some have pushed for outside controls to actually stop our cars when we have exceeded our ‘allotted’ carbon emissions and gas allowance. Naturally we aren’t qualified to make those decisions but big Government and the environmental wackoids are.


The controlling, Orwellian research is going on all around us. IBM is proposing a system and method for controlling vehicle engines running at busy intersections. This would involve, at the onset anyway, communications with ‘participating’ vehicles, responding to traffic signals, where the car would be turned off at intersections, then at a certain time turned on.

I don’t know about you but those who want to control the use of our cars, starting and stopping them, when certain carbon credits are used up are rather horrifying. Are the days of taking a drive in the country coming to an end because we are considered wasteful or a carbon emissions terrorist?

Back to other privacy issues;

Now the Sheriffs in North Carolina want to get the bad guys (that is good) especially those who abuse drugs so why not go to state computer records and identify everyone who gets prescriptions for big pain killers in the state??? Surely they would find more criminals that way wouldn’t they?

Nearly 30% of the folks living in North Carolina have at least one prescription for a controlled substance. There were almost 2.5 million who got prescriptions during the first 6 months of this year. Let’s line them all up and stair at them shall we?

So, are the Sheriffs planning to do surveillance and interviews with all those with prescriptions now? Obama might also like this information but of course he will get all he needs anyway with the draconian and in your face Obama care plan coming to a theatre near you soon.

We already have too much information floating around everywhere about us. We used to have medical and privacy rights with a Doctor, now that info is shared and posted, of course we are told with all the right people. Now, your prescriptions could not only be known by Doctors but by Sheriffs who put you on a watch list.

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I want to know, other than the obvious privacy violations and controls with Smart grids and shared medical info, how much of this info Government officials and Environmental control groups plan to sell. Will all our buying, using, medical and utility info be sold to dangerous and draconian groups violating our privacy and safety even more?


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Pushing the ‘Smart Grid’ is just one of a sea of controls the Socialist/Green authorities and wanna be messiahs have in mind. In the last few years, some have pushed for satellite controls tracking our cars so they could see where we drive...