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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 12, 2010

Here we go again. Forget American Idol and the fancy new TV shows. The actions of congress and Pelosi are beyond just horrifying and unconstitutional they are simply entertaining in their absurdity!

Let’s see….where do we begin today….

Rep. Stephen Lynch has warned that a move to pass health care reform without a real vote by congress would be ‘disingenuous’ and harm the credibility of Congress. I have news for Rep. Lynch. Forget the danger of losing credibility. Congress is already looking up to the swirling toilet water. The American people are in the process of flushing the brown stuff right down the toilet to the globally warmed sewage treatment plant! This latest stunt pretty well sealed the progressive liberal’s fate in my view.

Start pealing off the toilet paper you ‘yes’ vote people in congress on any side of the line who want to hide behind a ‘deem’ parliamentary trick. To dare to even think of ‘deeming’ something this important, affecting 1/6th of our economy, introducing forced health insurance, socialism and massive controls on the American people WITHOUT A REAL VOTE, is treasonous in my view. This is too important. This is too expensive. The scheme to ‘DEEM’ it into place is vividly unconstitutional. It is a total legal violation and will cause unprecedented revolt and law suits.

Gee, lets just ‘deem’ that we went to work today instead of going. Lets just ‘deem’ that we sent in our tax return instead of paying to the IRS. Lets just ‘deem’ that we are faithful to our spouse instead of actually being so. Did I talk with you about toilet water and brown things yet???

The suit patrol is lining up the wagons already. Mark Levin, President of Landmark Legal Foundation has promised to file suit if congress passes a Health-Care bill without actually voting on it. Yeah Mark. Work it!….you fellow radio patriot!

The states are also lining up for the coming, legal blood bath if Pelosi and congress want to play this way. Idaho is the first to sign a law. Their Governor signed a measure to require the state attorney general to sue the federal government if Idaho is forced to buy health insurance. So far 37 other states are planning the same response.

As I said before, the brown stuff is swirling and I’ll be darned but it looks like the careers of the ‘Yes vote representatives’ stuck to chunks of the brown stuff.

Many of our courts might be asleep. Our congress might be asleep, BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT ASLEEP AT ALL.

Tea party groups, are rallying behind classic and real conservatives all across the country. Check out TeaPartyExpress and, to watch live streaming of the tour. Faxes are flying out to congress. Get involved.

For an entire list of national and your local media contacts click here. Now you can’t say that you don’t have the time or know how to find your national and local media people.

As many of you know, the telephone lines to DC and congress are swamped. It is nothing but a sea of busy signals. That is fabulous pressure and we need to continue but, more directed and fruitful pressure is also needed. Frank Salvato, editor of said just yesterday on my radio show that we must swamp calls to our local media in our cities as well. We must have thousands of calls going to them saying the following: ‘We are 100% against this congress ‘deeming’ a national health care bill into existence without a vote. It is totally unconstitutional and we are most angry at the thought of it. Whoever votes for this bill or for a ‘deem’ tactic will be voted out of office in the midterms.’

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We must keep the pressure up on this runaway congress by continuing on with our attempted calls, emails and faxes, BUT, also slam our media in our various cities and states with so many calls that they will have to cover it.

Media people wake up before you too are swirling down the toilet with brown stuff and politicians!

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As many of you know, the telephone lines to DC and congress are swamped. It is nothing but a sea of busy signals. That is fabulous pressure and we need to continue but, more directed and fruitful pressure is also needed.