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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 12, 2010

Obama and his administration want to know and control everything, namely us. If given the chance, Obama and his crew will morph into place a national ID Card for Workers under the guise of repairing and responding to the Immigration problem. Now, the push is on to quickly create a biometric card, which would have embedded information, personal information and fingerprints. Who cares about that old fossil….privacy rights. This special and intrusive card would be forced on and used by ALL workers in America. The recent Wall Street Journal article exposed this very thing. It isn’t just Democrats who have lost their minds on this. Senator’s Chuck Schumer (D) and Lindsey Graham (R) are boldly leading this effort and want a bill signed soon. In fact they are planning to meet with Obama next week to update him on their work. Isn’t this progressive and most special?

Obama, Schumer and Graham say and believe that forcing this card on all workers would stop new illegal aliens from coming here to work because they couldn’t get work without a card. The magical thing is that this president and congress are boldly pushing amnesty for the 20-40 million illegal aliens already living here so they need not worry about this new working card.

Illegal aliens will suddenly find themselves Americans and part of the system…..especially, the democratic voting system. “Now….you owe us…pay up.” Most will pay up you realize. They will pay by allowing themselves to be totally manipulated and patronized for their votes. Oh, did you think Obama and his progressive worshipers were wanting to offer amnesty because they were so empathic and nice???

The bottom line is a forced national ID card attached to every American worker will have nothing at all to do with helping the illegal immigration and border disaster. You realize this would only invite millions more illegal aliens across our borders. There would be a huge and growing business of stealing worker cards and other Identity documents.

This is part of the grander scheme to control all Americans….what we eat, how long we live, where we go, what we do for work, health care, guns, use of gas and energy and freedom in general.

Just this week I talked with legal analyst and founder of, Steve Eichler about this very thing. He forwarded me an article from The Wall Street Journal that outlined the very real push for a national ID worker card for everyone. I was horrified as I started tracking through this and a few other breaking stories, some of which were broken on my show. I realized that we were closer to a cashless and controlled society than I had thought.


You connect a few dots with me and make up your own mind

Pat Wood of broke a huge story and wrote a few articles on the re emergence of Technocracy and the environmentalist’s push and plan for a ‘green economy’ using ‘carbon credits.’ No more cash, no more capitalism as we know it. You would be assigned so many carbon credits a month to use for gas, food and other needs. When the Government said they were done for the week or month, you were done. No more food, gas or anything else, like heat in your home either. Total control….and green control at that.

Pat also talked about the push now for ‘Smart Grid’ technology. This is a computerized network of things, where chips are put into your house, from washing machines to ovens and phones…..guess what, the smart grid knows exactly how much energy you use, for what and when you use it. The big Mamma behind the curtain of ‘smart grid’ can decide when you fly home to Kansas or crash in a field cold and dead. Already, Pat said that appliance companies who make electronic things in your house are cooperating and putting readable chips in them so the smart grid can do their thing.

Then there is the control with the Health Care bill

In the Senate and House version still being manipulated into place, they have described the IRS controlling this bill. It would have access to your bank accounts, especially if health payments or bills were late. Did you ever wonder why this Health care horror show would be governed by the dreaded IRS? Wonder no more. They have the biggest and most complicated computer system of tracking there is. Imagine a person fighting cancer, having lost a job and now behind on payments to a coerced Government health plan……now the IRS is breathing down your back and seizing your bank accounts.

We fight scream and yell about the paid for abortions, forced health insurance or else sections, and rationed health care for seniors. These areas and more are total nightmares….BUT….the biggest nightmare is a controlled system that connects and directs traffic of Government control, hiding behind health.

Let us review

The push for Technocracy…..cashless society, carbon credits and total control of people, energy and money

National worker ID…..push for cashless society, forcing ID’s on everyone…later the mark of the beast as the Holy Bible describes will come.

Cap and Trade and the Greens…..once again total push for control of energy, environment, what you eat, grow, do for recreation and spend. Just another excuse to regulate, tax and litigate everyone and their dog…….no….the dog will be promoted and sue you.

Health care that is not health care……this is simply a PR safe headline that will ration real health care and choices away from us all. It will kill our seniors and murder more babies, but we will all pay for it now. It will control and use our health records, mental health records, habits and choices however the ‘healthcare controllers’ see fit on high.

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The Technocracy movement, the Greens and environmental movement, the Government health care movement and now the national worker ID movement belong in the lava hot furnace. Triple the heat and burn until dead.

Our right to privacy, achievement and freedom is something we are now forced to fight like ‘Brave hearts’ for. I say, bring it on! We shall win.

� 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth - All Rights Reserved

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Obama, Schumer and Graham say and believe that forcing this card on all workers would stop new illegal aliens from coming here to work because they couldn’t get work without a card. The magical thing is that this president and congress are boldly pushing amnesty for the 20-40 million illegal aliens...