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By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 8, 2010

An Obama defense aid recently stated to the press “That’s two strikes.” He was of course referring to the near miss regarding the flight to Detroit and the Ft. Hood attack by Hasan.

It is most fascinating to me that this President thinks he has only had two strikes against him. Dream on oh deluded one! As I have shared before, this President has not only shredded our national security but mocked our international reputation.

It is most evident his love and adoration for communist dictators by his on the record love and support of Hugo Chavez, support of the ousted Honduran tyrant and support of Ahmadinejad going nuclear. There are three strikes there alone before we move onward.

Then there is the submitting and bowing to the Saudi King, nearly a billion given to Hamas and fool hardiness of closing GITMO. I think we are at 6 strikes now.

I wish there were only two strikes against national security with this President. Now, the latest that just came out was that our authorities, TSA, CIA and other people in control new about the dangers of Abdulmatallab and their response wasn’t to keep him from getting on the plane but to talk to him as soon as he had landed. Did they think body parts and wreckage could talk? Apparently they did, because but for the grace of God that plane with all the bodies on board would have been fertilizer to many fields on the way to Detroit. At this rate I would feel safer with an Alzheimer’s ward running our national security.


I fear with all the hoopla and Obama’s concern about these “two” strikes playing against his political power and legacy that stupid decisions regarding airline security are being made which will (as usual) betray and violate the freedoms of the American people.

I have said it before…I will say it again, it is time to profile Muslims.

I didn’t say persecute. I didn’t say terrorize but we must look specifically at connections, behavior, language spoken, known danger signs that track to fundamentalists who promote and/or are violent. We must have additional questions and screening for anyone coming from a Muslim country of any nationality. If we are actually going to have watch lists, then we must hire people up and down the ladder who actually have a brain and training to connect the dots, not just try and make a pretty picture with the dots as they eat donuts.

Just yesterday on my radio show I had a Muslim caller from Dallas who was angry with me saying that I was preaching hate against Islam. She passionately talked about Islam not being the only religion that produces killers. “Christians murder and Jews murder….look at the US and Christians killing in Iraq and Afghanistan.” She actually believed that Jews and Christians were organized killing machines, not Islam.

This is precisely the brazen, arrogant, lying and delusional attitude that reflects much of our Government right now. How else would Islamic radicals be walking on planes with bombs strapped to them? How else would we get another stupid speech from our President “don’t rush to judgment” when Islamic radical, Nidal Malik Hasan also a known radical, tracked by the FBI murdered 14 victims at Ft. Hood.

It is this delusional view of blame against Americans, Christians and Jews that inspired endless apologies to the world for America and apologies to Muslim nations for our behavior. Is that the behavior where we try and hide from the Muslim bombers and Jihadists?

Now they are talking, with all the media heat on and with Obama worrying about his dying legacy, about the pervert scanners that will take X-rays of our naked bodies. They are also saying we will have a bunch more sky marshals sitting on planes.

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With all the sensitivity and caution we seem to demonstrate, will the new sky marshals have squirt guns and a free wake of treatment at Mayo’s clinic to offer the terrorists currently hyper focusing on us and our planes? Lord help us all.

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With all the sensitivity and caution we seem to demonstrate, will the new sky marshals have squirt guns and a free wake of treatment at Mayo’s clinic to offer the terrorists currently hyper focusing on us and our planes?