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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 6, 2009

Right in the wake of Veteran’s day, we have more liberal stalls from this President. Obama is not only revealing himself to be the typical, leftist liberal but an indecisive, pathetic commander and chief. Now an Obama official has stated another 50 yard line statement from our ‘pause in chief ‘ President. He wants different war options. He doesn’t want to be pushed and apparently doesn’t want to listen to General McCrystal and General Petreaus, both who have shown brilliance, courage and practical wisdom as military leaders regarding the surge that worked in Iraq and now demonstrate great leadership in Afghanistan.

I’m wondering what different options the President wants. Is it the option of evil not existing in the world? Is it the option that Pakistan and Afghanistan aren’t really a hot bed and exporter of international terrorism? Is it the option that there won’t be a cost for the endless lack of leadership and stalls from the President?

Obama shares concern about the leadership of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a Government that we can’t really count on. Oh….and we can count on Obama?

Well, the longer this President waits, the more troops and civilians that die, the more the Taliban and Al Kaeda is allowed to infiltrate, certainly the more Karzai’s Government could be corrupted and hard to work with.

The same ever so reflective pauses and philosophical moments were used regarding the Ft. Hood disaster as Obama continues to throw out teleprompter, psychological moments…don’t rush this…..It is not about Islam that…..wait till all the facts are in…..

Whether you all like or hate us being in Iraq or Afghanistan, you have to decide since we are there kicking some terrorist booty, do we win or do they win and continue on training and exporting terrorism? The sad truth is that Islamic radicals love that region and have developed and promoted terror there for years. Some of it has attacked us and much as attacked our allies in Great Britain. 90% of the exported terror attacks is coming from that region. We know how to win but we must have the lawyers, politicians, media and President shut up, take a breath and start backing our military leaders who actually do know how to win this war.

On Veterans Day I was honored to visit on air with Lt. Col. Allen B. West who has bravely served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan for years. He is now, thankfully running for congress in Florida. Who ever said that real men don’t run for political office! Knowing this situation in detail there, Allen 100% backed General McChrystals’s request for troops and his strategy. Last week I asked the former Deputy Secretary of the Army, Van Hipp, another military hero and brilliant mind, to weigh in on this. He also, shared the danger of this President being so indecisive and its cost in lives for our troops and threat to national security.

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Shame on this President or any President that tries to boldly manipulate a political, liberal or conservative agenda during a time of war and national danger. Who cares about Republican or Democrat? Does this President and national security team care about our country and the troops?

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Obama shares concern about the leadership of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a Government that we can’t really count on. Oh….and we can count on Obama?