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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 29, 2010

Was there any group not insulted and scolded by Obama at his State of the Union speech? He tore into the Supreme court, shredding their controversial and recent ruling allowing corporations to advertise up through an election. Obama went off saying this would lead to international controls and purchases of elections, which simply wasn’t true as was reflected in Judge Alito’s negative shaking of his head. On the record though, it was a dumb decision by the Supreme court. I am more concerned about big corporations worth billions aligning with liberals and doing tons of advertising to help their agenda.

As usual, Obama blamed George Bush again and his policies for much of the economic and banking hardships we are enduring today. That is most fascinating since “Mr. Freeze the budget for 3 years Obama” has signed every stimulus and absurdly huge spending bill sent to him. He has also waited in impatient frenzy for the nearly trillion dollar health bill to sign. The messiah’s pen and ink are ready also for the economy leveling cap and trade bill to roll in. It is rather magical I think, after a year of spending hundreds of billions on banks and cronies that have not helped the economy at all, that Bush has still caused all this. Wow! What power he has just by existing.

At least we know from Obama’s speech that he brought 2 million jobs into place. Of course, every economist and statistician I have talked to on air says the stats don’t exist and this statement in most part is a fabrication. The Congressional Budget office said there were only 600,000-1.6 million of potentially created jobs. It said it was impossible to determine how many of those jobs could have existed without the stimulus package.

Don’t you just love how Obama took credit for these jobs anyway, when it is statistically clear that no one really knows if those jobs would be around without the stimulus help. Go figure!


Another lie Obama smoothly threw out was about the White House and Congress doing their work openly as the people deserve. What a bunch of bull rot! Obama promised if you remember that the health care negotiations for health care legislation would be aired openly on C-SPAN, so the folks could see what was going on and how it affected them. WRONG. Instead, most has been done behind closed doors. Obama declared in his speech that he and his staff excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions. However, once again this was a proven lie. Though his first day in office he signed an executive order to bar lobbyists from his administration this reflected his usual game of words. There were waivers and recusals written into this allowing many lobbyists to serve to this day in administration positions. Where is congressman Joe Wilson when you need him to call Obama a liar some more? Oh yes, that is rude to tell the truth.

According to Fox news fact check, Obama threw out another whopper, taking credit for killing a ton of terrorists….far more than in 2008. Once again, another dig on former President Bush. Truth be told, neither Bush nor Obama have published enemy body counts. Drone attacks have increased the last 18 months but are part of a secret program.

Last I checked it seems that this President does more kiss up to terrorists than kicking their booty i.e. “don’t rush to judgment” comment right away on the Ft. Hood attack, while waiting 72 hours to even respond to the near fatal airline attack on Christmas. Then there was the kissing up to the Honduran Dictator who planned to overthrow his country and her laws and the acknowledgement that Ahmadinejad deserved to go nuclear, while giving 900 million to the serial killers, Hamas. I would say that is a real tough stance with bad guys and terrorists!!! John Wayne would be proud.

Obama said the word ‘I’ 96 times in his speech. He is almost making ‘ego’ history with self mentions in his speeches. An earlier speech had him mentioning himself 130 times. He apparently thinks it is most inspiring to say that “he doesn’t quit.”

He doesn’t quit alright and while he trudges boldly along he continues to push forward his neo Marxist, Chicago style political machine that attempts to overthrow our constitution and freedom. He won’t quit…….yes, we get it. Well, neither do the American people quit. We also get it.

The Tea Party groups are over 10 million strong now, founded and headed by Dale Robertson who is running for Governor in Texas as an Independent. Town halls, 9/12 groups and faxes on Washington continue to grow at light speed. Check out Elections the Democrats thought were in the bag were not i.e. Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts and I believe the mid terms are going to deliver another heard of Elephants right through the living room of liberals in this White House and congress!

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I’m also proud to announce that the national Tea Party group and its founder, Dale Robertson will be coming on my national radio show every Thursday 4-5pm PAC. It will be the Tea Party hour. We might grow more hours from there. We will cover constitutional issues, interview folks in office and those running for office the Tea Party supports and cover other priority issues our country must face. Find out more at, and and Join us each Thursday.

I’m inspired after Obama’s speech alright…..inspired to vote him out of office as soon as possible.

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Another lie Obama smoothly threw out was about the White House and Congress doing their work openly as the people deserve. What a bunch of bull rot!