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By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 2, 2010

Of course, SEC. 430, Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps. lists in detail the commissioned Regular Corps and Ready Reserve Corps that will be trained up, fired up, lined up and controlled by Obama himself. Naturally the purpose for this army is to stand by in case they are needed at short notice for a national health emergency or emergency response missions.

The health bill talks specifically about their routine training, appointment by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, and other details of service.

The bottom line after reading the details of this section, is that Obama now will have his private army he always wanted. As Saul Alinsky or Hitler would teach, hide behind an expectable issue. Shine a bright light over here so you can walk forward with your agenda over there.

It is about a Health emergency….isn’t that ok?

In the history of our country, have we ever had such a massive, national health emergency that we needed a militia/military reserve ready to pepper the country and control things? No!!!

Katrina…..there was the blue cross, FEMA, the National Guard, local police, charities, congress and other leadership responding to this disaster. Mayor Ray Nagin and FEMA got much criticism about their organization and response time, but that seems to be typical with any disaster, be it tornado, attack or hurricane. Organization and pace can always improve. New Orleans needed a ton of things, not, a military force trumping and smothering the naturally, already in force health and enforcement channels.

The last flu season……I followed the H1N1 Swine flu drama from beginning to end. I was amazed as to how a normal flu season, even milder at times than most other flu seasons, (according to CDCs own tracking data on their web site) was described as practically a nuclear bomb on America’s people and children. There was ridiculous talk of forced inoculations, yet real science pointing out (I talked with a few of the research scientists on my show) the danger and lack of real study with the vaccines. Many later and serious health problems were linked to some of the dirty ingredients in the vaccine. This was at the very least a horribly manipulated event.

With the messiah now with a ‘health’ militia, will the next flu season be an even larger crises causing FORCED vaccinations for the good of the community, family and country? Wouldn’t it be special, a Stepford wives, ACORN type Obamaton showing up at your door with a forced injection or else. What a wonderful opportunity to manipulate a flue season for a premiere, national emergency, thus declaring Marshal law……oh yeah, being directed by Obama’s civilian militia.


The purpose in the Health care bill is listed as ‘routine public health and emergency response missions.’

As usual, the description is vague and blurry enough that one wonders just what ‘routine public health’ issues are. Remember Obama’s passion for abortion. Some of his czars are abortion heroes. John Holdren (Science Czar) even wrote about it being appropriate having ‘forced abortions’ and aborting a child up to age 2. How do you do that since they have been alive for 2 years? Do you push them in front of a train or mercifully inject them with poison?

Could this President some day declare a national population growth emergency and certain/controlled criteria for having children, thus forcing abortions with some or worse? He already has a sea of radical, abortion and control loving Stepford wives as his czars! I pray and hope that something this absurd will never happen in America but with Obama’s actions and associations thus far… very closely.

Another national emergency, needing Obama’s ‘health’ militia could be his troops coming to get our guns if we didn’t turn them in one day. Of course, this again would be required of the people due to a contrived crises such as extreme growth of crime, terrorism or hiding behind a treaty of ‘gun control’ with the UN, thus having to enforce it.

Some of you think I’m a loon and a tin helmet hussy…..but consider this. Hitler did the very same thing. First he got elected in through seduction, lies and false promises. The Nazis had blown up the German Government headquarters already to blame the communists so they could have the desperate people give up their guns when they demanded them.

Hitler created a huge fan base and distracted public. Once Hitler’s Enabling act was voted in, he quickly got total control over health care and the records. Mentally ill and physically challenged kids and adults disappeared to ‘job and skill training camps’ where they were murdered. Hitler trashed and took out all religious symbols from the schools and work places, instituting Hitler’s photos everywhere and a required national greeting ‘Heil Hitler’ (Hail my leader). It was the instituted control of a nation and worship of Hitler. Obama also wants our worship and now he has a civilian military………….for crises of course.

We must hold our Government accountable and not allow ourselves to be taken over. We can’t support violence in anyway but we must not be seduced when dictator type behavior is everywhere. Focus behind the conservative, freedom loving candidate in your city and state! Do more than talk over coffee. You need to organize, call, fax, march if need be and campaign. We know that there will be voter fraud and manipulation like never before in November. All conservatives and concerned citizens MUST vote this time. Don’t fall into the self talk of ‘my vote won’t count anyway.’ If you don’t vote with your attitude and all, the dead person and illegal alien down the street will. Others will vote 20 times. If we ALL vote we will win and correct this nightmare.

The way for us to secure our country is not to forget what has happened to the American people already with this unconstitutional Health care bill, the destructive, Cap and Trade bill being backed by fraudulent science, and the push for amnesty for illegal aliens and their coveted votes. It is not imagined. It is not extreme right wing talk. It is real. We have voted in a tyrannical, socialist control freak who will continue to take control if we let him.

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We must not play into Obama’s hands. No violence…..obey the law and no threatening except to impeach, repeal, sue, march and vote him and this liberal congress out of office as soon as possible. We then start the business of neutering, correcting and fixing our abused country, freedom and law!

� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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In the history of our country, have we ever had such a massive, national health emergency that we needed a militia/military reserve ready to pepper the country and control things?