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By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 4, 2010

We all are aware that in a moment of weakness or anger, Congressman Sestak who ended Specter’s 30 year run, admitted being offered a job by the Obama administration if he wouldn’t run for office. Apparently the Obama administration didn’t want Senator Arlen Specter to go away. The response to the media is classic and a bit magical from Obama.

Allegedly, Bill Clinton was asked to be the go between and offer him the job. Of course they say this was an unpaid position. Some say it was some Intelligence job. Regardless, it was classic, Chicago corrupt politics. Do your nasty manipulation and work while hiding behind Billy boy.

Then, we hear about Andrew Romanoff, suggesting the same type of thing occurring. He was also supposedly offered a job not to run but now is backing off as did Sestak in tone. One does wonder what was said to them from on high to reverse their course to the Obama and Democrat loyalty mode.

Chicago style politics continues

Rod Blagojevich is back in the news. Isn’t that special? This is the dude you may recall, once again, from Obama’s world in Chicago who is facing 24 counts of fraud, conspiracy, bribery and racketeering. He was arrested back in 2008 and has tried to become a practical ‘movie star’ through this, playing the humor and victim card. He has written a book, been on every radio show known to human kind (except mine). He wouldn’t want to be on mine. That would hurt his ego. He has acted as a local disc jockey and even been on NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ TV show.

There were all kinds of buy offs, trade offs and sell offs with Blagojevich with different people of influence. You may remember him trying to sell the Senate seat of Obama. This is the sticky part that might entangle Obama and Rham Emanuel. The question to be reviewed in court is who talked to who about potentially selling Obama’s Senate seat. Did he or one of his staff try to control and manipulate that? Hopefully we will find out the truth in court soon.

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What seems to be most clear with this President and staff is that laws and guidelines are merely bowling pens to be knocked down with strike after strike. Shine a light over here, distract the media so you can make a power strike over there. When people happen to notice corruption, lies and pay offs, the story suddenly changes or the Sestaks of the world suddenly talk nice or go away.

Remember, this country is run right now with classic Chicago style politics, meaning, seduction, intimidation and threats if need be. Expect more of the same to constantly leak out and slam the beaches with slime as long as Obama is in the White House.


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Allegedly, Bill Clinton was asked to be the go between and offer him the job. Of course they say this was an unpaid position.