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By Dr. Laurie Roth
December 18, 2009

We are playing with a constitutional meltdown and it is not just because Obama was most likely born in another country. It is because the Federal Government has no constitutional right to mandate health care on the America people. Though the drama queens continue to fight, negotiate, and argue, most of them in the House and Senate want a Government option of some kind that forces health care on all Americans. Some of these wanna be politicians want heavy fines including prison time if you don’t do what they demand with their rationed health care program. We think we have overcrowded prisons now?

Harry Reid is saying there will be a vote by Christmas Eve. Pelosi boldly announced there would be no vote before Christmas and I’m certain President Obama has called the psychic hot line to try and figure out what he should say in his state of the Union speech. You know, the speech read on a teleprompter that outlines Obamas legacy and accomplishments his first year.

I can write it for him

He should be proud. There is certainly much to talk about. He got the Nobel Peace prize. He is in the bold company of other heroic recipients such as Al Gore and Yasser Arafat. Obama must have been given the prise for giving 900 million to Hamas and saying Amidinajad had the right to go nuclear.

Obama has also shown us amazing humility and great breeding in that he knows how to say sorry. I lost count as to how many times he has apologized for America abroad to numerous, international governing bodies. He seems sorry for our history and sorry for our being a light of freedom. Shame on us. How can I forget…..he is also sorry we are a Christian nation and tells the world we are not.

Back to thinking about his speech

He should be proud to have spear headed a bunch of lying morons in the science and political world who falsified global warming data, manipulated and destroyed it…..then were hacked into and caught with their hot little pants down. Here our President is in Copenhagen talking about the world melt down when the whole world now knows beyond doubt that it is a total hoax and criminal fraud. I’m just wondering what he thought he was going to sign based on all this mad magazine science. Perhaps he should rush home and force cap and trade through. Maybe Obama could have Al Gore open up before his state of the Union talk. It would be most inspiring. Lets have a moment of silence.


The other big chunk of Obama’s legacy he wanted signed, no doubt before his big speech, is Government health care. Don’t you just love the lies when he declared this week the US will go bankrupt if this health bill doesn’t pass. This country might go bankrupt alright but mainly because he and this congress are spending us into bankruptcy.

I’m wondering if this health albatross gets signed into existence if part of Obama’s legacy won’t be that he shredded the US constitution and bill of rights! The truth of the matter is our Government will cause a fire storm of law suits, clear up to the Supreme court if they seduce themselves into thinking they or the President have the right to order everyone on health care……or else. Even the Congressional Budget Office who was asked how a mandate should be treated for budgetary purposes said:

“A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action. The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States.”

Jay Sekulow, chief council for American Center for Law & Justice says that an….”individual mandate’ will trigger many legal challenges that ultimately will come before the Supreme Court. The ultimate question that the high court will have to face: can Congress regulate a person simply for existing – absent some other activity?”

Let’s try and wrap up this legacy so far: Obama wants a forced federal, unconstitutional health care bill that would threaten people and send them to prison if they didn’t comply. He wants abortions paid in this bill by all people, with Doctors/hospitals forced to give them. He wants our seniors made to sit through end of life counseling sessions, rationing and long lines. I guess this must be a reward for their faithful service to our country.

He also desperately wants the Cap and Trade/global warming bill signed to create the other huge vehicle of national control. That would be control of our businesses, accounts, lives and freedoms.

Just what is our President going to say with his State of the Union speech? Fortunately he doesn’t have to think or speak on his feet since he will be reading from the Obama teleprompter, no doubt a speech written by one or more of his communistic czars.

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Is there anything of achievement I have forgotten? Be generous during the Christmas season Laurie………..oh yes, Obama thinks the Star Spangled banner is too violent sounding and would prefer “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” No comment.

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The other big chunk of Obama’s legacy he wanted signed, no doubt before his big speech, is Government health care.