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By Dr. Laurie Roth
March 5, 2010

The environmentalists (with their various pet names) pretend to have the last supply of empathy, caring and best intentions. The ever evolving Green and environmental ‘shape shifter’ rushes in to save the planet from ruin. We can’t forget the endless and desperate speeches by Al Gore about the horror of Global warming and its destruction of the planet. We even saw how he was honored with the Nobel peace prize…..right along with other notable brilliant ones, Yasser Arafat, the thief and anti Semitic terror in Chief of Palestine and Barack Obama, the messiah of hope and change.

Global warming fraud

We have all seen this last year the unraveling of data and real science regarding global warming. The real scientific community and now media world has hailed it a complete failure and fraud. I would even ad ‘criminal’ since the self appointed and honored messiahs of global warming and environmentalism were most happy to ignore the truth, real science and reality, taxing us and the world (stealing) to solve this mythological problem. They were all most happy to control our money, what we eat, buy, grow, develop and herd just to solve the mythological crises. Gee, it kind of makes you wonder if just controlling our lives, money and choices was what they wanted all along.

Close relative, The Greens

The Green movement, a close relative of control and horror boldly asserts to save the planet they must have ‘sustainability’ (get used to less water, less food, less everything, defined as the Greens define it…) They hide behind the usual, invented enemies such as urbanization, industrialization and our development because, evil achievers that we are ruin our air, contaminate our water and food. We just hate people and have no regard for anyone.

I have interviewed a courageous expert in this area on my national radio show many times, Holly Swanson who wrote the leading book on this fraudulent and dangerous push, ‘Set up and Sold Out.’ In her in depth tracking of the Greens real agenda, she points out classic communism peppered through our schools, culture and politics. The Greens even try to rewrite our Religions and faith to reflect the real worship priorities…..that is, worshiping nature, not the living God.

The Green movement and view of a green revolution is total control over people, what we eat, drink, where we go, what we grow, what we spend and what we speak and believe. People are in the way…..we are numbers and widgets to be discarded or worse if we don’t…..’submit’ and obey.

So far as we probe and dig through the global warming, environmental and Greens sewage we see nothing but a Saul Alinsky type vehicle on an international scale, to control every thing in people’s lives, all in the name of saving animals, the dying environment and poor people in developing countries. In truth, this well funded and controlled push is nothing but faced lifted communism and the same old Nazi party…wanting genocide.

It isn’t just Al Gore, Obama and other environmental gurus….It was used by Adolph Hitler with the Nazi party.


Hitler used to talk and write about the Jews and their alleged cruelty to animals. He also built a case that the Jews felt they were above the law and nature and were addicted to capitalism and trying to pacify and control nature. In Nazi thinking, the Jew was simply a threatening species totally messing up nature, their surroundings and animals. They were the enemy of Social Darwinian evolutionary laws, thus the developing, national emergency to stop the unnatural and dreaded Jews. Hitler was a poster child for ‘Rules for Radicals’ 101. We all know the rest of the story, except Amedinajad. You know, that silly guy who says the Holocaust never happened and that Obama thinks as the right to go nuclear.

The Nazi party was ‘green.’ They were green and preaching all its tentacles of control and blame before they murdered massive millions of men, women and children. Nazi leaders and many masses in Germany pretended they were doing the will of God even.

Could such abuse, controls and even murder happen again under the guise of environmental control?

Let’s look at how tyrants take control. They develop a big crises to solve so they can reach into our lives and control from. Along with the crises, they develop and point out enemies to demonize and destroy. These classic vehicles of control include the environment, (trees, parks, animals, food and water). Castro in Cuba, Hitler in Germany and many more tyrants act like them want to only save the dying food and water supply while saving animals. Always, certain groups, people, events and property ownership are in the way.

If you recall, Castro ran on ‘change’ helping the desperate poor and fixing his battered country. Once in, he fixed it all right. He sent out his henchmen and collected all the guns from people, then started stealing property and businesses from the people. People so enjoy the change they rush to barely put together boats and drown in the ocean on the way to America.

If we are to survive the push of environmentalism and its evil this time, we must not allow any theft of ‘cap and trade’ and other environmental, property controlling and seizing bills to take control.

It is not too late to stop the genocide of the masses in our country by stopping the environmentalist and greens, dead in their tracks. Already, we have seen with the Obama administration, Nepolitano and his czars, that people are considered all but numbers. Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar wants hunting outlawed and animals to be able to sue people. The enemy of our country is being renamed, from Islamic radicals and terrorists, to us domestic terrorists…..returning vets, pro lifers, pro sovereignty folks, gun owners and Christians. We are the new and growing danger to America as was revealed in the last, leaked Homeland security report.

Now, with Obama pushing a Cyber Security bill (to control the Internet if there is a mystery crises declared), Council on Governors bill (now he will talk directly with leaders of the states, thus controlling even deeper…..assuming there is a crises of course) Interpol has the right to zoom around our country and be above our laws…..why?

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I pray that the world will never again allow something as unbelievably evil as the Holocaust to ever happen again. In order to stop that danger, we must stop the organized and endless effort to turn people into ‘sustainable’ numbers that can be discarded at will and the worship of animals and nature.

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I pray that the world will never again allow something as unbelievably evil as the Holocaust to ever happen again. In order to stop that danger, we must stop the organized and endless effort to turn people into ‘sustainable’ numbers that can be discarded at will and the worship of animals and nature.