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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 22, 2010

Scott Brown body slammed the left, made history and swiped the Democratic legacy that Senator Ted Kennedy and other Democrats had going on in Massachusetts for decades.

What caused the 30 point lead of Martha Coakley to vaporize and the truck driving, virtually unknown Senator to score such an upset? Endless analysts are saying that this was really a vote against the national health care machine and Obama’s policies. As people have read chunks of this health care bill and it’s relatives, formerly devout democrats and of course Republicans have coiled at Obama and this congress’s idea of change.

Let’s review some of this health care change; national health care paying for abortions and forcing Doctors and hospitals to give them when requested; forced end of life counseling for all seniors; rationed health care to the older more expensive crowd; forcing all people to have health insurance or else big fines/jail time; Government knowing and having all our health, mental health and other related records/violating the right to privacy and pushing controlled and contrived health care this Government cannot remotely afford. Yeah, I think we can all see how Massachusetts, a state of 60% Catholics and many liberals felt violated by this kind of murderous and forced, health care push.


An even bigger reason Scott Brown was elected

Many who were interviewed, Democrat, Republican and Independent responded in great part to St. Col Scott Brown’s desire to clean up national security and his toughness with terrorists. He was horrified at tax payers having to pay for big attorneys covering high level terrorists. He was horrified we closed down GITMO and are sending terrorists to civilian trials in New York as opposed to military trials. He is for a strong response to Islamic terrorism, utilizing what tools we have at hand including water boarding. He was not at all happy of the way Obama has dealt with the attacks on Christmas and Ft. Hood for starters, neither was most of Massachusetts.

The American people have spoken several times now in force. Virginia, New Jersey, Nearly New York (accept for voter fraud), now Massachusetts. Expect WAY MORE. People have given this President a year and he has done nothing but apologize for our nation, kiss up to Islamic radicals, avoid the constitution and try and cram down our throats neo Marxism if not communism. More democrats and republicans are now waking up and voting how they feel and we are just warming up, already at the lava stage.

Tea Party influence

After the election I interviewed Dale Robertson, the founder of the National Tea Party movement. We discussed the election and I found out just how potent the power of the people really is. You probably all know by now that Scott Brown was 30 points behind last month and I’m told that even the Republicans thought he would fail. They only gave him $500,000 to advertise and try and compete. However, Dale and the Tea Party crowd decided that Scott was the guy to get behind so they began calling, canvassing neighborhoods, sending tons of donations to get him the millions he needed to really compete and share his message with the people.

Other than the issues being major in this election, the involvement of the organized Tea party folks helped Scott Brown bring it home. Naturally, one of the real and main reasons he was elected was completely ignored by the news as usual. THE PEOPLE GOT HIM ELECTED WITH THE BIG HELP OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

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Sometimes the Republicans don’t like it. Sometimes the Democrats don’t like it, but the Tea Party group is over 10 million strong now and NOT a political party but more a national watch dog for the people and will stand behind any candidate that really does stand for the constitution, bill of rights, fiscal responsibility, national security and THE PEOPLE’S freedom. It is a God send and obviously becoming a powerful God send that we have a growing Tea Party that refuses to be bought by political groups but is committed to standing by REAL candidates where found. Bring it on Dale Robertson and the Tea Parties

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Sometimes the Republicans don’t like it. Sometimes the Democrats don’t like it, but the Tea Party group is over 10 million strong now and NOT a political party but more a national watch dog for the people...