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By Dr. Laurie Roth
October 23, 2009

OK, let’s get it off our chest! We all know that as onlookers we rock back and forth between support for being in Iraq and Afghanistan. The truth is, since our draconian and leftist media has rarely told the public the truth about the inner workings, progress and needs of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, most folks figure that Obama might be well within his rights and protocol to pull troops out of both regions, certainly not provide the 40,000 troops being requested by General McChrystal an General Petraeus. After all, isn’t this just another Vietnam potentially as the leftist media and Obama would say?

As of today Obama has been briefed numerous times by these two brilliant and competent Generals stating that they indeed need that amount of troops to accomplish their goals in defeating and crushing not only the Taliban but a growing Al Kae Da presence in Afghanistan.

What do we hear from our President? I’m thinking…..I haven’t made a decision yet…..I’m thinking…..I haven’t made a decision yet….50 yard line, back and forth and a big lot of nothing, while our troops are compromised, civilians are being attacked and Al Kae Da and the Taliban grow in their scope and assaults.

What is the stall Mr. President? Now that you’ve had your 10th cigarette and coffee, do you think you could make a decision that actually supports our troops, the people of America and sanity?

When you have a man like General Petraeus, who masterminded the concept and implementation of the extremely successful surge in Iraq back in 2007, asking for more troops to finish things right on the other front, Afghanistan, WHAT IS THERE TO THINK ABOUT? Mr. President you are not a military man but General Petraeus and General McChrystal are military men! They aren’t the ‘hang out and do the political thing’ type of guys.’ They are the ‘get things done, win the battle and protect military and civilian lives’ type of guys. They are exactly what you would dream of and hope for in military leadership in a time of war!

Just what could our President be pondering in his stall regarding the request for troops? I will tell you exactly what the stall is about. He has no interest whatsoever in finishing this war right and winning! He has no interest whatsoever in saving military lives and giving them what they really need or he would have responded already. Obama is only interested in putting his cowardly finger in the air to look and see where the Democratic and progressive support and pressure wants to lead him.

It would be a horror show for Obama and any of the democratic leadership to actually have to admit that Bush and his strategies in fighting Al Kaeda and Islamic radicals actually made sense and must be expanded on and concluded with courage, not a Democrat or Republican speech.

It would be one thing if this President stalled regarding the request for more troops if the request truly was made by incompetent military minds but it is brutally obvious to all that we are talking about the opposite. Therefore the only reason I can possibly think of for a long stall by this President is he is analyzing the political momentum and leverage he can manipulate from the next action he takes or doesn’t take in Afghanistan.

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Again, I guarantee you, it has not entered his smoke infested brain , what the right thing to do is! Shame on you Mr. President. Do the practical, sane, patriotic and needed thing and send the troops to Afghanistan that General Petraeus and General McChrystal have asked for. Let us save some civilian and military lives and DO THIS JOB RIGHT!

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What is the stall Mr. President? Now that you’ve had your 10th cigarette and coffee, do you think you could make a decision that actually supports our troops, the people of America and sanity?