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By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 6, 2009

We have been battling the same old nightmare that continues to morph into cause after cause and shape after shape. Many of you thought we had beat Communism when Ronald Reagan said “Gentlemen tear down that wall” and Communist Russia disbanded. Sadly, it oozed into other bodies. A lot of you don’t know it but the rope is already tightening around your little necks. Even worse, many of you support your own strangulation because you have bought the enemy’s strategy that makes the murder feel like a massage until it is too late. I see red marks on our necks. We had better wake up.

Communism and Government control today hides behind contrived international emergencies and causes that seduce you in. One of the biggest, most distorted and lied about international emergencies is global warming and its relatives…the greens…. carbon emissions concerns, cap and trade and the push to sign international environmental treaties….ala Copenhagen coming up. There are only 3 things I can honestly say about the environmental movement. LIE! LIE! LIE!

This President and administration know the lies behind all this and they could give a flying piece of rubbish because they also know most of us are too busy to care. We are too busy to research real science and find out this is total fraud. In truth, environmentalists could care less about trees, polar bears and climate. They only care about controlling you, what you eat, drink, buy and sell, while convincing you to give them money. What do you think this nightmare lie of Cap and Trade is about? It is designed to support the unholy trinity of regulation, taxation and litigation as it collects your money. You know, it’s an international emergency so many of you actually feel great about paying in. You are helping to save the troubled planet.

The other direct arm of control and communism will be seen if this Government health care bill passes. This will be the largest grab of power into the Executive branch in our nation’s history. Why is Government health care such a severe take over? Because this administration will attach our health care to everything we do, buy and sell. Your gun records and even right to own guns will be monitored and tracked to health care, its cost and lack there of; your mental health records, past and present will be tracked, monitored and probably sold to all the wrong people. My prediction is that even transportation, the work we do and food we eat will be tracked and known.

Don’t you find it interesting that Obama wants the IRS to run this Government health program and actually control your accounts? Imagine if you were late on a monthly payment. Don’t worry, its only the therapeutic and constitutionally sensitive IRS running your life…..I mean account.

Health care and Environmentalism are multi Trillion dollar industries that create the regulations, taxation and controls to reign in the population and seize what is left of our freedoms. You wonder what happened to the teeth and vision of the old communist party? You are watching it tighten around your neck as we speak.

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I’m optimistic about the mid term elections especially after seeing the liberal state of New Jersey and Virginia turn dramatically conservative. New York was close as well. If that wasn’t a wake up call to Obama and liberals I don’t know what is. We can’t get cocky and there is much work to be done but I think the House will be ours in 2010, perhaps the Senate. At year 4, we must vote Obama out and the Republicans and other conservatives who want their country back have to get a clue this time and get some folks who can compete.

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Communism and Government control today hides behind contrived international emergencies and causes that seduce you in. One of the biggest, most distorted and lied about international emergencies is global warming...