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By Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D.
August 4, 2006

Thank God our congress has done something right regarding the memorial cross in San Diego that has been under legal fire for some time. Now they just need our President's signature to transfer the land this cross is on to federal and save it from destruction! At least one cross won't come down!!! Although, just think of the mental pressure and stress that will put on all the drivers going by it. Why can't we think of their pain and suffering as they drive down the road to get their drug fix!! It is so inconvenient to have a cross collide with your peripheral vision!!!

Our morals continue to slither sideways and be challenged as Ms. Magazine now wants women to sign a petition stating they have had an abortion. After all, that isn't something to hide in shame, it is something to be proud of and promoted. After all, any sane and liberated woman who believes in making choices for her own body knows it ain't a baby in the womb, but a head of lettuce and green slime until month 9 when magically IT turns into a human baby as it comes through the womb. Of course if the Mom wants a partial birth abortion as it is coming through the cannel, then it is still a head of lettuce, granted a screaming and moving head of lettuce!

What other fronts must we face and fight in a time of war? Oh yeah, then there is the ongoing saga of Michael Newdow who is appealing the "In God we Trust" decision which didn't go his way! He must be horrified that our President came out this week with a proclamation reminding America of the 50th anniversary of "In God we Trust", coined by that trouble maker Francis Scott Key!

Sadly the battle we must fight is on several fronts�..saving babies lives, even defining what babies are! Feminists throw out "choice and anti choice" as the two positions we are all in. Wrong! I have always been pro choice!!! I am just pro moral choice. We either choose to wipe out a human life�.murder�.or save and protect it!!! Both are always "choices".

While we are having so much fun insulting God, country and our troops we shouldn't stop there. It wasn't too long ago that Judge Roy Moore got the boot because he wouldn't chuck the 10 commandments. Yet another symbol, reflecting our legal traditions and foundation under fire.

Not long ago I found myself desperately trying to reach out to the far left, anti God crowd by rewriting the Bill of Rights in an earlier article. This week however, I thought I would continue my attempt at empathy by rewriting the 10 commandments and making them more reflective of the far left's value system. At least I am trying!

10 commandments for the far left

1. You shall have all Gods including yourself before me offering up a deep dish pizza
2. You shall not make any idol before me unless of course it is Pee Wee Herman and Hillary dancing with a chicken
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord. Always make sure it is a winning table at Vegas before you call on His name
4. Remember the Sabbath. Remember all the excuses you need to keep your church friends confused. Then pull the blinds and watch your football.
5. Honor your Father and Mother. If they pray at the table and won't give you condoms turn them over to Children's service division
6. Thou shalt kill if it's a preacher on his way to church.
7. You shall not commit adultery more than once a month.
8. Thou shalt steal everything from the Government it can and sue neighbors and employers for ones other needs
9. Thou shalt not lie in bed with someone who won't lie about your affair
10.Thou shalt bare false witness against all red necks, gun owners and Christians and finally� shall not covet your neighbor's house. Just nock them over the head and steal it.

One can only wonder what the accepted symbols of the far left would be. If they had nothing to sue about what would they do? If abortions were popular and always legal where would the left get their much needed revenue? In a few generations they would all be dead! Then of course there is the problem of finding enough construction crews to put up all their new national symbols. 300 foot tall condoms and sex symbols at all our national land marks. Mt. Rushmore would have to be blown up and REAL patriots put up there, Hillary, Murtha, Kennedy and Feinstein.

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As we continue down this American trail we must do a few things to stay alive and keep our quality of life!!! Remember who we are in God, our REAL history and the sacrifice from SO many to get us here! Continue to define and protect innocent life, young and old! Operate in this world from a position of sovereign strength by controlling our borders, not watering down our US identity by morphing us into Canada and Mexico! Have the courage and honesty to identify the enemy we face, Fundamentalist/extremist Islam�.not terror! Finally, as we attempt to challenge and fix some of our problems within, stop apologizing for being American. Put the flags back up in our schools!

� 2006 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and held a small private practice for many years. She earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is the proverbial "pastor's daughter" when it comes to her sense of adventure and her independent thinking. Laurie is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, one track, which landed her in Billboard's top 40 ranks and on the cover of Cash Box Magazine. She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul.

In the late 90's, Laurie hosted and produced a successful PBS television show called "CD Highway" that aired nationally on 130 TV stations. What made the show a success was Laurie's on-air persona as she interviewed stars such as Al Green, Blondie, Pat Bennitar, Chicago, 3 Dog Night, Lou Rawls, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Christopher Cross, Men at Work, Billy Rae Cyrus, Diamond Rio, Rita Coolidge, and dozens more.

Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist. She has hosted successful radio shows in Boston and L.A. before going national. Tune in to The Roth Show, Weeknights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm PAC and find out for yourself! You can listen live on cable radio network (live on the internet) channel 6 or visit The Roth Show web site and click on "where to listen" Call the Roth Show at: 1-800-837-9680










Our morals continue to slither sideways and be challenged as Ms. Magazine now wants women to sign a petition stating they have had an abortion. After all, that isn't something to hide in shame, it is something to be proud of and promoted.