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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
August 11, 2006

I had a caller last night who said that all of our problems in the US were of our own making. No outside group brought down the trade towers but��you know the rest. Either the Jews or President Bush brought down the towers�..and why? The Jews�.. because that is simply the way Zionists are, evil and meddling�and Bush because he needed a reason to go to war and expand our empire. Oh�.its starting to make sense to me now! Of course we would choose Afghanistan and Iraq to expand our power. After all, you can�t get prettier camels and sand then in Afghanistan.

Those are commodities we just can�t live without and Iraq��We all know the manipulative reason we are there� steal oil. Yes, it�s plainly written in our history. Just look at our behavior in the gulf war! We rescued Kuwait, and then started an emergency IV connected to all their oil�.Suckers! Of course we welcomed this rescued country into our vampire haven of concubines. How stupid were we?! Didn�t we all know we were evil and needed to steal all their oil? What were we thinking? Well, at least we know the constant complaining about us persecuting the Muslim people has to be true. That is why went into Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait��and now�..look at us torturing and oppressing two other Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe they want the acid baths back and their children thrown back in prison. Lets take back all our billions!

If you actually believe we were and are in the Middle East to rob countries of oil, then I�m curious as to what other history of our country are you planning to rewrite. According to a WorldNet Daily article, even a large Christian publisher has agreed to print the book by David Ray Griffin, where he attempts to expose the alleged plot by the Bush administration. �If we became convinced that the so-called war on terror is simply a pretext for enlarging the American empire, we have every reason as Christians to try and expose the truth behind 9/11.�

Lets follow the trail a bit and see if our track record reflects this kind of deceit and if indeed we have �invented� the enemy. We all know that the dozens of attacks against us by Fundamentalist Islamics since 1979 were staged. Even though the world witnessed the American Embassy in Tehran being seized, that was just photographic manipulation. Then there was that other fraud. The US Embassy attack where 63 were murdered. We all know they were all paid off and the media grabbed local corpses to show us. Then of course there were the 241 servicemen killed in Beirut. All you brilliant types know that they were all part of a suicide cult that planned to kill themselves.

Bringing just a few of these attacks more current�..I�m assuming it was a bunch of diseased grannies, secretly in love with Bush who entered the planes on 9/11 with the intent to crash them all. After all, steak wasn�t on sale that week and they were forced into drastic action.

Of all groups of people who should understand that evil is real, Christians should!! It is horrifying and quite astounding how some of you so quickly ignore the aggressive path of evil that each generation has had to face in our country. Instead, you jump on the drugged party wagon of conspiracies and invented wars. The ugly truth of the matter is we really have been under attack since at least 1979 by Islamic Extremists not the Republican Granny next door or Bush. I ask you �frothing at the mouth� Bush haters, what about all the attacks during the Carter, Reagan and Clinton years? Were they all secret American haters planning the big �James Bond� take over?

Only today we hear of the LARGE nightmare the British are uncovering with near plane attacks. They have raised the threat level to �critical� and red after recently arresting 21 people so far intent on blowing up planes. The aggressive and real evil continues to march against the west and Israel. Face it!

Let me pause here and give you a bone. I DO get the globalist agenda and the North American Union push. It is wrong for America and reflects a large �new world order agenda.� That is a push that many of our President�s, Carter, Clinton, Bush Senior etc� have been into. This whole worldview clash with our traditions and sovereignty is indeed banging against the global, share and share a like crowd. This battle will be fought for some time. However, that doesn�t mean for a second that our enemy isn�t real and that the attacks over decades now were all faked, especially, the big one on 9/11. With so many of our Presidents basically sleeping during the attacks since 79, we in affect strengthened the enemies resolve to go for yet a bigger target. It hit us on 9/11. They knew from past history we would talk a lot, see our lawyers, and then do basically little or nothing. However, this time they were wrong. Yet, it hasn�t taken long for the conspiratorial crowd, those who think the only evil is us, to invent the endless plots we are doomed by now.

Is it part of my imagination the endless and recent statements of nuclear threat by the President of Iran? We need not be afraid; he only thinks he is the hidden Imam and that he will be significant in ending Israel and us as a bonus. Just because he has been a terrorist in the past doesn�t mean he hasn�t reformed. After all, they are just pesky Jews. Israel must go and he will gladly help that process. Just because they have always been our loyal friend and are the only real democracy in the middle east, why should that matter?

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No, our country isn�t perfect and yes there will always be things afoot that we must confront and scream about BUT��THIS IS A REAL WAR, REAL EVIL AND WE HAD BETTER FIND A WAY TO PULL TOGETHER RATHER THAN TAKE OUR HATE AND IGNORANCE AND FOCUS IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AT THE JEWS AND BUSH!!!

� 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations.

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Let me pause here and give you a bone. I DO get the globalist agenda and the North American Union push. It is wrong for America and reflects a large �new world order agenda.� That is a push that many of our President�s, Carter, Clinton, Bush Senior etc� have been into.