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By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 20, 2010

As much as the left fights amongst itself over how to go more left and progressive, the right also has its infighting and distractions. Many of you just stay away from the madness to keep temporary peace at home or the workplace…….“I never discuss Religion, money and politics.” However, above all elections in our country’s history, this election and the 4 year mark is the time for ‘red, white and blue’ Americans of all political persuasions to get behind the real, constitutional, high integrity conservatives who will actually serve their constituents and country, not their ego and power! Our country is in big trouble and it needs the largest branch of Government to wake up and fix it…….The American people.

We must court and pull in ALL the right leaders, county after county, state after state and at the federal level. It will take us in some cases running for all kinds of offices, researching the issues of real concern in our areas and getting behind the real, principled, fighters. We have seen nothing but political compromises everywhere and that has been almost the death knell of the conservative party as they struggle to be the ‘light beer’ and 50 yard line party again and again.

I have been a life long Republican and have been horrified to notice my parties lack of commitment to carry the universal vision of freedom, constitutional values, judeo/Christian beliefs representing the masses and fiscal common sense. Compromise and the spirit of ‘American Idol’ have infested many conservative leaders and minds. Their desire to be popular on all issues has clouded any hope to carry the real vision of the people.

As a growing, national radio host I have interviewed a ton of politicians over the years so I am all to aware of their desire to get things done but feeling the endless need to compromise due to all the disagreements in congress they face. Pressure is put on the politicians from everywhere, including their own egos and desire to put achievements on their resumes. We all know that, whether they admit it or not.


How should conservative leadership look this time?

Everyone running for office, small, medium and large positions should plan on compromise to get anything done. However, we must have a technique book of ‘limited compromises’ to offer, not core compromises that shred our ‘not for sale’ values and principles. I can think of a few major compromises that former President Bush made, reflecting his real world view, which is similar in part to Obama’s.

Bush was an internationalist and globalist, so was his Dad, Bush senior. They talked of ushering in the ‘new world order’ which horrified me. We then watched as Bush pushed the North American Union, and demonized the Minute Men, calling them vigilantes. This was soon after 9/11 when he asked the nation to be vigilant and keep their eyes open. When thousands of Moms, Pastors, retired Vets and tax paying citizens volunteered their time to help protect our borders, they were called names by Bush. That was a significant compromise by the former President that revealed his real world view, with was an international, sovereignty breaching one, moving toward a North American Union. We never saw Bush address or fix the border problem because the flow of millions of illegal aliens was part of his international plan…shameful!

Obama is even a bigger compromiser regarding border security. He wants amnesty for illegal aliens, (wants votes rather) and my bet is that the ‘ousted’ congress in the lame duck session will try and cram this through among other things we will have to undo.

What specifically can’t we compromise on?

Our state and national sovereignty.

We should vote people in who respect and will address our laws already on the books regarding our national border security and the out of control illegal alien nightmare that is bankrupting whole states, let alone taking up 1/3rd of our prison population. No compromise this time. It’s boring already!!!

No, on any international, UN controlled scheme to make us into a North American anything! We are the United States of America and we should be proud of that.

Tax and regulation relief. We must have both to get our economy healed up.

Ronald Reagan was the master of inspiration and relief! He fixed the sick and tilting economy he inherited with 21% interest rates created by Jimmy Carter. The US was severally suffering after the hideous leadership of a radical democrat, spend, spend and spend.

Reagan was a master at using charm, humor and wit to win political friends and get a ton done, BUT, he never compromised when it came to defending life in the womb, defending business and capitalism, sovereignty, keeping Government contained, defending the safety of our country by building our military, and all the elements of freedom. Without firing a shot, Reagan managed to get the big monster of our time then, Communist Russia to disband and the Berlin wall came down.

Conservatives are not the party of no. We are the party of yes

I predict this time conservatives will be in power again, perhaps with both the House and the Senate. If we play our cards right this time also the White House at year four.

We must say an uncompromising yes to state and national sovereignty, unfunding and gutting the forced and unconstitutional health care bill, stopping cap and trade, amnesty and other regulatory controls. We must put back the Bush tax cuts and explore real ways to reform if not disband the IRS.

We need a national leader will not compromise and kiss up to Islamic fundamentalism and organizations pushing for 100 million dollar mosques at ground zero! We are a Judeo/Christian country and we have no room for Sharia law and Islamic agendas.

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As this election cycle unfolds, we all know our need to protect business, cut taxes and create desperately needed jobs. We all know our national skeleton is Judeo-Christian and we all know we will not tolerate being forced to buy health insurance and other products.

Let us not space this time. Vote in the people that will secure all our futures and our kids futures. Our country counts on every one of us!


We all must do our small part in getting back our country and freedoms. Therefore I have started just this week ‘The Roth Revolution’ to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free, members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues, to the many that are joining in. I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.

� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Obama is even a bigger compromiser regarding border security. He wants amnesty for illegal aliens, (wants votes rather) and my bet is that the ‘ousted’ congress in the lame duck session will try and cram this through among other things we will have to undo.